Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Back.

Man...that vacation went by way to quickly. The good news is I survived a week at the Creek, no small accomplishment in and of itself. I was completely out of the loop and it was everything I thought it could be and more.

Anyway, I will work myself back into gameshape over the next week. We'll be back working in the salt mines tomorrow and will try to knock out some posts by tomorrow evening. Until then, if anyone wants to help with a week's worth of dirty laundry, holla.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sorry, Folks! We're Closed for a week...

Vacation all I ever wanted. Vacation had to get away. Vacation meant to be spent alone.

Me, Belinda and the rest of the girls are taking a little vacay. Don't go all Clark Griswold on me. Hope you all have a good Memorial Day. Remember, the PoPo will be out in full force on the first official holiday of Summer 2009. So remember, in the words of the Beasies: "If you're drivin', don't drink. And if you do, don't drive." (And I say that knowing it hurts my pocketbook...). We'll be back in June.

See ya at the 'Tater Creek sandbar.

Warm it up, Lane...

"He's about to." And thus was answered Dan Patrick's question to former Tennessee Volunteer Quarterback Todd Helton, who had asked Helton: “Do you think Lane Kiffin understands SEC football?”

The question was asked in response to the latest Kiffin f*ck up, twittering a recruits name on his twitter account.

Dude, you so can't do that.'s becoming more and more apparent that Lane's greatest achievement is a toss up between getting the Raiders to pay him millions of dollars for nothing on one hand and scoring a smoking hot wife on the other.

Harry Reid is an idiot & the BTPC solves the unemployment problem in the Pee Dee

We have no real love for Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid. To borrow a line from our favorite Tony Blair British Parliament video, Reid is "weak, weak, weak." So I'm never surprised when Reid comes across as having his head up his ass. But yesterday, I saw some video that really took the cake.

Last night, the Daily Show ran clips from Reid answering questions about Senate Democrats opposing President Obama's request for funding to close Gitmo.

Hot Air has a transcript.

QUESTION: On funding the closing of Guantanamo Bay.

REID: Well, the decision
to close Guantanamo was a right one.
I agree with President Bush. I agree
with John McCain . I agree with Barack Obama . Guantanamo makes us less

QUESTION: If the United States — if the United States thinks that these
people should be held, why shouldn’t they be held in the United States? Why
shouldn’t the U.S. take those risks, the attendant risk of holding them, since
it’s the one that says they should be held?

REID: I think there’s a general
feeling, as I’ve already said, that the American people, and certainly the
Senate, overwhelmingly doesn’t want terrorists to be released in the United
States. And I think we’re going to stick with that.

Just wait, it gets better:

REID: If people are — if terrorists are released in the United States, part
of what we don’t want is them be put in prisons in the United States. We don’t
want them around the United States…

QUESTION: No one’s talking about releasing them. We’re talking about
putting them in prison somewhere in the United States.

REID: Can’t put them in prison unless you release them.

QUESTION: Sir, are you going to clarify that a little bit? I mean

REID: I can’t — I can’t — I can’t make it any more clear than the
statement I have given to you. We will never allow terrorists to be released in
the United States.

Now, if you think that's the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard, you're right. That's like saying every time some inmate has to go from Federal or State prison to court, they are "released" when they get transported to the local county detention center to await their court appearance. It. Is. Complete. Bullshit.

I could spend some time here explaining what a douche Reid is, but why bother. Instead, I'd like to offer a solution. We'll take them. That's right, send them here to the Pee Dee. But there's a catch: If we're gonna take these infamous bogeymen, the rest of the nation has to pony up. I don't wanna hear any bitching about how much loot comes our way.

For those that think this is crazy, think for second: Do you honestly think housing these people would lead to a terror attack here in the Pee Dee? If you do, you've got quite the over-active sense of self-importance.

Dillon County has a 16.2 % unemployment rate, almost twice the national average. You telling me they couldn't use the 700 to 900 new permanent jobs and about 1000 temporary ones? Where did I get those figures? Hows about from the ADX Florence. No, that's not Florence,'s Florence, CO. And it's known as the "Alcatraz of the Rockies."

Seriously, we could put it between Florence and Dillon Counties and call it ADX-Florence East. Think of the potential savings to the government in embroidery for uniform patches and what not.

For those who say, "not in my backyard," whatever. Get a grip. Folks don't escape from Supermax. Wanna know some of prisoners who have called ADX-Florence home? How about: The Unabomber, the Blind Sheik, Zacarais Moussaoui, Eric Rudolph, Terry Nichols, Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, & Jose Padilla. Hey, whad'ya know...those are terrorists. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Andre Fastow, the biggest terrorist of your retirement fund (Fastow is the former Enron CFO).

