Friday, December 23, 2011

BTPC Exclusive: Chris Rock on Nikki Haley's "New Email Policy"

So after getting caught with her pants down (pun intended) over her administration's failure to turn over relevant emails in response to a Post & Courier FOIA request last week, SC's Can't Shoot Straight Guv'nur Nikki Haley announced a new plan to preserve emails:

“When we took office, we adopted the same policy that has been used by previous administrations, and we have retained thousands of records and correspondence that will be preserved for archiving at the end of the administration,” Haley said in a news release. “But we have also found room for strengthening the policy – and, as we always do, when we see something that needs to be fixed, we fix it.”
There you have it South Carolina, your "Transparency Governor." But there is some good news...Haley's " caught me" moment has resulted in the BTPC obtaining exclusive expert document retention testimony from none other than Chris Rock. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Week 16 picks: I'm not a stud...

Holy cow...the carnage. The gravity-like pull of our "Even Steven" curse has worked to sucked us below .500 yet again for two weeks straight, pulling us towards the Like-Death-&-Taxes, guaranteed .500 we are preordained to hit every year. Nevertheless, we trudge on. And much like The Geek from Sixteen Candles, this information cannot leave this room. Okay? It would devastate my reputation as a dude.

INDY (+6) over Titans
Call us crazy, but now that they've got the #1 pick locked appears the Colts are actually playing. Conspiracy theorists have at it...

Remaining picks coming later...

Week 14: 7-9 Upset Specials: 0-1
Week 15: 6-9-1 Upset Specials: 0-1
2011 Season Record: 111-104-9 Upset Special: 8-7-1
Career to date: 377-348-27

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15 picks

Jags (+11.5) over FALCONS

Cowboys (-7) over BUCS

BILLS (+1.5) over Dolphins

Pack (-14) over CHIEFS

Bengals (-3.5) over RAMS

Titans (-6.5) over COLTS

Seahawks (+3.5) over BEARS

CARDS (-6.5) over Browns

Saints (-7) over VIKES

GIANTS (-7) over Redskins

Panthers (+6) over TEXANS

Jets (+3) over EAGLES

Lions (-1) over RAIDERS

BRONCOS (+7.5) over Pats UPSET SPECIAL. If Tebow be on our side, who be on theirs?

Ravens (-2.5) over CHARGERS

49ERS (-1) over Steelers

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 14 picks

Let's not waste any time, shall we?

Steelers (-14) over Browns.
Already lost this one. So be it.

Colts (+16.5) over RAVENS

Falcons (-3) over PANTHERS

BENGALS (-3) v. Texans

Bucs (-2) over JAGS

LIONS (-10) over Vikings

JETS (-10.5) over Chiefs


TEBOWS (-3.5) over Bears

Patriots (-8) over REDSKINS

Saints (-3.5) over TITANS

PACKERS (-11.5) over Raiders

49ers (-4) over CARDINALS


Giants (+3.5) over COWBOYS

SEAHAWKS (-4.5) over Rams

Week 12: 7-8-1 Upset Specials: 0-1
Week 13: 8-8 Upset Specials: 1-1
2011 Season Record: 98-86-8 Upset Special: 8-5-1
Career to date: 364-330-26

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 13 picks

SEAHAWKS (+3) over Eagles
Yeah...we didn't post this Thursday night. We forgot. But trust us, there was no way we were gonna take Vince Young on the road in the best home field stadium in the NFL. So we're counting this one as a W. Hell...we should have some trust...earlier this year we forgot to post an early game and counted it as a lost...

Titans (+2.5) over BILLS

BEARS (-7) over Chiefs
DOLPHINS (-3) Raiders

PATRIOTS (-20.5) over Colts
Holy shit...this is a high line. May be the highest we've ever seen. But how do you take the Colts here?

Bengals (+6.5) over STEELERS

Panthers (+3) over BUCS

Broncos (+1.5) over VIKINGS
No ADP. God loves Tebow. UPSET SPECIAL.

Jets (-3) over REDSKINS

Falcons (-3) over TEXANS

BROWNS (+6.5) over Ravens

Packers (-7) over GIANTS

49ERS (-13.5) Rams

Cowboys (-4.5) over CARDINALS

SAINTS (-9) over Lions

JAGUARS (+3) over Chargers
UPSET SPECIAL II...Jags enjoy their freedom with suit-wearing-axe-wielding Jack Del Rio gone. And you're probably looking at the next coach to go in Norv Turner...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kick ass music post of the week: Fugazi Live Series A to Z

As a child of the 80s, we grew up skateboarding and listening to punk music. Today, we got a treat when driving home, we caught NPR's All Things Considered. They were interviewing Fugazi's Ian Mackaye.

