Sunday, August 14, 2011

Republicans have a new savior. Thou art Rick Perry...

The Republicans got themselves a new savior yesterday when Texas governor, Ricky Perry, announced he was throwing his hat into the ring to be the 2012 Republican nominee for President. Benen has a good post up about the poor track record of "savior candidates." If we had to guess, though, we think Perry actually comes out of this one on top. The GOP race was between Romney and Bachmann. Bachmann cemented her status at the top with her Ames Straw Poll win yesterday. Romney is at the top simply by virtue of his campaign coffers, which are swole-up compared to anyone else in the field.

In walks Perry and all of a sudden, the record scratches and everyone turns. Hell, Perry had more write in votes than Romney had votes (he was on the ballot, although he tried to alleviate what he would be a loss by not "competing") in Ames.

We've seen Perry before. He's W 2.0. On second thought, no...he's worse. Personally, we thought W's problem was that he was incredibly naive and gullible. Rick Perry is a zealot POS who ain't above getting his hands dirty to cover his ass.

Seriously, on the zealot thing, take a look at who this nutjob hangs out with. The Texas Observer did a good piece on the "prophets" Perry hangs, titled Rick Perry's Army of God. That title kind of sums this fella up. No shit...he hangs with people who believe they have a direct line of communication with God. Perry's idea of solving our economic problems? Big get togethers to pray, fast and repent.

However, most troubling to us, is Perry's willingness to cover up his own mistakes. We've done a few posts about the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, very likely an innocent man Texas put to death on Perry's watch (here, here and here).

Three expert reports have concluded that the fire in which Willingham's children died was not arson. One of those reports landed on Perry's desk 88 minutes before Willingham's execution. What do you think a guy who believes in prophecy did? If you guessed nothing, you'd be wrong. First, he did nothing, letting Willingham be executed. Then, right before his state's Forensic Science Commission was to hear testimony from experts on the Willingham case, Perry sprung into action replacing the head of the commission and two other members. Perry's new head canceled the hearing.

There is nothing as troubling to us as someone who not only refuses to admit their fallibility, but who actively tries to cover it up. Perry is one of those guys. And he now looks poised to capture the Republican nomination. Seriously, when you look at this yahoo, he's the perfect compromise for voters between Romney and Bachmann. He appeals to the nutjobs like Bachmann, while giving the corporate community the comfort of being W 2.0. The only good thing to come from Perry's entry is that it probably signals the death of any Palin presidential talk. As TPM noted, Perry is a red-meat hurler who ain't a quitter. And if the GOPers want to oggle a female, they've got Batshit Bachmann to look at.

Just what we need...another religious cowboy. How'd that work out last time?

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