Here's what Florence, CO Mayor Cindy Cox, told ABC News about the SuperMax being in her town. "There is no fear whatsoever. There has never been an incident. You talk to people, and they don't even know Supermax is up there. It's the American criminal capital of the world," Cox said.

And for those who think "prison" is too good for terrorists, take a look at this article. Supermax lockup is HARD TIME.

Think about the economic boon this could bring. To have the prison here, we could demand serious Homeland Security funds to "beef up security." We could get a bunch of grant money to train, outfit and staff our local law enforcement and emergency service departments. Our kids would need to be safe with the "increased security threat." That means, no more mobile units. We nice secure brick and mortar schools. We'd need a nice new Federal building to house all the prosecutors and a new "more secure" Federal Court. Every time a new one came in or a trial went on, we could all sit around and heckle Wolf Blitzer while he was doing a live shot. Oh. my. God...Sean Hannity may even come to town. Oh my...I think I'm gettin' the vapors...

I'm telling you...we should do this.

So eff you, Harry Reid, you p*ssy. We'll take em.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Corbett E. Byrd Day

Props to my step-pops, who was honored with a VIP Award by the local chapter of the National Association of Insurance Women. Corbett has been handling insurance claims here in Florence for almost 35 years. It was great to get to see his colleagues award him this honor and even better that his brother Wayne and his wife Sue were able to bring his mother to Florence to enjoy it.

Also, thanks to Mayor Wukela for recognizing Corbett getting the award and proclaiming May 19, 2009: Corbett E. Byrd Day. Many thanks to the ladies that put this on, especially that they let two plaintiff's attorneys in the door to participate.

Next year, we're all headed to the lake for Corbett Byrd Day...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not getting it and never will

Ever since November, everyone has wondered what the Republican party was going to do to correct the course of their party. Well...they may have found it. What's the big monumental shift that they are considering? What's gonna make them appeal to more voters? What's going to capture the electorate and show them you are a party of ideas?

Well, here it is: this week, a special session of the RNC executive committee will approve a resolution rebranding Democrats the "Democratic Socialist Party."

No shit.

I'm sure that's gonna turn around these numbers.

I have it on good authority that should this resolution pass, President Obama is considering issuing Executive Directive #420, commonly referred to as the "We're Rubber, You're Glue" proclamation. Already, the National Security Advisor has briefed top Democrats on the likelihood of success for this Republican tactic. In a BTPC exclusive, we have obtained a copy of the briefing memo, aptly titled "the Sticks and Stones Defense." When asked by reporters whether there was any truth to the reports that Congressional Democrats were busy filling ballons with pee, with the intention of "taking this thing nuclear," DNC Chairman Tom Kaine refused comment.

Stay tuned for more details.

Heeeenrrrreeee. Busted.

If you read the BTPC, you know we are no big fan of Henry "Have you heard I'm runnin' for guv'ner" McMaster. We've documented our issues with Henry before. He's got a history of wasting state resources through political grandstanding. See Henry and the license plate. See Henry and his policy of not allowing his assistants drop any CDV charges (which leads to BS charges going to trial, the AAGs being handicapped by not being able to drop said BS charges and then the public seeing the results of the sentences Judges hand down and thinking something underhanded happened). See Henry and the Sex Dungeon case (the first case he prosecuted after being elected in 2002, after which he blamed the jury for blowing his "airtight" case).

And now, we have Henry and Craigslist. Take a look at how Craigslist's CEO calls Henry out and shows how unfairly his company is being targeted.

Notice a pattern with Henry's choices? See any pattern to those whose he places his office against? People for Separation of Church and State, People accused of CDV, Jurors who don't agree with him, and a company from San Francisco (that does what any other number of companies all over do).

Ladies and Gentlemen, Henry McMaster takes aim at those he thinks no one will care he's taking aim at. It's nothing more than being a bully. It's weak.

In honor of those erotic service providers that may be out of an advertising option, perhaps you will consider the contracting with the establishment below. I understand it provides transportation in the form of an aquatic-sized American made automobile. It also provided this posts paraphrased title.

NBC Buys More Yvonne!

It's official: NBC has renewed "Chuck." Nerdherders around the world are pleased.

And yes, this is a shameless excuse to show more Yvonne Strahovski' pics.

Like this...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Rummy played W.

GQ has released some of the "intelligence briefings" Donald Rumsfeld provided during the Iraq War for President Bush. As Ballon Juice notes:

Draper’s biggest find is a collection of daily cover sheets that Rumsfeld
approved for the Secretary of Defense Worldwide Intelligence Update, a highly
classified digest prepared for a tiny audience, including the president, and
often delivered by hand to the White House by the defense secretary himself.

