Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 13 picks

Due to a trip out of town, we're getting our picks in early this week.

Jets -3 over BUFFALO

Denver -4.5 over KC

STEELERS -13.5 over Oakland


Titans +6.5 over INDY

ATLANTA +5.5 over Philly (Upset special)

CINCY -13 over Detroit

NO -9.5 over Washington

Tampa +6.5 over CAR

CHICAGO -9 over St Louis

SD - 13 over Cleveland

SEA PK over San Fran

MN -3 over Arizona

NYG +2 over Dallas

Miami +5 over NE

Last Week 8-6-2 Upset special 0-0-1
Season to date: 89-78-5 Upset Specials 5-7-1

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week 12 picks

Getting the rest of week 12 picks in. So far this week, we're off to a hot 3-0 this week. Let's see if we can keep it going. Laptop is still shot, so this will be quick.

FALCONS (-12) over Bucs

Dolphins (-3) over BILLS

BENGALS (-14) over Browns

TEXANS (+3.5) over Colts

JETS (-3) over Panthers

Redskins (+9) over EAGLES

Seahawks (-3) over RAMS

CHARGERS (-14) over Chiefs

Jaguars (+3.5) over NINERS

VIKINGS (-10.5) over Bears

Cardinals (+3) over TITANS = Upset Special

RAVENS (+3) over Steelers

Patriots (+2) over SAINTS

Last Week 7-9 Upset special 0-1
Season to date: 81-72-3 Upset Specials 5-7

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hopefully, your Thanksgiving has been better than ours, as the old trusty laptop decided to crap out this morning. For those that care, we took the Pack -10.5 and Dallas -13.5. Right now, we're liking the Broncos +7 at home, but that may change.

Anyway... posts are liable to be scarce for a while. Enjoy your holiday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday night rock out

A little Monday night rocking out for your pleasure. Enjoy.

WTF is a sidehug?

Apparently a sidehug is the latest idiotic invention of the folks who brought you abstinence as birth control. But perhaps I should let the christian rappers break it down for you. And remember, keep your genitals away from your boy's genitals...or go to hell.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 11 picks: Are you in or out?

It's time for the Week 11 picks. I had to make the Dolphins-Panthers pick on the run the other day, as a friend scored us some free tickets. I did get off my pick before gametime (not here, but we did "publicize" it via FB, so we're taking credit for taking our Dolphins and the points). Two cool things about that game. First, it's only the second pro game we've attended, the first being a Miami win over the Bengals we attended with Catfish up in the Jungle. So we're 2 & o cheering the Dolphins in person...which is nice.

Second, we finally got to meet a longtime pal, Danny - check his blog here, from the Dolphins listserv that we've "known" since 1995. In case you did not know, is the oldest Miami Dolphins website in existence, and probably one of the oldest NFL sites around as well. It was created before the 1994 season by Curt Fennell. Curt's newsletter and listserv is responsible for what interest I did develop in computers and the internet. He has given folks like us a great forum to commiserate our dashed hopes and insurmountable anger year after year. On behalf of Dolfans everywhere, thanks Curt.

For this week, we figured we'd crib the Sportsguy's format of a post geared around movie quotes. So without further ado, here are the Week 11 picks. Enjoy.

Danny: You remember the day I went out for cigarettes and didn't come back? You must have noticed.
Redskins (+11) v. COWBOYS = You remember that time Tony Romo botched that snap? How about last week when the Cowboys rolled into Lambeau having just gotten a big win against the Eagles, feeling awfully good and facing a team that had just lost to the lowly Bucs? We all forgot we were getting into the latter part of November, where the pressure increases. And the only thing that bothers Tony Romo worse than the pressure of big games is Joe Simpson.

BTW, I'm really having problems believing in Tony Romo with that stupid hat I keep seeing on his noggin in interviews. Get a new lid, kid.

BTPC pick = Skins taking the points.

Rusty: Did someone call for a doctor?
LIONS (-3.5) v. Browns = Both of these teams need a doctor, stat. But you've got to think if we were triaging them at this point, we'd send the Browns onto the table first, right? At this point, being underdogs to the Lions and having Holmgren coming out and publicly saying he's interested in talking to Lerner, can things get worse for the Mangini Browns? could be going with a QB you emasculated the week after getting your best player injured at the end of a game you were out of. Eric Mangini...that blinking red light is employment termination warning indicator. And it just went into overdrive.

BTPC pick = Lions laying the points.

Rusty: Shane, you've got three pairs. You can't have six cards! You can't have six cards in a five-card game!
PACKERS (-6.5) v. Niners = This quote is for Aaron Rodgers. Aaron, my cannot hold the ball for six seconds. You are killing the team with your sacks. Get rid of the ball, man.

BTCP pick = Packers laying the points.

Basher: Hang on a minute, hang on... we could use a pinch.
Danny: What's a "pinch"?
Basher: A pinch is a device which creates, like, a cardiac arrest for any broadband electrical circuitry. Better yet, a pinch is a bomb - now, but without the bomb. See, when a nuclear weapon detonates, it unleashes an electromagnetic pulse which shuts down any power source within its blast radius. Now that tends not to matter in most cases, because the nuclear weapon usually destroys anything you might need power for anyway. But see, a pinch creates a similar electromagnetic pulse, but without the fuss of mass destruction and death. So instead of Hiroshima, you'd be getting the seventeenth century.