Unbeknownst to us, Fugazi and Dischord Records has new site up: Fugazi Live Series A to Z. What is it? seems that from 1987 until 2003, Fugazi's sound engineers recorded over 800 of these shows, and they are putting them up on the web. Unreal.

Favorite quote from the interview with Mackaye, when asked why they always played "Glue Man" at then end of every tour, Mackaye stated: "I spent it all...That's the lyric."

It's also a Kick Ass song...

SC (and double-agent Georgia) Gov. Nikki Haley don't need no stinkin' law...

Or maybe she does. It was announced today that Richland County Solicitor Dan Johnson has dismissed the criminal charges against all 19 Occupy Columbia protestors.

The reason? There was no "there" there. Trust us...we read the entire code pertaining to the Statehouse grounds and could not find any law the Occupy Columbia folks had broken. Neither could Solicitor Johnson, who actually seems to realize the criminal justice system isn't about scoring political's about enforcing the law and seeking justice. Hoozaahs for the Richland County Solicitor.

As for Haley, what's this mean?'s yet another embarassing episode in a young administration filled with them. What will really be interesting to see, is how much her little "I AM THE LAW!!!" moment winds up costing South Carolinians. The civil case arising out of this brouhaha was removed to Federal Court this morning. Even if the Plaintiffs were to never receive a dime in that case, you can bet your paycheck the State is gonna spend some defending it.

The good news is that every dime spent to defend Haley's ridiculous decision to have the Occupy Columbia protestors arrested is a dime she can't spend on private planes and wine cellars.

Way to go, fine steward of the taxpayers' funds, you...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Herman Cain: a fox???

With the ridiculous preemptive move yesterday of one-time leader of the Republican horserace to unseat President Obama, Herman Cain, to deny adultery accusations that were going to be made, we started thinking.

What if this is all a False Flag operation? Think about it...Cain pays this woman, Ginger White, to disclose a fictional affair. Cain comes out and denies it before it's even reported. Media reports it. In a few days, evidence surfaces to show White is lying. Cain flips the whole narrative into "See...I told you they were out to get me" and rockets back to the top.

Come you doubt the brilliance of a campaign that gave you the campaign manager smoke break video that ended with that creepy smile? We don't...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Week 12 picks: Thankful gambling isn't legal...

Because if it was...we'd have taken a beating last week with the 3-9-2 record we posted last week.

Thanksgiving picks:

LIONS (+6.5) v. Packers
BTPC pick = Lions getting 6.5

Dolphins (+7) v. COWBOYS
BTPC pick = Dolphins getting 7

RAVENS (-3) v. Niners
BTPC Pick = UPSET SPECIAL! Harbaugh's boys pull the upset, Niners getting 3.

FALCONS (-9.5) over Vikings

JAGS (+5) over Texans

BENGALS (+7.5) over Browns

Bucs (+3.5) over TITANS

Panthers (-3) over COLTS

Cardinals (+3) over RAMS

Bills (+9) over JETS

Bears (+4) over RAIDERS

Pats (-3.5) over EAGLES

SEAHAWKS (-3.5) over Redskins

Broncos (+6) over CHARGERS

Steelers (-10.5) over CHIEFS

SAINTS (-7) over Giants

Last Week: 3-9-2 Upset Specials: 0-0
2011 Season Record: 83-70-7 Upset Special: 7-3-1
Career to date: 349-314-25

Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking for a worthy cause this Holiday Season?

The Death Penalty Resource & Defense Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a fair and just criminal justice system for capital defendants. Their mission is to improve the quality of representation afforded to indigent defendants who are charged with a capital crime or who are currently under a sentence of death.

This holiday season, they have an added cause: to raise money to provide Christmas presents for the minor children of death penalty defendants in SC. Before anyone gets all outraged over someone suggesting helping "criminals" over the victims of the crimes, stop and think for just a minute: these kids are victims too. Unfortunately, they are victims who will not even get the small amount of attention victims get in these terrible situations, because they carry the stigma of being tied to the people accused of being the cause of so much grief and sadness.

Capital defense is often an insurmountable and thankless job. We admire all our friends and colleagues who take on the burden of a job that really can wear a person down. One thing we have been told by our capital defender friends, is even the slightest offering of simple humanity to their clients can do wonders. Something as simple as their lawyers being able to help bring just a slight bit of joy to their children can help bring down barriers these people have lived behind their whole lives. If you truly believe in forgiveness and salvation, how can that be wrong?

We ask that this season of giving, you consider offering a slight bit of humanity to those who society has condemned. Surely...during a time of year built around celebrating ideas of charity, hope and forgiveness it would not hurt to show a little of that to the innocent children of these horrible circumstances.