These cover sheets greeted Bush each day with triumphal color photos of the war
headlined by biblical quotations. GQ is posting 11 of them, and they are
seriously creepy.

I don't know why Muslims would think this was some type of Crusade or anything.

It reminds me of Bush and his looking into Putin's soul and seeing "a good man." You ever heard how that happened? Google: Bush + Putin + story of the cross. It's a story Peggy Noonan relayed in her book, "When Character was King." Read that story, then remember that Putin is a career spy. He made his living handling people and manipulating them. I can almost see him laughing on the flight to the meeting twirling this cross around his finger explaining to his comrades, "Watch this...I'll have this idiot eating out of my hand with this."

Seriously...why didn't anyone ever try to have W proclaimed an at-risk adult. That way, maybe we could have had the probate court appoint a guardian/conservator over him to make sure he didn't get taken advantage of.

What does Hunstman move mean?

The big news politically yesterday was Republican Governor of Utah Jon Hunstman accepting President Obama's offer to head the U.S. mission to Beijing. So it would appear that one of the GOP's strong candidates for a White House run in 2012 is already bowing out of that race. This move by Huntsman is important, if for no other reason than what it says about the current state of affairs with the Republican party.

Just this week, walking PR disaster, RNC head Michael Steele made some comments that caused a stir. While that in and of itself is not exactly breaking news (when doesn't Steele stick his foot in his mouth), the comments themselves may shed some light on why Huntsman did what he did. In discussing Mitt Romney's defeat, Steele said:

Remember, it was the base that rejected Mitt because of his switch on pro-life,
from pro-choice to pro-life. It was the base that rejected Mitt because it had
issues with Mormonism. It was the base that rejected Mitt because they thought
he was back and forth and waffling on those very economic issues you're talking

This was the rare case, where Steele was right. Evangelicals killed Romney's chances. According to Pew, 1 in 3 had a problem with supporting a Mormon. How far does this skepticism over LDS go within the Republican "base?" How about the fact that even Glenn Beck is not immune. Focus on the Family took down a web interview with Beck, when concerns were raised over the fact that he was a Mormon. So in case you're keeping score, Evangelicals have no problem if you are a raving lunatic, you just can't be a raving lunatic who believes in another fantasy than they do.

So what does this have to do with Hunstman's decision? I think it means Hunstman sees the near-future prospects for the GOP ain't so good. Huntsman is gonna sit this one out and increase his bona fides for 2016. And that is not a good sign for the GOP. Hunstman was gearing up for what looked like a run. As Benen points out, not long after David Plouffe (Obama's campaign manager) acknowledged Huntsman was one of the potential candidates that actually worried him, Hunstman hired noted McCain advisor John Weaver and had several "campaign like" events scheduled in Michigan recently. (You may recall, we pointed out Huntsman as a potential new leader of the Republican party after the election). That's not exactly the steps a man who plans on sitting the race out would take. So what happened? Benen notes that an interesting thing happened with one of those Michigan events: Republican leaders in one county pulled Huntsman's invitation when they learned he favored civil unions for gay couples.

"The voters want and expect us to stand on principle and return to our
roots," the local chairwoman of the GOP said. "Unfortunately, by holding an
event with Gov. Huntsman, we would be doing the exact opposite."

It was a ridiculous move, of course, but it also sent a signal to
Huntsman about the level of maturity in his party -- or in this case, the lack
thereof. It's certainly possible the response from this county and other GOP
activists made clear to Huntsman that it's not worth even trying to take the
lead in the party, at least not in the near future.

So, for now he's teaming up with Obama, perhaps wondering if
Republicans will have grown up by 2016.

It's yet another example of the GOP shutting more and more people out of its big tent. Hell...LDS was pretty much the sole reason why Prop 8 passed in California. If the "base" won't accept them after that, they are probably realizing that they're never gonna get a seat at the grown-folks table in the GOP. They keep this up and the LDS folks might yet become the latest large group of folks to migrate en masse to the Democrats.

To paraphrase your hero: Heckuva job there, Evangelicals.

The hypocrisy of the NFL

I love the NFL. To say the NFL has is the alpha dog of professional sports and TV ratings in general in the United States is an understatement. It dominates everyone else. And anyone who knows anything about the NFL, knows that dominance is based largely on one things: Gambling.