Steelers (-10) v. CHIEFS = The only way the Chiefs could win this game, was if Big Ben was actually a cyborg and they had a pinch. They don't.

BTPC pick = Steelers laying the points.

Tess: You know what your problem is?
Danny: I only have one?

GIANTS (-6.5) v. Falcons = The Giants have not been able to answer Tess' question, at least so far. But they've got two things going for them. First, they had a bye week to figure things out. Second, the Falcons may only have one problem, but it's a big one: Michael Turner is out. The Giants have killed us this year. If they do it again, we're swearing them off. But if Tess can give Danny one more shot, so can we.

BTPC pick = Giants laying the points.

Rusty: You'd need at least a dozen guys doing a combination of cons.
Danny: Like what, do you think?
Rusty: Off the top of my head, I'd say you're looking at a Boeski, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethros and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever.
BUCS (+11) v. Saints
RAVENS (+1.5) v. Colts

Two games encapsulated by one great quote. This quote is awesome because it describes exactly what both of this season's unbeaten teams will need to make it through a season unbeaten. The Colts had to rely on the much-debated Bill Belichek 4 & 2 call from last week (which we loved, btw. NFL coaches are usually risk-adverse. They play to not be second-guessed. We loved Bill's call, even if it did not work). The Saints barely survived the Rams, which is just ridiculous. The '72 Dolphins want get to pop that champagne yet...but they'll be one step closer after this week.

BTPC pick = Saints laying the points and Ravens taking the points.

Saul: Tess is with Benedict now? She's too tall for him!
Bills (+8.5) v. JAGS = A quote for two of the tiny, powerhouse backs in the league. I will have to give Primetime credit, his nickname for MGD is pretty good: Pocket Hercules. Tough game to call, because of the Jauron firing. The one bright spot for the Bill this year has been the D, which has played pretty tough. I think they really show up to for their former coordinator.

BTPC pick = Bills taking the points.

Rusty: Saul, you're the best there is. What do you want?
Saul: Nothing. I've got a duplex now, wall-to-wall, goldfish. I'm seeing a nice lady who works the "Unmentionables" counter at Macy's. I've changed.
Rusty: Guys like us don't change, Saul. We either stay sharp or we get sloppy, we don't change.

VIKINGS (-10.5) v. Seahawks = Guys like HIM and Childress don't change. Sooner or later, if they can't stay sharp, they get sloppy. I don't think father time can stay sharp all season. Childress has simply been lucky that he hasn't been put in the position too often that he actually has to make decisions that could hurt his team. Give him time.

I told my buddy Kevin that I had heard that Childress may get an extension. I said that as soon as Ziggy had committed to the guy who looks like a Fast-Food manager at the drive-in for more years, HIM would tear his shoulder up. Ladies and gentlemen, Brad Childress got extended through 2013.

Paging Dr. James Andrews. Dr. James Andrews. Dr. have a call at the front desk.

BTPC pick = Seahawks taking the points.

Turk Malloy: I'm gonna get out of the car and drop you like third period French.
RAMS (+9) v Cards = Kurt Warner is returning to where it all turned around for him. The game is in a nice, comfy dome. And the Rams suck.

BTPC pick = Cards laying the points.

Danny: Ten oughta do it, don't you think?
Rusty: [Stares of in silence, not looking at Danny]
Danny: You think we need one more?
Rusty: [Silence]
Danny: You think we need one more.
Rusty: [Silence]
Danny: All right, we'll get one more.

Jets (+10.5) v. PATS = Darrelle Revis exemplifies the problem with the BS, big-talk culture Rexy Ryan has created in Gotham. He does not know when to shut up. Revis is a damn fine corner. He didn't have to say anything about shutting down Moss. Everyone would have talked about it anyway. Instead he opens his mouth up and gives Randy Moss a reason to care. Ryan even fanned the flames, saying "All I can say is we've got the best corner in the league," the coach said, "and I don't think there's any dispute about that." At least one coach on the Jets squad realizes this is suicide, as Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine admitted Revis had help over the top a good bit. As someone who watched that game will tell you, that was when Brady was not Brady, missing some big plays that were open. That ain't happening Sunday.

Either way, it's never a good reason to give Randy Moss a reason to care. Even worse when Billy B is coming off a week of everyone second guessing his genius. I hate these two teams and wish a meteor would simply hit the field Sunday. But I can't help thinking Billy B is gonna use last weeks game as a rallying point to push this Pats team through the season.

The Pats will get that 11th one

BTPC pick = Pats laying the points.

Danny: There's a ninety-five pound Chinese man with a hundred sixty million dollars behind this door.
Linus: Let's get him out.

Bengals (-9.5) v. RAIDERS = are well on your way to the playoffs. Just get the ninety-five pound Chinese man from behind the door.

BTPC pick = Cincy laying the points.

Rusty: The Bellagio and the Mirage. These are Terry Benedict's places.
Danny: Yes they are. You think he'll mind?
Rusty: More than somewhat.

Chargers (-3) v. BRONCOS = Picking the Broncos may boil down to you going with Chris Simms. Pre-ruptured spleen...that did not seem so bad. Post-ruptured spleen, it looks scary.

Having said that, Mile-High is like a Terry Benedict casino. If you plan on coming in and stealing one from Mile-High, you better have one sharp fella leading your crew. Norv Turner ain't no Daniel Ocean.

But if you saw Phillip River's post-game comments after that Eagles game, you can tell he really, really wants this game.