If you would like to make a donation, please make a check out to "The Death Penalty Resource Center" and write "Christmas Project" on the memo line. Those donations may be sent to Laura Young, PO Box 50860, Columbia, SC 29250.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 11 Picks: 11th NfL week in the 11th Month of 2011

Well...after buying Rex Ryan's hype, we're starting the week out in a 0-1 hole (we tweeted our pick of Jets laying 6 Thursday night). Thanks...Rexy. Who knew the greatest defensive mind of our lifetime would not be able to stop a one-dimensional QB? Of course, that quarterback has been ordained by we guess we ought to take that in to account.

Let's move on and see if we can get back in the black on the ledger after yet another even Steven (8-8) week.

Titans (+6) v. FALCONS
Last week the Titans manhandled the Panthers, while the Falcons blew a game in OT to the Saints. There's been a lot of talk about how the Falcons decision to go for it on 4th & inches from deep in their own territory in OT. A lot of folks are comparing Mike Smith's decision to Bill Belicheck's decision to go for it a few years ago on 4th down versus the Colts. The problem with that comparison, is that the Pats decision was to win the game. If NE got a first down, they could have run out the clock and won. The Saints decision was simply to get 3 more downs. The reward was not worth the risk.

However, the fact Mike Smith decided to do that speaks volumes about how bad the Falcons' defense is. We think they'll win a must win at home, but we think 6 points is too much, especially when you factor in that it looks like Atlanta will not be playing with the player (Julio Jones) they neglected their defense and traded all those draft picks to select.

BTPC pick = Titans getting the 6.

RAVENS (-7) v. Bengals
Yes...Ray Lewis will be out. So, we believe, will be the Bengals top CB, Leon Hall. So while those two may cancel out, the Bengals are definitely gonna be hurting missing star rookie WR AJ Green.

Last week, we took the Seahawks because we saw the Ravens turning in a turd after beating the Steelers, just like they did in week 2. This week, we think they'll respond like they did in week 3, with a convincing win. If the Bengals were healthy, we'd like their chances to cover...but when Pacman Jones is gonna be your top CB, we have to take the Unibrow.

BTPC pick = Ravens laying the 7.

Jaguars (-1) v. BROWNS
In a game between two complete shit teams, we suppose we'll go with the team that doesn't seem to be coming apart in the locker room. (see Hillis, Peyton).

BTPC pick = Jaguars laying the 1.

DOLPHINS (-1.5) v. Bills
This game has Dolphins Turd written all over it. Sure...they'll be helped if Bills WR Stevie Johnson can't go. These are two teams that are completely opposite. The Bills started out red hot and have cooled off. Miami didn't even get it's first win until 2 weeks ago. Now, after screwing up the chance at the #1 pick and Andrew Luck, the Dolphins might be entering the let's miss out on Matt Barkley sweepstakes.

Despite good play out of him the last two weeks, we don't think Matt Moore is that good. We certainly think Ryan Fitzpatrick is better. We'll go with the better QB in this one.

BTPC pick = Bills getting 1.5

PACKERS (-14) v. Bucs
Let's just go ahead and pick the Pack and move on, shall we?

BTPC pick = Pack laying 14.

VIKINGS (+1) v. Raiders
Carson Palmer on the road in a dome just weeks after coming out of retirement.

BTPC pick = Vikings getting 1.

Panthers (+7) v. LIONS
Somehow, we get the feeling that Cam Newton will show up against a shit-talking Detroit Lions team. If not...we may have to bail off the Cam Newton bandwagon.

BTPC pick = Panthers getting 7.

Seahawks (+3) v. RAMS

BTPC pick = This Rams team is a different team with Brandon Lloyd. And this Seahawks team is a different team away from home.

BTPC pick - Rams laying the 3.

Cowboys (-7) v. SKINS
The Cowboys and Tony Romo appear to finally be hitting on all cylinders. The Skins are falling apart.

BTPC pick = Cowboys laying 7.

BEARS (-3.5) v. Chargers
San Diego is imploding and this is Norv Turner's farewell tour.

BTPC pick = Bears laying 3.5.

49ERS (-9.5) v. Cardinals
The Cards went on the road and beat the Dream Team last week. But this 49ers team ain't a dream team...they're a blue-collar, well-coached squad. 9.5 is a lot of points though. Still, we just think the Niners are that much stronger.

BTPC pick = Niners laying the 9.5

GIANTS (-6) v. Eagles
Absolute must win for Eagles. That's great, but Vince Young is starting. Seems like the Giants have a pattern of looking good-looking bad-looking good-looking bad. Last week they lost to the Niners. This week...

BTPC pick = Giants laying 6.