That's right, the NFL would not be where it is today if people did not care about the games because they've got $50 bucks tied up in a teaser. Fantasy Football is in large part responsible for the huge interest upsurge of the NFL in the last 20 years and who the hell want's to bother with a league in which there is no money on the line.

Therefore, it would seem that placing a friendly wager on a NFL game is as American as Washington crossing the Delaware, no?

Then perhaps someone could explain to me why the hell the NFL is so bent on stopping the State of Delaware from legalizing sports betting. The NFL is like Doc Holliday here, their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Last night, we had dinner with friends, one of who is a musician who was under contract at the now-defunct Hard Rock Park. In discussing the quick death of that business venture, the conversation once again touched on a subject near and dear to my heart: legalizing gambling here in the State of South Carolina. There was talk when word started getting out about that park (now to reopen and be called the "Freestyle Music Park"....How lame is that?) coming to the beach, that the owners wanted to open a casino. Now, I ask you for just one minute to consider how big Myrtle Beach would become if we legalized gambling and allowed casinos at the beach. It would be bigger than Las Vegas. It would be an economic boon to this state. You ever seen Nevada public schools? You ever seen ours? But, you argue, SC will never allow casinos...the Churches would never allow it. See...that's where you're being short-sided. Gambling would be the best thing to ever happen to churches here in SC. What do I mean? It would give all these megachurches around here the perfect foil and fundraiser. It would not just bring billions into the state coffers, but it would enrich those that preach against it. It's win-win.
So will it ever happen?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Eleven years ago...

Eleven years ago yesterday, Seinfeld ended its run. In honor of the greatest show about nothing, in the history of the world, I honor up my favorite clip. It's from The Fire episode. Remember...the pinky toe is a valuable appendage.

Who Dey? Who Dey? Who Dey think they gonna beat dem Bengals...

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with posts and sometimes the posts just write themselves. Yesterday, the Cincinnatti Bengals, NFL Films and HBO announced the Bengals would be the subject of this year's installment of "Hard Knocks."


Hard Knocks.

(insert joke here).

Jim Cramer must be a masochist

Perhaps you remember Jon Stewart opening up a can on CNBC's Mad Money host Jim Cramer back in March. In case you don't, here's my post on the encounter.

"Encounter" is being kind to Cramer. It was a trainwreck. Evidently, Cramer mistakenly thought Stewart would be as "hard" on him as Cramer had been on the CEO's who he "always thought...were honest." How someone so smart could come across so incredibly stupid is a testament to the back-scratching, I-help-you-you-help-me-and-we-both-win lifestyle Mr. Cramer has lived in the last several years over at CNBC. It's exactly what Stewart had been complaining about leading up to the interview and if Cramer feels it was somehow unfair that Stewart called him out on it, he's not just being stupid, he's naive to the point of retardation.

Anyway...why bring bring this all back up? It's not fair to continue to pummel a fella once he's on the ground, curled up in a fetal position and begging for mercy (which, make no mistake, Cramer was. He ASKED Stewart what he wanted him to do! Please...not another, sir. I'll do whatever you want...)

Well...apparently, Jim Cramer has forgotten his ass-kicking. In answering reader's questions for TIME this week, Cramer had this to say about his visit to the Daily Show in March:

No one wants to suffer a beat-down. No one wants to be humiliated or
embarrassed. I was shocked at [host Jon Stewart's] behavior. I wish he knew
about my background, and I wish he knew about a lot of things that I had done,
because I think he would've thanked me instead of attacked me...I think the
attack on CNBC and the attacks on me were gravely misplaced. It was rather
remarkable in that it was so clear that his goal was to just destroy me. One day
he'll answer for it.

Uh...let me get this straight. You're upset because Stewart didn't defend you? Hey, dipshit...that was your job. Perhaps the reason you didn't offer up all this great stuff about your background or the things you had done, is because you know it was irrelevant to the fact that Stewart is absolutely right with his criticisms of you and your network. Maybe, just realized that if you offered up such weak-ass counterpoints, they'd get slapped back in your face. Or maybe you were just too shellshocked that he flat-out caught your ass when you tried to make the case that you had tried to expose the "shennanigans" and he dropped that video of you pimping the very actions you says you "exposed."

Jim Cramer, you got your ass kicked. You deserved it. It's happened to the best of us. Let it go and try not pick a fight with a jujitsu master in the future.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hows abouts a little Back to School?

For L-dawg and D-Rock, who both reminded me of one of the great scenes in '80s movie history. I give you the late Rodney Dangerfield and the late Sam Kinison. Good Stuff.

How we stay so awesome...

A truly awesome list of rules, dos and dont's, and other helpful hints on being awesome. Courtesy of the Bayside Tigers.