BTPC pick = Chargers taking the points.

Danny: Now, they tell me I paid my debt to society.
Tess: Funny, I never got a check.
Eagles (-3) v. BEARS = UPSET SPECIAL! The Eagles are still waiting for that Michael Vick investment to pay dividends. Much like Tess...they ain't ever gonna get that check. But there is good news for Eagles fans: no more worrying about whether Brian Westbrook is gonna play, huh? Once you see the headline "______ to see concussion specialists" you can pretty much figure that player's days are numbered. Why we're on the subject, how come no player with concussion problems does not sport the foam-extension cap like that Bills WR used to wear?

As far as this game, Philly made LaDainian Tomlinson look alive last week. Matt Forte is a better back than LT right now. I know Cutler has looked abysmal. But he got killed in the media (and rightfully so) all this week for his attitude and his performance. Just like he did in that first night game he sucked it up at last week. Despite the fact that he acts like douche, I think the Bears rally around Lovie this week. I'll take the young, diabetic, moody QB over the old, injury-susceptible, moody QB.

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL! Bears taking the points.

Danny: Why do they always paint hallways that color?
Rusty: They say taupe is very soothing.

Titans (+4.5) v. TEXANS = Quick tidbit noone has reported. They key to the resurrection of Vince Young is that Bud Adams ordered the hallways of the Titans practice facility painted taupe. And then he gave the painters the old, double-barreled salute.

BTPC pick = Texans laying the points.

Last week: 5-9 Upset special 0-1
Season to Date: 74-63-3 Upset Specials = 5-6.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Wire 100 Greatest quotes in 10 minutes

I can't believe they don't have my favorite quote of all:
"The thing is, you only got to fuck up once. Be a little slow, be a little late, just once. And how you ain't never gonna be slow, never be late? You can't plan for no shit like this, man. It's life." - Avon Barksdale

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 10 picks: Times are tough all over

If we have many more weeks like last week...we'll be riding the rails, eatin' hobo chili (boiling a shoestring with some Mr. Coffee). We definitely won't be winning that set of steak knives, let alone the fortune and fame if we keep that up. The good news is, we have started this week out the right way, picking the Niners over the Bears (posted Thurdsay). So here's this week's picks. Enjoy.

Bears v. NINERS (-3) = think Mike Singletary is gonna have his guys ready after losing to the Titans last week and with his old team coming into town? I do.

BTPC pick = Niners laying the points.

Falcons v. PANTHERS (+1.5) = DeAngelo Williams may not go. That's not good, considering Williams is the Panther's best chance for a big play. At least the Panthers have Jonathan Stewart, but even he has not been that healthy. The Falcons' Michael Turner has been doing it all alone for the past several weeks, as Jerious Norwood has been out for a while. Can Turner keep that up? I don't know. But I'm gonna roll the dice a little here and bet that Fox knows he is most likely coaching his last games in Charlotte. And with Miami coming in on a short week then a trip to the Jets, Fox knows his guys need this one.
BTPC pick = Panthers taking the points.

Bucs v. DOLPHINS (-10) = Sparano has deactivate Joey Porter for this game. That doesn't mean much, because Porter has been pretty damn inactive this season other than running his mouth to the press. Parcells and Company are not big fans of that. Add in the fact that rookie Cameron Wake has more than outplayed Porter and it's easy to understand why the Dolphins would elect to sit Porter and let him "rest his injury."
BTPC pick = Dolphins laying the points.

Lions (+16.5) v. VIKINGS = This is a big spread, even given it's the Lions. Viking CB Antoine Winfield is out for the game, which is good news for Stafford and Calvin Johnson. What's not good news is the fact that Stafford and Johnson got into a heated sideline discussion last week and all the talk headed into this game has been about whether or not there's a "feud" between the two. Not for nothing, but if there is, both are idiots. The Lions traveled to the west coast last week, played in what is arguably the toughest home field in the game today, had their QB throw 5 picks and still had a chance to win that game. The Lions played Minny tough in their first matchup this season, leading 10-7 at the half.
Even with the bye week in between, I feel this is kind of a trap game for HIM, coming off his return to Lambeau. Based on that, I think 16.5 is a little too high.
BTPC pick = Lions taking the points.

Jags v. JETS (-7) = It's funny, both of these teams are 4-4. If Jack Del Rio had been standing at podiums after his last few games talking about good his team was, how he just knew they were a very good team, the media would be skewering him. Yet, for some reason, Rex Ryan continues to do just that. He gave his team 6 days off following their loss at Miami. I guess he felt he could do that, because afterall...they "won" that game. Completely outplayed Miami. Unfortunately for Rex and the Jets, special teams yards and points count.
What's funnier is Rex's comments this week. "I believe in being honest and telling the truth," Ryan said Friday. Ryan has said the Jets could be 6-2 if not for some foolish penalties and bad plays, while some of his players believe they could be 7-1. None of that matters at the moment to Ryan. Hey,'s the TRUTH. You are what your record says you are. You are a .500 team. Your BS ego has infiltrated down to the players, with Shaun Ellis calling this game a "must win." How sad is that? The mighty New York Jets have fallen to calling a game against the lowly Jags a "must win." Here's to hoping MGD runs it all up the middle on them.
BTPC pick = Jags taking the points.

