Sunday, August 8, 2010

Morpheus has failed....

We all know that the number one goal of any father is to keep his daughter off the pole. If that's the case, Laurence Fishburne has failed tremendously. His baby girl has decided to apparently fulfill one her lifelong dreams. can that be a failure? Shouldn't fathers want their daughters to fulfill their dreams? Seems reasonable. The problem comes in when the daughter's dream is porn.

Needless to say, Dad is not pleased.

Montana Fishburne, aka Chippy D, has already shot her porn film. Dad is so upset, that his pals (Neo and Trinity?) have been allegedly trying to buy all the copies of it from Vivid. NSFW dvd back cover here.

We imagine Daddy's response to this news was similar to his response when Goldblum's character shot that cop in Deep Cover: "You shouldn't have done that..."

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