Ken Ard out as Florence County Republicans' Chairman???*

In what could be one of the shortest reigns since William Henry Harrison, it looks like Florence County Councilman Ken Ard could be stepping down from the chairmanship of the Florence County Republican Party after only holding it for just over a month. Why? Apparently...because he could be moving on.

It has not exactly been a well-kept secret: Ard is set to announce he is making a run at being the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor here in South Carolina. Although its been quietly-out around town for several weeks, it looks like Ard is going to make it official this Friday.

SC6 had a post on Tuesday discussing that the PDR folks were spreading word that there would be "a major announcement coming from Florence on Friday at lunchtime, and again in Columbia later that afternoon." Since he's a loyal Republican, Reino decided against relaying what the announcement was, which I can appreciate. I, however, am beholden to no such loyalty. Several active Republicans have confirmed that Ard is going to run and if the crowd at the Sheheen breakfast was any indication, it's even common knowledge amongst the enemy. It makes sense that Ard would announce Friday and then spend the weekend campaigning amongst the troops in Columbia at the Silver Elephant dinner. (I, of course, reserve the right to be completely wrong. They could simply be announcing that their next tea party will be sponsored by Lipton).

So what are Ard's chances? I have no idea. I really don't know Ken. He seems like a nice enough fella. He comes from a great family out of Pamplico, South Cackilack. His father used to host a kick-ass dove shoot every year and his uncle built my first skateboard ramp, so he's got that going for him. I can respect that he took it upon himself to help lead a charge to change the leadership of the county GOP party. For all intensive purposes, there has really been no local Republican party for years. At least not one that has any real say over who runs or anything of import. From all I have heard, he has been a good county councilman and served diligently. I do wonder what his name-recognition is beyond the Florence County area. If he just told folks to vote for the Double A body-builders guy, that could go a long way in solving any name-rec problems--their trucks are all over.

Right now, I don't know of any other Republican who has announced they are running for this office. As I posted last month, the race could come down to a battle of Florentines. If that was his opposition in a general, I'd like Ard's chances. Then again, if the Democrats in this state actually nominate someone who gave money to both Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush, they have learned absolutely nothing and deserve to lose.

*I say Ard will step down from his chairmanship, because I am assuming he will step down to focus on this campaign, but maybe that's not the case. Hell...his candidacy may mean he has to step down under the rules, once again, I have no idea. Either way, it will be interesting to see how Ard can do in a state-wide race. Regardless of how it shakes out, I feel pretty damn confident his next election will be a little closer than the one he won last month...

**Late Update: Reino reports that Ard went ahead and announced to the faithful at the Florence County meeting last night that he was running and he had resigned his chairmanship of the county party.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Welcome home, Mr. Taylor. Reports have him signing for an incentive-laden deal at $1.5 mil. He left $8.5 mil on the table in Washington. Apparently, you can come home again, if you're willing to take a $7 million dollar hit. As Omar Kelly reports, this gives Miami the most prolific sack duo by far, currently in the league: Taylor and Porter have 230.5 career sacks. That's 100 more than 2nd (DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis).

I think I'll let Donnie Van Zandt and the boys express my true feelings...

Sheheen hits the Magic City

Democratic candidate for Governor, State Senator Vince Sheheen was in Florence this morning to meet local residents and talk about his vision for South Carolina. Sheheen addressed a group of approximately 30 folks and laid out the three biggest issues he feels the next Governor of South Carolina needs to focus on.

The first two issues are closely tied together, those being Job Creation and Education. As Sheheen pointed out, "another word for long term job creation is education." Sheheen praised some of the recent efforts by Florence to bring in outside business and pointed out that type of effort needed to be extended to those areas that are the poorest and hardest hit. He did make an interesting point that although it's tough to sell the Dillon and Allendale counties to outside corporations because of their substandard schools, they do have something to offer: their natural environments. In other words, these are areas that can appeal to the sportsmen and is one arguments he thinks the State should be making.

Naturally, though, the education problem is a big issue in recruiting business to these areas. Sheheen pointed out that he is a product of the public school system of Camden and he has three young boys who are making their way through that same system now. He spoke out against our failure to equitably fund education and said it was flat out wrong that where a child is born in SC is the biggest factor in the education he will receive. He discussed teacher salaries and brought up that on average, SC teacher salaries were $10k less than Georgia's. Further comparing us to our neighboring states, he brought up the much more comprehensive early education program that North Carolina has over us and the fact that our kids face the highest tuitions on higher education in the Southeast.