Titans (-7) v. BILLS = How about that Bud Adams, huh? I guess he knows football a little better than the 'stache at this point. At what point do we start wondering how good a coach Fisher really is, huh? When the owner has to force your hand to make a change that obviously makes your team better, that takes a little shine off, no?
BTPC pick = Titans laying the points.

Bengals (+7) v. STEELERS = These two played a hell of a game in Week 3, that the Bengals won on a late TD pass 23-20. Polamalu was not there for that game, as he was getting his hair did. But he will play today. I think 7 points a high for this game, even if "somebody" sent the Steelers a whole bunch of mustard.
BTPC pick = Bengals taking the points.

Saints (-14) v. RAMS = Even without Darren Sharper (gametime decision), how can anyone believe the Rams can stay in this one?
BTPC pick = Saints laying the points.

Chiefs v. RAIDERS (-2) = Do we have to pick this game? Uh...ok...but let's get it over with and move on.
BTPC pick = Raiders laying the points.

Seahawks (+9) v. CARDINALS = UPSET SPECIAL! Nate Burleson has guaranteed a win. That's right, Nate Burleson. When a player like Nate Burleson starts guaranteeing wins, you listen. Why? Because who the hell is Nate Burleson? Why would he be running his mouth? I'll tell you why...because Nate knows the Cards are 1-3 at home this year. Plus, in the battle of old, injury-prone QBs, I'm gonna go with the less self-righteous one and the one that's comfortable with his aging (shaving the head instead of using the just for men).
BTPC pick = Seahawks taking the points.

Broncos (-3.5) v. REDSKINS = No Clinto Portis + No Chris Cooley + young head coach who is actually allowed to coach = win.
BTPC pick = Broncos laying the points.

Eagles v. CHARGERS (-1.5) = Man...Norv versus Reid. If this game comes down to clock-management or video challenges, it may be possible that both teams lose. The Eagles are getting Westbrook back this week, which will be big. But if the Chargers were able to handle the pressure of the Giants (his name is SPROLES), I think they'll be able to handle the Eagles pressure. In the end, with this pick, I have to go with the QB I believe in more. And that's Phillip Rivers.
BTPC pick = Chargers laying the points.

Cowboys (-3) v. PACKERS = As if losing to the creamsicle Bucs was not enough, McCarthy had to deal with a story about him having a groundskeeper fired for telling him not to lay an egg before HIM's return. When you're worried more about the groundskeeper than on doing something about the fact that your QB is on pace to set a new season record for sacks taken (currently at 37, record is David Carr's 76), something ain't right. It's even worse when Dallas and DeMarcus Ware comes a calling.
BTPC pick = Cowboys laying the points.

Ravens (-10.5) v. Browns = Eric Mangini is in trouble. All the folks he brought with him have been canned. Then, the veteran RB on his roster, Jamal Lewis, called him out and questioned his methods. A day later, players in the locker room started chanting Lewis' name. Now, Mangini has benched QB Derek Anderson and gone back to Qb Brady Quinn. Quinn lost his starting job at halftime of these teams' September 27th contest. It is awfully tempting to pick the Browns here. Lewis has said this is his last season, so this Monday night game against his old team will most likely be his last dance in the spotlight. I just can't go with the Browns. They are just way too dysfunctional.
BTPC pick = Ravens laying the points.

Pats v. COLTS (-3) = Big game in the AFC. Once upon a time, Bill Belichek owned Peyton Manning. That's all changed. The Colts have won 4 of the last 5. I still believe the way to beat the Colts is by running up the middle on them. I don't think the Pats can do that. This will be a close game and will tell the tale of whether or not this Pats team can do anything this year.
BTPC pick = Colts laying the points.

Last week: 4-8 Upset special 1-0
Season to Date: 69-54-3 Upset Specials = 5-5.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quickpick for Thursday night

Bears v. NINERS (-3) = think Mike Singletary is gonna have his guys ready after losing to the Titans last week and with his old team coming into town? I do.

BTPC pick = Niners laying the points.

Wolf Blitzer is an idiot

Yesterday afternoon, CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed Col. John Galligan (ret.), one of alleged Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hassan's attorneys. Under the pretext of being asked by " a lot of folks, when they heard I was interviewing you:"

They asked me how could a retired U.S. military officer, a full colonel, go ahead and represent someone accused of mass murder? And I want you to explain to our viewers why you're doing this.

Galligan answered with the obvious answer: "I fully appreciate the importance of ensuring that everybody has a fair trial." Galligan then went on to remind all those "folks" that he thought it was important to insure that Hassan got the rights that service members fought and died for.

Because it's his show and he's got a massive ego, Wolf could not let it go and tried to end the interview with:

"I'm sure he will get a much fairer hearing than those 13 Americans who were
brutally gunned down the other day. I'm sure he will get all of the rights that
are applied by the military code of justice."

After seeing Galligan appear annoyed at those remarks, Wolf let him respond, which Galligan did:

"The difficulty that I have, of course, is when people end discussions with me
with references like the one that you just made."

Galligan then proceeded to school Blitzer and remind him why it's important that Hassan enjoy those rights.

Get real, Wolf. You know WHY Galligan would defend this guy. Further...I don't for a second believe you heard from "a lot of folk" before this interview who questioned why Galligan would defend this case. You simply wanted score cheap points and you got called out for it.