PATS (-15) v. Chiefs
Some guy named Palko is starting at QB for the Chiefs.

BTPC pick = Pats laying the 15.

Last Week: 8-8 Upset Specials: 1-0
2011 Season Record: 80-61-5 Upset Special: 7-3-1
Career to date: 346-305-23

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 10 Picks: A Perfect 10...

Another week of Even Steven puts the pressure on us to do the unthinkable: Pull a Perfecto in Week 10. We're up for it...are you? Well...Lets. Get. It. On...

Jags (-3) v. COLTS
If our Miami Dolphins have any chance of getting the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, Indianapolis has to win a game. And this one is huge if they are gonna do it. Having been Miami fans since the early 80s, we can tell you our luck is not good

BTPC pick = Jags laying the 3.

FALCONS (PK) v. Saints
Toughest game of the week to pick. Who knows...hold on...*flips coin*...FALCONS it is.

BTPC pick = Falcons.

Steelers (-3) v. BENGALS
We've got a lot of Ws this year riding the Bengals. That's what makes this week so hard. Those Ravens-Steelers games are just so hard to understand. It's like both teams just get so up for them, that they can skew your outlook on both teams. At the end of the day, we think that the Bengals just aren't as good as the Ravens are...AGAINST THE STEELERS. The Ravens are simply a different team when they play the "burgh. Add in the fact that the Steelers are coming off a tough loss and their fans will turn out in Cincy, we can't keep riding the Red Rifle in this one.

BTPC pick = Steelers laying the 3.

Rams (+3) v. BROWNS
There are two explosive players in this game. The Browns have failed to figure out how to get the ball into Josh Cribbs hands all season, while the Rams have already gotten Brandon Lloyd more into their offense in 2 games than the Browns have done with Cribbs all year.

BTPC pick = Rams getting 3.

Bills (+5.5) v. COWBOYS
Our fantasy team, Wolf Blitzer's Lap, is so Dallas-dependent, it's sad. And we hate the Cowboys. Meanwhile, the bloom appears to have fallen off the Buffalo rose. This is a game where the Bills can show no...they're not dead, while Romo just gives Cowboy fans that much more grief.

BTPC pick = Bills getting the 5.5

CHIEFS (-3) v. Broncos
What's more important here...that the Chiefs made Matt Moore the Player of the Week in the AFC or that Timmy Tebow is no Matt Moore? Trust the Beard...Haley rights the KC ship.

BTPC pick = Chiefs laying the 3.

EAGLES (-13) v. Cardinals
The only feeling we have stronger than not trusting the Eagles to cover a large spread is the fact that you're doomed with John Skelton as your QB. Quick...where did John Skelton play in college? The football powerhouse of Fordham University. And by "football powerhouse," we mean the other two notable NFL figures from there since we've been alive (Lombardi was from there, but he obviously was before out time) are Wellington and John Mara. That's right...Fordham churns out rich white boys named Mara to own the NY Giants. It's kind of niche "powerhouse."

BTPC pick = Eagles laying the 13.

If you're looking to get into Fordham University, you might want to follow in Wyatt's footsteps, who apparently was aided in the admissions process from the fact that he (and his buddy Gary) created a woman with his computer...

Texans (-3) v. BUCS
We've picked against the Texans so many times this year and gotten burned, we give up. So ample warning...that probably means the Bucs win this going away...

BTPC pick = Texans laying the 3.

PANTHERS (-3.5) v. Titans
While Cam Newton was inexplicably added to the injury report on a bye week, we still think he's gonna be rested and refreshed coming off a bye-week. Meanwhile, Chris Johnson is apparently still busy counting his new contract money.

BTPC pick = Panthers laying the 3.5

DOLPHINS (-4) v. Redskins
We don't know what is sadder: that the Redskins are 4 point dogs to a 1-win Dolphins team who is terrible at home and quarterbacked by reject Matt Moore or that we're actually scared of a team quarterbacked by Dolphins reject QB John "Check Down" Beck. If we have to rely on anything, we'll rely on our Dolphins terrible luck in them further blowing the shot at the #1 pick.

BTPC pick = Dolphins laying the 4.

SEAHAWKS (+7) v. Ravens
In Week 2 of this season, the Ravens were coming off an absolute shellacking of the Steelers and they lost to a Titans team that we've found out is not very good. Seattle is a tougher away trip based on distance and the phenomenon of Seattle's homefield advantage. We think history repeats itself.

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL! Seahawks getting the 7.

BEARS (-3) v. Lions
Last week, we rolled with a Bears teams (who we think is better than people realize) against an Eagles team (that was not as good as people thought). Our feelings have not changed. The Bears are still better than people realize. In fact, an undiscussed trend this season, is how well Cutler is playing, seeming to be sticking it to all those folks who blasted his toughness from that playoff game last season.