The last major issue he hit on was government accountability and reform. Sheheen said that in his time in the legislature, he saw first hand that no one is looking at the efficiency of the programs we currently have and there needs to be a systematic approach to that. In answering a question, Sheheen discussed constitutional officers in government and questioned the need for some of our elected positions. Outside of Treasurer and Attorney General, Sheheen stated he saw a great deal of redundancy in some of our elected positions and thought many could be done away with or simply appointed by the Governor.

Let's face it, the room was full of Democrats, so Sheheen sounded good. The real proof in the pudding will come if he says the same things in front of a room full of Republicans. I think I'm pretty clear where I stand: a Democrat can't win running from being a Democrat. Why vote for Republican lite, if you can vote Republican? Every statewide candidate the Democratic party has fielded in my lifetime has caved on Democratic principles in an effort to win Republican support. You can't really win that way and you certainly can't build any kind of identifiable party. To truly build a strong party, you have to win people over to your ideas, not try to take the opposition's ideas and sell them on how you'd be better at them.

Listen, as Sheheen pointed out, there is one thing the people of SC can't do and that is blame Democrats for the sorry state of affairs in South Carolina. Republicans have controlled the Legislature for all of recent memory and we've only had one Democratic Governor in 25 years. Sheheen had good analogy about the state parties here in SC. He compared them to the pedals in a car. You've got the Republican party, which is the brake pedal. As I have often argued, you need that brake pedal to slow down, keep from hitting trees, etc. But the Democrats are the gas. They are the party that gets the state moving forward. And as Sheheen noted, we've had our foot on the brake for far too long here in SC.

What do I think? Sheheen is an affable guy. If he survives the primary and gets the Democratic nod, I think he would do very well against either of the GOP's top candidates (McMaster and Bauer seem to be the favorites right now). I do believe that a good bit of the Republican money people in this state are wanting to meet with Sheheen. That's not meant as a knock on Sheheen. The way politics is today, if Satan wants to write a check, you take it. But I think it does show that those folks are looking at the numbers and they are realizing the chances of a Democrat winning this race are getting better and better by the day. It's awfully early to be covering bases just for covering bases sake. At this point in the race, it sounds more like trying to get in on the ground floor. And the only reason to do that is you're thinking things don't look so good for your side.

As for me, I'm waiting. It's still a long race and I'm waiting to see who is willing to jump in the race (*cough* Senator Gerald Malloy *cough*). But we'll see.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Come out and meet Vince Sheheen tomorrow

Just a reminder, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Vince Sheheen will be speaking tomorrow morning, Wednesday May 13th, at Horne's restaurant. The room will open at 7:15 am. I would expect Sheheen would speak around 8:00 am.

Jesse the Body on torture

I love Jesse Ventura. I can't wait to see someone like Sean Hannity challenge the patriotism of a man who ain't got time to bleed over these types of remarks on torture:

Jesse Ventura: I would prosecute every person who was involved in that
torture. I would prosecute the people that did it, I would prosecute the people
that ordered it, because torture is against the law."

Larry King: You were a Navy S.E.A.L.

Jesse Ventura: Yes, and I was waterboarded [in training] so I know...
It is torture...I'll put it to you this way: You give me a waterboard,
Dick Cheney and one hour, and I'll have him confess to the Sharon Tate

Hattip Sullivan.

Goonies are good enough

A movie that's good enough...for you, is good enough...for me. It's good enough...

For their 20th Anniversary issue, Empire magazine snagged Stephen Spielberg as their guest editor. What does getting someone like THE Double S as your guest editor get you? How abouts a reunion of the greatest kids movie cast of all time? The website has a video of the reunion photo shoot, which is worth watching just to see that Andy is still one hot goonie.

Now excuse me while I go glue rubberbands to my cheeks, Captain Lou-style.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Free advice on a Monday

Apparently, Dr. Phil had the parents of that teenage girl that went missing from Myrtle Beach at springbreak a few weeks ago on his show. Pictured here is the mom, Dawn Drexel along with Tony Manero-wannabe, Peter Brozowitz. Brozowitz is apparently one of the last people to see the Drexel's daughter alive.

What I find amusing, is Brozowitz appeared on the show along with his attorney, John Parrinello. Now, far be it from me to judge the quality of legal advice another attorney gives their client. I would never go there. But, come on, John. Really? You couldn't find a tie for the kid? You really think looking like a Saturday Night Fever reject helps Petey-boy?

As for the mom's whining about a "if you knew that Brittanee was walking that far from one hotel to the other if you’re a gentleman, then why wouldn’t you walk my daughter to her hotel or drive her there knowing it was dark out that night?”--Uh, really...Peter don't exactly come off as the picture of young chivalry, now does he?