And to think...we named our fantasy football team after you last season. No wonder Wolf Blitzer's Lap choked in the playoffs.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why aliens wouldn't really travel in those big hoopties

Dvice has post up titled: 4 Reasons why V's motherships don't make sense that is highly enjoyable. Enjoyable if for no other reason that I learned it would take 368 quadrillion joules of energy to propel a 3km-wide, 500m-tall steel ellipsoid 1000 meters into the air.

368 quadrillion joules! That's way more than 1.21 gigwatts!

How much is 368 quadrillion joules? About one and a half Tsar Bombas, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated; or twice the total amount of solar energy hitting the earth every second.


A thought for Veterans' Day

Today is Veterans Day, a day when we should all give thanks to those that, as Colonel Nathan Jessup might say, pick up weapons and stand post on the wall, allowing the rest of us to sleep under the blanket of freedom. So, to all those that have manned a post...on behalf of the BTPC, we salute you.

Because this is a day to honor our veterans, I thought I'd share a concern that I have about our veterans going forward. Everyone knows the stress our armed forces have undergone over the last 8 years. We've all heard the stories about the stop-losses and how Uncle Sam has asked more and more of this current generation of combat vets. In addition to that, you have the added burden of a lot of these troops being asked to serve in an urban combat environment. I can't begin to fathom the stress it puts on these kids to be in the middle of a city or village, surrounded by people, that for safety sake you have to assume are the enemy, but for mission sake you have to try to win over. It has got to be absolutely nerve-racking.

I truly feel like this generation of combat troops is going to have a tougher readjustment than any before. That's why I have followed some of the reports and studies about the increase in violent behavior with returning troops with great concern (see here for an example). This summer, the American Journal of Public Health released this press release:

Mental health diagnoses increased substantially after the start of the Iraq War
among specific subgroups of returned veterans entering Veterans’ Administration
(VA) health care, reports a new study.

Researchers determined the prevalence and correlates of mental health diagnoses among 289,328 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans entering VA health care from 2002 to 2008 using national VA data. Of those, 106,726 veterans received mental health diagnoses, including 62,929 who were diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and 50,432 who were diagnosed with depression. Women were at higher risk for depression than were men; yet men had over twice the risk for drug use disorders.

The researchers suggest, “Targeted screening and early intervention with evidence-based treatments tailored to the problems of particular subgroups of veterans may be the best defense against chronic mental health and social and occupational problems.” [From: “Trends and Risk Factors for Mental Health Diagnoses Among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Using Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care,

In the past week, two members of our military family have made the news and not in a good way.

Major Nidal Hasan walked into the Solider Readiness Center at Ft. Hood in Kileen, Texas and opened fire, killing 13 people and wounding another 30.

John Allen Muhammad, aka the DC Sniper, was executed last night at 9:11 pm by the State of Virginia. Muhammad was a former sergeant in the US Army, having served active duty during the Gulf War. When the US Supreme Court refused to get involved in Muhammad's case, one of his attorney's, John Sheldon, issued this statement:

"In its effort to race John Allen Muhammad to his death before his appeals could be pursued, the state of Virginia will execute a severely mentally ill man who also suffered from Gulf War Syndrome the day before Veterans Day."

Now...before anyone gets all worked up saying the victims did not get any appeal, perhaps you should take a look at this article. As Sheldon points out, "It's not about him; it's about us."

I have no personal knowledge of either of these two men. I do not know what caused them to do the horrific things they did. But I can't help but think that we owe not just to their victims, but to the potential future victims of other disturbed or broken American soldiers to find out what caused them to do what they did. I think we have a responsibility to learn as much as possible about it, and use that knowledge to try to make sure we do everything possible to limit these episodes from being repeated.

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I hope we are smarter than that.

Monday, November 9, 2009

No more love in an elevator???

No...this is not the bastard child of Joan Rivers and Mary Kate Olsen. It's Steven Tyler...FORMER frontman for Aerosmith. Or at least that's what Joe Perry is confirming. In a story from the Las Vegas Sun, Perry says the rest Aerosmith found out about Tyler's walking away from the internet. According to Jerry Fink:

Perry told the Las Vegas Sun today that he believes Tyler is history.

“Steven quit as far as I can tell,” Perry said from his Boston home. “I
don’t know anymore than you do about it. I got off the plane two nights ago. I
saw online that Steven said that he was going to leave the band. I don’t know
for how long, indefinitely or whatever. Other than that, I don’t know.”

Part of the problem, he says, is that Tyler doesn’t return his phone

“He’s notorious for that,” Perry said. “That’s one thing I’ve
learned to live with. I try to overlook it. I like to pick my battles. Frankly,
the last few months I’ve been wanting not to rock the boat. I don’t want him
canceling any more gigs. We really wanted to do these last four. We just kind of
didn’t want to call him out or anything and get him anymore pissed off, for
whatever reason. So we just let things lie. So we did the gigs and, like I said,
I got off the plane and saw this online. That’s how I know about it.”

If it is true that Tyler has left the band, lets take a few minutes to admire his greatest creation, shall we?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

What if you went to a fight...

And a women's Mountain West soccer match broke out? may look a little like this.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 9: The Glengary picks.

It's week 9 and as promised (or warned) we've got a guest speaker today. So without further ado, let me turn this post over to Blake:

I'm from downtown. I'm here for Mitch and Murray. And I'm here on a mission of mercy.

The good news're fired. The bad news is, you've got--all of you've got--just nine weeks to regain your jobs. Starting this week. Starting with this weeks picks. Oh...have I got your attention now?