BTPC pick = Bears giving 3.

49ERS (-3.5) v. Giants
Well...that NYG team that showed up against the Pats is a completely different team than the one that tried every which way they could to lose to the hapless Dolphins the week before. This NFL video of their locker room after the Pats game shows they might have a little "nobody believes in us" mojo at work right now. Harbaugh has been pumping that vibe into this 49er team all season. A very tough, tough game to predict. There is a high likelihood that the Giants have a letdown traveling all the way out to the West Coast for this one. But if we have to pick who to go with, we're gonna go with the better QB. Do not let us down, Eli...

BTPC pick = Giants getting 3.5

Pats (+1.5) v. JETS
For the AFC East lead. If NE loses 3 in a could be over for them.

BTPC pick = Pats getting the 1.5

Vikes (+13.5) v. PACKERS
In week 7, the Vikes lost by only 6 to the Pack at home. That was Ponder's first start. We don't see the flip in who's at home being 7.5 points.

BTPC pick = Vikes getting the 13.5

**We forgot to get our Oak-SD pick in before their game Thursday night. In all honesty, we would have probably taken the Chargers laying the 7 so we'll just chalk that one up as a loss for this week.**

Last Week: 7-7 Upset Specials: 1-0
2011 Season Record: 72-53-5 Upset Special: 6-3-1
Career to date: 338-297-23

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 9 Picks: Surviving the Crazy

Holy crap was Week 8 of THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE* was crazy, was it not? Cam not covering at home to the Vikes, Brees & the Saints laying a turd in St. Louis, the Ravens barely surviving the hapless Cards, God abandoning Tebow, the Steelers finally stepping up against the Pats at home, the Chargers terrible fold down the stretch and oh my...that ass-whupping the Eagles opened up on the Cowboys. was one of the wildest weeks we can remember. We only hit on two of those games and it was only because Tebow being mortal and Norv Turner choking are irrefutable facts of life.

Still...given how crazy a week it was, we feel pretty good that we survived the crazy and managed to go 6-7. It could have been a lot worse. But let's see if we can get this train back on the winning track.

Falcons (-6.5) v. COLTS
If our beloved Dolphins are gonna win the Suck For Luck sweepstakes, Indianapolis is gonna have to eventually win a game. We don't feel very good about Miami's chances of having Andrew Luck slip on a Dolphins cap in MSG next year.

BTPC pick: Falcons laying the 6.5

Bucs (+8.5) v. SAINTS
What the hell happened to the Saints last week? We don't know...but you gotta think Drew Brees and Company are gonna come out with something to prove.

BTPC pick: Saints laying the 8.5

Browns (-10.5) v. TEXANS
As if things couldn't get worse for the Browns, this week saw locker room leaks spring where his teammates seemed to be throwing Hillis under the bus. This guy is embracing the Madden Cover Curse like nobody's business.

BTPC pick: Texans laying the 10.5

BILLS (-2.5) v. Jets
The Jets last two games were wins versus the Dolphins and the Chargers. They looked absolutely horrible versus Miami and it took the Chargers imploding off a lead to hand them that second win. Last week they had a buy. Interesting trend, the bye week doesn't quite mean what it used to. Thanks to the new CBA rules, teams have to actually give their players 4 days off in a row during the bye. So teams don't really get that extra prep time with the players like they used to. And the Jets could have used it to prepare for a hot Bills team.

BTPC pick: Bills laying the 2.5

CHIEFS (-4) v. Dolphins
Miami continues to scare the living crap out of their fans who realize that the current version of this team is going nowhere and who are hoping the Dolphins stumble into the Number 1 pick in the NFL draft. a's like these games are all off the same script. You can predict exactly HOW this team is gonna blow each game in the 4th, a fall that usually begins as soon as Tony Sparano gives a enthusiastic fistpump for a disappointing FG. Meanwhile, Todd Haley has taken a team that looked terrible after losing its top Defensive and Offensive players at the start of the season and turned them around. Word out of Miami is Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall almost came to blows this week. Starting to get the idea that those "At least Sparano has not lost the locker room" stories are about to come to an end...

BTPC pick: Chiefs laying 4.

49ers (-4) v. SKINS
Good teams beat the teams they should. Last week the 49ers took care of business against a bad Browns team at home. This week, they face a similar situation against a Skins team which at one point looked decent. However, they're facing the dreaded West Coast team-traveling to the East Coast-for a 1pm KickOff phenomenon. Can they overcome it? We're not sure, but we know we don't like the Skins without Santana Moss. They don't have anyone that scares a defense now, meaning Patrick Willis and Co. can now crowd the LOS and tee off on John Beck. That's not good.