Does anyone really doubt this kids story? He "tried to talk her into staying" before she left. I can believe that, he was trying to hook up, she probably thought better of it and he moved on to the drinking game or the next target.

The dad sure sounds like he thinks she just ran off. Who knows? I do know, ain't no client of mine ever going on tv popping a collar like that.

Is Lt. Dan the GOP Savior?

According to Nicolle Wallace, a former advisor to W and Sen. McCain's campaign, he could be. Seriously. The man that whose destiny it was to die in battle is the man Nicolle Wallace thinks should be the GOP's savior.

Hey...he isn't even the best CSI guy. Couldn't you hit up Grissom or Horatio before settling on Detective Mac Taylor. In all candor, I thought we would have given up the finding the next Ronald Regan, actor-turned-politician, when Fred Thomson crashed and burned. Perhaps we need to send Rick Pitino to the RNC headquaters. He could paraphrase this famous tirade:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

To all the mamas

Happy Mother's Day. Simply stated, moms kick ass.
And now, since my mama loves West Coast rap, a little Mother's Day gift for her.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I would not challenge these guys to beer pong...

Check out these guys skills with the ping-pong ball and remember simpler times when you were in college with absolutely nothing to do. Hattip, Sullivan.

David Lynch puts Baby in a corner

Sullivan had a post today linking to Buzzfeed's Top 5 David Lynch mashups. Without a doubt, the best is Lynch does Dirty Dancing.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Buffett, Babes and Dolphins football.

Joe Robbie Stadium (sorry...I refused to change since it was last named that) is now Landshark Stadium. And Jimmy Buffett is now a minority owner of the team. He's even written a "new" song for the team.
What can be better than Buffett, south beach babes and Dolphins football?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

For the love of God...

Enough, already. If your God is so powerful, he doesn't need to be state-sponsored. So stop whining and go enjoy your beliefs with like-minded people. It is not the end of the world that the President didn't open up the White House to the National Day of Prayer Task Force. Obama issued a proclamation, exactly as his predecessors did, but that ain't enough for the religious right. Why? Who knows? Maybe they just have a compulsion with persecution and aren't satisfied unless they are trying to convince themselves and others they are on a figurative cross like their savior.

Although I believe it may very well be a sign of end times that we actually have a "task force" for prayer.

And someone please slap Elisabeth Hasselbeck and explain to her that no one is stopping anyone from getting together and praying as they see fit. They just aren't allowing a stupid "task force" in the White House to do it, because it's not the place of Congress or the Executive to do anything that might be misconstrued as the establishment of religion.

To those of you who say that's ridiculous, no one would think letting the task force in to pray was the Government promoting a certain religion, I would point you to the idiots who feel not letting them in is somehow an attack on their faith. Man up and stop trying to generate your own bulletin board material. Take some of that energy and go out and do some of those good works we always hear about. We could use some more of those.

RIP, Captian Chaos.

I was out of pocket ealier this week, so I did not get to address a great loss we all suffered when Dom DeLuise, aka Captian Chaos, shuffled off this mortal coil. He was 75. DeLuise's greatest works were arguably with his buddy, Burt Reynolds. They worked together on movies such as "The End," "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," "Smokey and the Bandit II," "The Cannonball Run" and "Cannonball Run II."

Our friend Captain Stantastic did a good job of explaining their on-screen chemistry.

And now, I leave you with some of the Dom's greatest work: the outtakes to Cannonball I and II.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LDS versus BS

Ahh...remember back when this picture was taken? Man, those were the salad days, no? McCain-Palin were riding high, enjoying their post-convention bounce and being energized daily by the racist, xenophobe mobs that turned out support their events and demand Obama show his birth certificate. There to lend a helping hand was Uncle Mitt. You want to know how American Mitt Romney is? Why look...he's actually slapping his knee at Palin's obviously witty remark in the picture. You don't get any more hokey and folksy than actual knee-slappin', people.

Good times.

But those days are behind us and now wannabe GOP Presidential candidates are starting to snipe at each other, positioning themselves (if it's on Michale Steele's chessboard, please let him know) for 2012. The latest in this positioning is the Republican listening tour being conducted by Former Governors Jeb Bush (FL) and Mitt Romney (MA), and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor. Romney dropped a dig at Palin recently on CNN's "State of the Union:"

Romney, appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” was replying to a question from
moderator John King on whether Time’s inclusion of Palin and talk show host Rush
Limbaugh on their list of “The World’s Most Influential People” was good or bad
for the Republican Party.Romney, who has not ruled out another White House bid,
said he wanted more influential Republicans on the list before adding pointedly:
“I think there are a lot more influential Republicans than that would
suggest.”“But was that the issue on the most beautiful people or the most
influential people?” he continued. “I'm not sure. If it's the most beautiful, I
understand. We're not real cute.”