We're adding a little something to this season's picks contest. As you all know, first prize is fortune and glory.

Anybody wanna see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired.

You get the picture? Are you laughing now?

F*cking picks are weak? You're weak. I've been in this business for 15 years. What's my name? F*ck you, that's my name. You know why mister? 'Cause you drove a Hyundai to get here tonight, I drove an $80,000 BMW. That's my name.

And you're name is you're wanting. You can't play in the man's game, you can't close them, then go home and tell your wife your troubles. Because only one thing counts in this life: pick winners. You hear me you f*cking faggots?

They are sitting out there waiting to give you their money. Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it? The money's out there. You pick it up, it's yours. You don't, I got no sympathy for you.

These are the new picks. These are the Glengary picks. And to you, they're gold. To give them to you is to just throw them away. They're for closers.

I'd wish you good luck, but you wouldn't know what to do with it if you got it. And to answer your question...why am I here? I came here because Mitch and Murray asked me to. They asked me for a favor. I said the real favor, follow my advice and fire your f*cking ass because a loser is a loser.

If you think you can close, here are the picks:

Cardinals v. BEARS (-3) = Did the Cardinals lay an egg last week or what? I mean...Kurt "Just for Men" Warner laid a Delhomme (5 pick performance). Which is apropos considering it was against the Cardinals last season during the playoffs that Jake Delhome lost his mojo. Meanwhile, the Bears got to cake walk through the semi-professional football team known as the Browns. I am not too concerned about Boldin's ankle. This is afterall the same man that played two weeks or so after getting his jaw broken. I am, however, concerned about Old Man Warner playing in potentially chilly and windy Soldier Field.

BTPC pick= Bears laying the points.

Redskins v. FALCONS (-10) = Daniel Snyder apologized to the fans this week. Does that matter? Listen...when John Riggins says you have a "dark heart," probably not. Snyder's "apology" doesn't carry much weight when you take into the fact that the Skins banned fans "negative" signs at games. WTF? Plus, Danny boy couldn't even match fellow owner Randy Lerner's sincerity by meeting with actual fans. At least Lerner had a sit-down LCN-style (that's La Cosa Nostra, people) with Dogpound Mike. Mike Smith is a good coach. He's damn sure a better coach than a neutered Jim Zorn.

BTPC pick = Falcons laying the points.

Texans v. COLTS (-9) = The first toughy of the group. The schizophrenic Texans can't possibly win 4 in a row, can they? But can they cover?'ll tell you what. I'm going to believe that Kubiak's benching of Slaton fires him up and the Texans really give Peyton a run for their money. Don't you disappoint me, Texans.

BTPC pick = Texans taking the points.

Chiefs v. JAGS (-6.5) = I like Chris Chambers. He has a few of the prettiest catches ever by a Miami Dolphin (although Orande Gadsen hands down wins for having the most incredible catches by a Dolphin. I think 3 of his catches are on display in the Hall of Fame. I am sure this sick one is one of them). Having said that, Chambers was never a consistent WR to begin with. Most of us Dolfans thought he just needed to play with a strong QB. Uh...yeah, that didn't change much. Meanwhile, MGD is busting 60+ runs like their bubbles.

BTPC pick = Jags laying the points.

Dolphins v. PATS (-10.5) = UPSET SPECIAL! This game is really big. If Miami can beat the Pats and close to within 1 of them, they will really have a chance to grab the lead over the following three games. Miami plays Tampa, Carolina, and Buffalo before getting the Pats back at home. In that same stretch, NE plays Indy, Jets and the Saints.

NE's offense is exactly the type of offense that has given Miami fits, quick passing-spread offenses (Indy and NO). Miami has to do a good job of controlling the clock to win. To me, there are two keys for Miami.

First, the Wildcat. If you look at what the Saints started doing in the second half and what the Jets picked up on in the following game, their Ds blitzed either a S or a CB to set the edge (and taking on the wildcat coming across the formation--usually Ricky Williams). Miami needs to have that WR on the outside take off and they need to have Ronnie Brown or more specifically, Pat White throw the ball deep. Hopefully you hit some for TDs or big gains. But even if you don't, you'll back that D off and get back to going helmet-to-helmet with the run game (which with that high-paid line, you ought to win). I kind of wonder if Sparano intentionally held back on the Wildcat this past week, so he did not reveal too much. This will be, afterall, the pseudo-anniversary of the Wildcat's birth as it was at NE during the first matchup last season where the Wildcat was unleashed and shocked the Pats.

Second, you must get to Brady. All of a sudden, Brady looks like Brady again. But trust someone who has started him just about every game for my fantasy team, Brady was not looking that great until his last two games. And those two games were against semi-professional teams the Titans and the Bucs. Miami had 3 rookies in the secondary last week. The only way they get away with that this week, is if Brady is too worried about Jason Taylor to pick on the rookies. (It would be nice if Joey Porter would decide to show up too). Miami has the best record of any AFC East opponent versus Belichick in NE at 10-8. There's a reason for that. His name is Jason Taylor. It's no coincidence that Brady lobbied Taylor HARD to get him to sign with New England, kind of the "better to have him in your tent pissing out than outside pissing in." Brady has got to be even more concerned knowing his usual LT, Matt Light is out and he'll have a rookie protecting his blind side. Keep this name in your mind, Cameron Wake. Look for the Dolphins rookie to use the attention paid to Porter and Taylor to his own advantage and meet Mr. Giselle in the backfield a few times.