BTPC pick: 49ers laying the 4.

COWBOYS (-11) v. Seahawks
How is it ever a good thing for your coordinator to be all in the headlines? First, it was Rob Ryan falling on his sword for the turd the Cowboys laid versus the Eagles. That's fine. But then, Ryan comes out and does his best Rex-Ryan-Foot-In-Mouth impression by claiming he's the best DC in the league. You'll notice Ryan didn't start saying this until later on in the week, probably about the time he realized this week's opponent was the Seattle Seahawks. After the Cowboys pass rush dismantles an already pathetic Seahawks offense, we will all be treated to a Ryan crowing. We can't wait.

BTPC pick: Cowboys laying 11.

RAIDERS (-7) v. Broncos
Nothing speaks to the quality of the Caron Palmer trade like the fact that the Raiders are right now a much more complete team than the Broncos and they are at home, yet we are scared of giving them 7 points with Carson "Pick 6" Palmer getting his first start.

BTPC pick: Raiders laying 7.

Bengals (+3) v. TITANS
Titans had a bye week last week. See previous discussion re: the new trend with bye weeks. The Bengals are the more talented team. Previous incarnations of the Bengals would blow this game, after going all the way out to Seattle and taking care of business against an inferior team (which was itself out of character for the Bengals). We think this Bengals team continues to go against the grain.

BTPC pick: Bengals getting 3.

Rams (+3) v. CARDS
This is the toughest game to predict. Both teams played much better than anyone thought the would last week. Yes...the Rams did their damage at home (where their energy level was off the charts). But it just seemed that they're a different team with Brandon Lloyd stretching defenses. Stephen Jackson sure seemed fired up. This game could go either way. In that situation, we take the points.

BTPC pick: Rams getting the 3.

PATS (-9) v. Giants
The Giants tried every which way they could to give that game to Miami. And the Pats are gonna be pissed about their Steelers game.

BTPC pick: Pats laying the 9.

Packers (-5.5) v. CHARGERS
The Chargers have lost their last two games to teams they should have beaten. They should not beat Green Bay, who is the best team in the league.

BTPC pick: Packers laying the 5.5

STEELERS (-3) v. Ravens
Oh what a difference eight weeks makes. It seems such a distant memory, that 35-7 ass-whupping the Ravens opened up on the Steelers in Week 1. You think Pittsburgh has had this game circled on the calendar? Yeah...we do to.

BTPC pick: Steelers laying the 3.

EAGLES (-7.5) v. Bears
Was last week the turn-around point for the "Dream Team"? We don't know...but we do know they ought to beat the Bears. The question is will they do so by 7.5? Seems to us, Vegas is putting just a little too much into the Eagles dismantling of Dallas. The self-proclaimed greatest DC in the league (Rob Ryan) simply had shitty gameplan against Vick. And Garrett didn't help matters by forgetting stud rookie DeMarco Murray (and he better be glad Wolf Blitzer's Lap still managed to win). We don't think the Bears will make the same mistake.

BTPC pick: UPSET SPECIAL...Bears getting the 7.5

Last Week: 6-7 Upset Specials: 1-0
2011 Season Record: 65-46-5 Upset Special: 5-3-1
Career to date: 331-290-23

*Copyright all the WorldWide Leader, who apparently has decreed that all their personnel refer to the NFL as "THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE." We blame Chris "Meathead" Berman...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Florence, Stand Up. Mr. Lawson is passin'.

It is one of the most iconic moments in American Literature and one of the most powerful scenes in the history of motion pictures. It is a line spoken to a young girl who has just seen her father fail to save an innocent black man from being convicted by a white jury in the Jim Crow South, for a crime he did not commit. As Jean Louise Finch sits on that “colored balcony” at the conclusion of the rape trial of Tom Robinson, Rev. Sykes utters an instruction which shows the deep respect her father, Atticus Finch has earned: “Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passin’.” As she looks around, Jean Louise realizes everyone around her is standing to pay respect to her father.

The very nature of criminal defense work can be disheartening. Those who practice criminal law pour their heart and soul into defending those who society shuns. Yet it is the respect that work deserves, as evidenced by the memorable scene Harper Lee gave us in To Kill A Mockingbird, which has inspired many a criminal defense attorney. This week, Florence County suffered a great loss with the passing of Jack W. Lawson, Jr., a man who earned similar respect.

Harper Lee could just have easily named the hero of her tale Jack Lawson. Webster’s defines the word “hero,” as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Jack would have shunned any such description of himself. In Jack’s mind, all he tried to do throughout his legal career was what was just and right. However, it was those qualities which have made Atticus Finch the most revered hero in American film. It is also those qualities that made Jack Lawson a hero to those of us in the bar.

