Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Idol says bye-bye to JLo's booty...

Jenny from the block, we barely knew ya. Word has it, incoming American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez has been canned before she actually got hired. Seems Fox got just a little too tired with all her demands and the negotiations are over.

While we can understand Fox getting upset with her demands, we kind of feel sorry for JLo. Come on...check out that posterior. We get the feeling JLo grew up with not a lot of men willing to tell her no about anything. Not with that thing to your left in their face.

But JLo apparently has not realized, that just like Thom Yorke once sang, "gravity always wins." Here's Lopez this past New Years. got to lower your demands now, sweety. You ain't Ms. Thang anymore. In fact, you're barely relevant. Check yo' self.