BTPC pick = I don't want the points. I don't need the points, but I'll take the points. Miami taking the points.

Pack v. BUCS (+9.5) = The Pack rolls down to Tampa after the emotional roller coaster that was HIM's return to Lambeau. While some may expect a let down against a Tampa team coming off a bye, I don't for two reasons. First, the Pack is getting healthy on the OLine (supposedly getting Clifton back); and two, The Josh Freeman era is set to take off in Raymond James Sunday.

BTPC pick = Pack laying the points.

Lions v. SEAHAWKS (-10) = If you want to know why " of two" is not doing well, look no further than the fact that I have two Seahawks that I usually am forced to start (Burleson and Jones). Sad times indeed. Seattle's best player is without a doubt their 12th man: the crowd. Can that be enough for 10 points against a Detroit team with a rookie QB traveling to the West Coast? Yes...I think it can.

BTPC pick = 'Hawks laying the points.

Panthers v. SAINTS (-13) = Even though I picked the Panthers last week, I think people are taking a little too much from that game. was the Cardinals. They are not that good. Truth be told, they were not that good last year until they caught fire in the playoffs. I just can't see this Panther team playing the Saints better than Miami did, and Miami lost by 12 (if you count that BS TD that was not a TD).

BTPC pick = Saints laying the points.

Titans v. 49ers (-4) = Last week I said I believed in Vince Young. Uh...not this much.

BTPC pick = 49ers laying the points.

Chargers v. GIANTS (-4.5) = Phillip Rivers gets the chance to stick it to Eli and the Giants here. It's really tempting to take them. But Tom Coughlin called his troops out and he's going against Norv Turner.

BTPC pick = Giants laying the points.

Cowboys v. EAGLES (-3) = Desean is gonna Detoast the Cowboys.

BTPC pick = Eagles laying the points.

Steelers v. BRONCOS (+3) = McDaniels gets the chance to show how his teams respond to setbacks. He did a pretty good job responding to all the offseason setbacks, didn't he? Plus...he's getting points at home.

BTPC pick = Broncos taking the points. takes brass balls to pick games. Oh...and coffee's for closers.

Last week = 6-7 Upset special: forgot to designate one, but we'll say it was the Panther's pick, so 1-0 (hey...we need all the help we can get, right?)
Season to Date: 65-46-3 Upset Specials = 4-5.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walken does Gaga

I am still unsure why I had not seen this video yet. The Walken went on the BBC's Jonathan Ross' show for Halloween and gave use all this treat. All its missing is more cowbell.

For all the ladies...

Especially Von and Ita...good news. Our show is coming back January 4th. And there's even better news. First, it will be broadcast in HD which means we can all shred the contestants for their skin blemishes (always fun). Second, this 14th incarnation of the series has quite possibly the gayest title ever, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.

Here's what ABC had to say:

Ever since Jake, 31, shared a magical one-on-one date with Bachelorette Jillian
Harris to see Martina McBride, millions of women have had their 'Top Gun'
fantasies about him. A fan favorite for his reputation as an honest guy with an
open heart -- not to mention his good looks -- viewers were stunned when Jillian
rejected Jake right before the hometown dates on last season's 'The
Bachelorette.' But women were drawn to him even more when Jake returned of his
own accord in the next episode to protect Jillian from men who were not there
for the right reasons. Jake -- who already knew Jillian would not take him back
-- freely shared and showed his emotions.

I'm gonna go ahead and point out that any woman who has "Top Gun fantasies" about a man, doesn't know what Top Gun was about. You don't know what Top Gun is about? Watch the video below.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A little Monday night honky-tonking

Courtesy of my favorite rockabilly band, Southern Culture on the Skids. One of the funnest live shows you'll ever see. And yes...I find Mary Huff and her bouffant irresistable.

And a final song for the little lady...

People v. Leo Frank

Tonight PBS debuts The People v. Leo Frank. In case you don't remember, this was the case of 13-year old Mary Phagan, who was found at an Atlanta pencil factory beaten, strangled and possibly raped. Frank, the factory's Jewish superintendent, was ultimately convicted and sentenced to death. This sentence was later commuted by then Governor John Slaton, who felt Frank had been denied a fair trial.

As the picture to the right shows, the original sentence was carried out nonetheless by some "civic-minded" Atlantans. Many of these same Dudley Do-Rights went on to join similar like-minded individuals and eventually reconstitute an until-then dying organization: the Ku Klux Klan.

However, the Frank case also served as a catalyst for another organization: the Anti-Defamation League, which found its mission in the Jewish executive's lynching and has since been a champion for civil rights and social justice.

There is a very real argument that the Frank case was the catalyst for the Civil Rights fight that was to come several decades later. So it may be worth catching.

How many times have you wanted to do this?

I'll admit to the thought crossing my mind once or twice.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 8 picks: Almost there...

With Week 7 in the books and now on Week 8, we are almost on the back side of the season. We've got to head out of town today, so without further ado, let's jump on in to the picks.

Broncos (+3.5) v. RAVENS = Not sure what to think here. The Broncos are riding high with a 6-0 record. The Ravens started hot, going 3-0, only to lose their last 3 games and sit at .500. They are tough to beat at home and do get LT Jared Gaither back this week (a major plus with Elvis entering the building). It's gonn be a cold, wet game with a little win, conditions both QBs are used to playing in. You know both teams are used to playing in nasty, cold weather. So will it have an effect? I think yes. It will have an effect on the OLD Ravens. I think the line shows the Ravens are living a little too much on reputation.