Unfortunately for Mitt and his testicles, he forgot to check with the Grand Poobah before making his dig. In discussing the three gentlemen listed above, Big Daddy Rush said:

They “hate” and “despise” the Alaska governor, Limbaugh said, and the “listening
tour” is nothing more than “an early campaign event” for the presidential
elections of 2012.

He went on to call Palin “the most prominent and
articulate voice” for American conservatism.

Limbaugh, then, presented himself as Palin’s bodyguard, and attacked her potential rivals for the GOP’s presidential nomination in 2012 (or after). Both Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney were blasted by the conservative talk radio hurricane. “They want you to forget about Reagan,” Limbaugh said in response to Bush’s remark that conservatives have to stop hoping for something that once was, and look towards the future instead.

If you've recovered from laughing your ass off at the thought of Palin being the "most prominent and articulate voice" of anything, you may want to check out this video Palin's supporters made. I have to admit it's funny. Then again, I'm a sucka for Benny Hill music.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I find it hard to believe he had to buy sex...

with dope rhymes like this. Seriously, you better have a shamwow to wipe up the blood that be flowin' once Vince spits this kind of fire. Who knew?

One of my favorite viral vids

It's an oldie but a goodie...the lipdub of Harvey Danger's Flagpole Sitta. What can I say, I'm a sucka for dipshit white kids acting talented. Probably because I have been all around the world and I do know that only stupid people are breeding...

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri on Vimeo.

We briefly interrput this bromance...

Peter King briefly paused his nuzzling of Brett Favre's pelvic region and smooching of the Philadelphia Eagles' collective posteriors in this morning's column to drop an interesting anecdote about my favorite writer of all time:
When you take a few days to consider things other than football, it's
interesting the things you learn. Like this, about Kurt Vonnegut: He was an SI
man! This from his son Mark Vonnegut's introduction to "Armageddon in
Retrospect,'' a collection of unpublished pieces by his father: "He was not good
at being an employee. Back in the mid-1950s, he was employed by Sports
Illustrated, briefly. He reported to work, was asked to write a short piece on a
racehorse that had jumped over a fence and tried to run away. Kurt stared at the
blank piece of paper all morning and then typed, 'The horse jumped over the
f------ fence,'' and walked out, self-employed again.' ''
In other good news, King thinks Pat White will become a "slash-type" player for the Miami Dolphins, which only insures that White is going to be Dan Marino crossed with Randall Cunningham and shatter the NFL QB mold. That's good to know.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jared Cook impresses at first camp

Former USC TE Jared Cook apparently made an impression on at least one member of the local media in Tennessee at his first NFL camp.
The Tennessean.Com's Jim Wyatt thinks Cook is as fast as the Titan's first round WR pick, Kenny Britt. I was really hoping my Dolphins would take Cook before the draft and when he was sitting there when Miami came on the clock with the 87th overall pick (#23 in the third round), I thought they would pull the trigger. Instead, they went with a WR from that other SC school, Trojan WR Patrick Turner. Cook went two pick later to the Titans. Here's some more from Wyatt:
But I got to see Cook up close on Friday during the Titans' rookie
orientation and I must say I was impressed. What
stood out to me most, however -- Cook looks like a receiver. He's 6-5, 246
pounds and runs especially well. The team's third round pick caught
everything in sight on Friday. Coach Jeff
Fisher said Cook could add 15-20 pounds to his frame, which would help one
of his weaknesses right now -- blocking. But they don't think it will slow him
down much. Cook is just as fast -- if not
faster - than receiver Kenny Britt, the team's first round pick. He's going
to create mismatches all over the field when he gets up to speed in the
Hey...Wyatt was just talking about his speed. Check out his hops in the pics above. Now, Turner may well turn out to be a great pick. I feel pretty sure he is a better route runner than Cook. But Jared Cook is a physical freak. I would have loved to have seen him in the Wildcat offense, faking a block on the run fakes and then streaking straight past the cheating safety. Here's how they match up:
Cook = 6' 5", 246 lbs., 4.5 40-time, 23 reps, 41" vert, 123" broad
Turner = 6'5", 223 lbs., 4.59 40-time, 21 reps, ?, ?
Anyway, I really think Cook is more gifted physically and I think he can project as a TE or a big slot WR. Here's to hoping both turn out to be great picks. I just hope Miami did not miss something special with Cook.