For a period of about eight years, Jack was a Deputy Solicitor here in the Twelfth Circuit. During that time, Jack prosecuted criminal cases with the same sense of justice and compassion with which he had defended cases. In 2008, Jack came back across the aisle to defend cases, becoming the Chief Public Defender for the Twelfth Circuit. Jack explained that he belonged at the defense table, because in his heart he was meant to defend people. Jack once said that the loneliest seat in the world was a defendant’s chair in a criminal case and that he was meant to sit beside those folks.

Atticus Finch explained to us that real courage was “when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.” Jack Lawson exhibited such courage every time he sat down at that defense table and he kept showing that courage over the past few months as he fought to be able to return to the job he loved. To say that Jack Lawson will be missed is an understatement. He will be missed deeply by his family, his friends and by his community. Florence has lost a hero. We have lost our Atticus Finch.

The Oyster Roasts will never be the same without Jack...

SCNow article of Jack's passing here.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 8 picks

Last week, we were straight Even Steven at 6-6-1. Let's see if we can't work on that...

We like:

Saints laying 12.5 to the RAMS

Dolphins getting 9.5 v. the GIANTS

Colts getting 9 v. TITANS

PANTHERS laying 3.5 v. Vikes

RAVENS giving 13 to the Cards

BILLS giving 6 in Toronto to the Skins

Jags getting 9.5 on the TEXANS

Lions laying 3 to the BRONCOS

Bengals giving 3 v. SEAHAWKS

Pats laying 3 versus STEELERS

49ers laying 9 v. Browns

Cowboys getting 3.5 v. EAGLES

CHIEFS getting 4 v. Chargers (UPSET SPECIAL)

Last Week: 6-6-1 Upset Specials: 0-1
2011 Season Record: 59-39-5 Upset Special: 4-3-1
Career to date: 325-283-23

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 7 picks: Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light...

We hit week 7 of the NFL season in doing pretty well. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Just as John Doe told Detectives Mills and Somerset in the movie Seven, "Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to the light." The NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint. So before you go dancing around in your Grandma's panties, rubbing yourself in peanut butter over our picks, remember...John Doe has the upper hand. Somebody call somebody...

Bears (-1) v. BUCS (in London)
The Bucs, claiming to have learned from their last London trip, are not treating this like any regular week and waiting to fly in Saturday. The players who were on the team last trip said that sucked, all they did was sleep Saturday and it messed them up. So they went over early, got a chance to see the sights and will be a little more acclimated to the time difference. The Bears, meanwhile, treated it like a regular week.

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL...BUCS getting the point.

SKINS (+2.5) v. Panthers
This pick is simple. You can either roll with John Beck or you can roll with Cam Newton. We're rolling with Cam.

BTPC pick = Panthers laying the 2.5

Pick 'em? Really? Did Vegas watch that Monday night game? The only reason the Jets won, AT HOME, was because the Dolphins absolutely SUCK.

BTPC pick = Chargers.

BROWNS (-3) v. Seahawks
The only question we have here, is does Charlie Whitehurst, starging for the Seahawks, confuse those orange Browns' helmets, for Clemson helmets and throw a bunch of picks. Meanwhile, the Browns spent this past week, with rumors of them trading their marquee players: Peyton Hillis.

BTPC pick = Seahawks getting the 3.

Texans (-3) v. TITANS
This just smells like the typical Kubiak-team stinker.

BTPC pick = Titans getting the 3.

DOLPHINS (PK) v. Broncos
The Dolphins are 1-11 in their last 12 at home. And tomorrow, it's the SUCK FOR LUCK SUPERBOWL. Whoever loses this game will be in the driver's seat for the #1 pick in the draft. Throw in the fact that it's Tebow-time...AND the Dolphins had weeks ago gone ahead and planned for Sunday to be "Gator Day," celebrating Florida's 2008 National Championship...It's almost like God is planning this. And we all know Tebow is tight with the Almighty. The only thing that makes us think Miami could win this, is it would be just our luck to blow this game, win it, then lose out on the #1 pick. Come on, can do it...BLOW. THIS. GAME.

BTPC pick = Tebow! (Broncos)

LIONS (-3.5) v. Falcons
So the Lions traded Jerome Harrison to the Eagles for Ronnie Brown, only to have the trade voided when Harrison's physical showed he had a brain tumor. Gotta admit...that's a first. Some might be tempted to go with the Falcons here, seeing as how Detroit has shown a propensity for letting teams come back from way down recently. But need we remind you of how BAD the Falcons D is?

BTPC pick = Lions laying the 3.5.