BTPC pick = Broncos taking the points.

BILLS (+3.5) v. Texans = If you can say anything about the Texans is that they are a roller coaster of a team. Last week, they surprised a lot of folks by handling the Niners. They played a wonderful game, which means this is the week they turn into a pumpkin. The cold weather doesn't exactly help when you consider Schaub and Andre Johnson's bruised lung.

BTPC pick = Bills taking the points.

Browns v. BEARS (-13) = While I have a hard time seeing the Bears team I saw last week beating anyone by 13, I have an even harder time taking the Browns on anything. With that strongly felt conviction, I suppose I'll take the Bears.

BTPC pick = Bears laying the points.

Dolphins (+3) v. JETS = Oh man...can the Jets and their coach talk trash. Bart Squat (as in I have not done squat this year) and his Coach Rex Ryan have managed to bring their Ravens swagger to a team which makes that swagger look more and more like a staggering drunk. They continue to talk trash despite the fact that Miami manhandled them last time. And take note of this: the Wildcat is not a gimmick. It's simply a formation. They aren't even stacking an uneven line this season, they are simply lining up, putting helmet on helmet and opening holes.

How about this pic, huh? Think the refs blew this call in the Saints-Miami game last week? If the refs call that right, the Saints have 7 points off the board and Miami has the ball on its on 20-yard line thanks to a touchback since the ball fumbled out of the endzone. While it's impossible to say the correct call results in a win, it does reinforce one thing: this Miami team is good. They are obviously a year a way. But they have played, arguably, the two best teams in the league (Saints and Colts) to the wire. And those are two of the most explosive offenses in the league. So please...enough already with the talk about this Miami team not being up to the 21st century offensive challenge. They can and have put up points. But they can also play tough D and wear you down with long rushing drives.

What about the Jets? Their golden-boy QB took even more heat this week for eating a hotdog on the sidelines. Oh...and by the way, he's returning to the inhospitable confines of the Meadowlands, where the forecast is cold, windy and possibly wet. Who do you think is the QB more used to those conditions? The Southern Cal fella or the guy who started 4 years in Ann Arbor?

Both teams have some big injuries. Miami lost CB Will Allen and Channing Crowder may not play. The Jets have lost NT Kris Jenkins and Rb-returner Leon Washington. While I think the Allen loss may be negated by the weather. Crowder's loss will hurt Miami against a strong Jets rushing attack. But the Jenkins and Washington losses are bigger.

Finally, I can't recall ever seeing a Coach paint himself into a corner with a game the way Ryan has on this. While that could be good for the Jets, I think it may make him desperate, leading to some bad calls. I think Miami knows this and will capitalize on it.

I don't want the points. I don't need the points, but I'll take the points.

BTPC pick = Miami taking the points.

COLTS (-12.5) v. Niners = I ain't betting Alex Smith over Peyton Manning. No way.

BTPC pick = Colts laying the points.

COWBOYS (-9.5) v. Seahawks = I don't think the Cowboys can beat Seattle by that many, no matter how many injuries the Seahawks have. The Cowboys give up a lot of passing yards and Julius Jones may actually show up to get revenge on Jerruh.

BTPC pick = 'Hawks taking the points.

LIONS (-3.5) v. Rams = Stafford is back. Rams suck. They're second best player is the white return guy who got cut by the Cowboys during last years Hard knocks.

BTPC pick = Lions laying the points.

Giants (-1) v. EAGLES = It's gonna be rainy, cold and windy in Philly. Giants fans can't like that forecast with Eli "the noodle" Manning as their QB. NY has two things going for them. 1) No one wants to beat that the Giants lose 3 in a row. Tom Coughlin is too good a coach and the Giants too good of a team for that to happen. 2) Revenge. Philly knocked the Gmen out of the playoffs last year, intercepting little brother twice. The Sportsguy says all the Philly fans at his book signing were way overconfident. That can't be good given the above. This is a tough one.

BTPC pick = Giants laying the point.

CHARGERS (-16.5) v. Oakland = Have mercy on Norv Turner if he loses this game.

BTPC pick = Chargers laying the points.

Jags (+3) v. TITANS = Really...the 0-6 Titans are giving points? Wow. I guess Vegas believes in Vince "Patron" Young. So do I.

BTPC pick = Titans laying the the points.

Cardinals (-10) v. PANTHERS = Is Arizona for real? I know Jake Delhomme is not. But 10 points is a lot.

BTPC pick = Panthers taking the points.

SAINTS (-11) v. Falcons = After that Miami game, I think Drew Brees has got these guys believing they are a team of destiny. Meanwhile, is the bloom off the rose in Hotlanta? Matt Ryan has been taking some heat lately for his poor play. This Falcons team is more versatile than last years squad that played NO tight. 11 points is just too much to pass up here.

BTPC pick = Falcons taking the points.

Vikings (+3) v. PACK = As much as I'd like to see the Pack destroy HIM when he comes back, I don't know if it will happen. HIM does get a bit of a break, as while it's gonna be a brisk mid-30s kind of day, it will be sunny and not that windy. I just think it will be close.

BTPC pick = Vikes taking the points.

Last week = 7-5-1 Upset special: 0-1
Season to Date: 59-39-3 Upset Specials = 3-5.