RAIDERS (-3.5) v. Chiefs
We're sure Kyle Boller's confidence is just soaring after the Raiders gave up a ridiculous price to get Caron Palmer, the Raiders leaked comments about how the players were marveled about having a "real QB" at the subsequent practices and Hue Jackson all but guaranteed Palmer would start Sunday. Now, word is leaking that Palmer probably is not ready to start this week ( think?) and it looks like Boller is going to get the nod. To put that in perspective, go tell your wife or girlfriend that you're dumping her because you've finally found a girl that is actually hot. Then, explain that your new love has got to work Saturday night, so you need your current gal to be your date to the party you have on your calendar. How well do you think that date is gonna go?

BTPC pick = Chiefs getting the 3.5

Steelers (-4) v. CARDS
Kevin Kolb or Big Ben?

BTPC pick = Big Ben (Steelers) laying the 4.

COWBOYS (-13.5) v. Rams
The week after getting blasted by his owner publicly for pussing out on that last drive because he didn't trust his QB, can Jason Garret run it up on the Rams? Maybe...but 13.5 is too much for us.

BTPC pick = LATE CHANGE...originally said Rams getting the 13.5, but then it was announced that Bradford was out. Maybe there's some out there that think AJ Feely can keep it close. We don't. Cowboys by 13.5...

Pack (-9.5) v. VIKINGS
Why on earth the Vikings want to throw Christian Ponder into the fire in a game they are no way gonna win, we do not know. But lord have mercy...if Ponder somehow were to pull this one out, Viking Nation will be crazy next week declaring him savior. But that's not gonna happen on Aaron Rodgers' watch...

BTPC pick = Pack laying the 9.5

SAINTS (-13.5) v. Colts
Who knew teams should be targeting coaches on the sideline, huh? The Colts quietly go about their own Suck for Luck campaign.

BTPC pick = Saints laying the 13.5

Ravens (-8) v. Jags
The non-violent Harbaugh brother increases the flame underneath Jack Del Rio's buttocks...

BTPC pick = Ravens laying the 8

Last Week: 8-4-1 Upset Specials: 0-0-1
2011 Season Record: 53-33-4 Upset Special: 4-2-1
Career to date: 319-273-22

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 6 picks: Playing the hot hand...

In case you didn't notice, we enter week 6 of the NFL season an quite the roll. We went 10-2-1 last week. How are we, lifetime .500 prognosticators, doing it? Who knows...when you're in Vegas and you get on a streak, you don't question where the cards are coming from. You just play 'em. Having said that, let's ante up and see the cards...

PACKERS -14 v. Rams
Rodgers is playing out of his mind. It's not just that he's throwing completions, racking up yards and scores. You really have to watch how those passes look to enjoy just how on fire he is. His passes are BBs. They just look different than the passes every other QB is throwing. They're frickin' Laser Beams. Dr. Evil wants to mount Aaron Rodgers on the head of shark, that's how awesome his throws are. The 14 points scares us, since it is high...but given how well GB is playing versus how poorly the Rams are playing, who wants to pick the Rams here? Anyone? Bueller?

BTPC pick = Pack laying the 14.

STEELERS -12.5 v. Jags
We said last week we were giving the Steelers one more chance. And look what they did with it...throttling the Titans, who had been playing well and looking like a decent team (two things the Jags have not done). See how romantic Big Ben is? We can't quit him...

BTPC pick = Steelers laying the 12.5

Eagles -3 v. SKINS
If you're asking yourself how the hell the the team at the bottom of the division at 1-4 can be a 3 point favorite versus the team at the top of the division at 3-1, we have no idea. Suppose it's because if the Skins win this one, the Eagles are done and Vegas is figuring this Eagles team is too good to get knocked out this early. Or maybe they remember how Vick destroyed the Skins last year. Or maybe they remember how the visitor has dominated this series winning 8 of the last 9. We want to take the Skins here, but we're gonna go with Vegas...because afterall...those SOBs make millions off of this shit.

BTPC pick = Eagles laying 3.

LIONS -4 v. 49ers
Last week we asked the question of whether or not the Niners were real. We picked them over the Bucs saying we thought Harbaugh was. And Harbaugh and his scrappy team proved us right. We still think the Niners are a good team (and lament the fact that Harbaugh turned down the Dolphins gig), but we just don't see an Alex Smith team going in to Detroit and keeping pace with that offense.

BTPC pick = Lions laying the 4.

FALCONS -3.5 v. Panthers
Have you tried the Cam yet? You really should try the Cam. It's wonderful (and seems to always cover). By the way...he's pretty damn good in the Georgia Dome. (Trust us...unfortunately we've seen it first hand).

BTPC pick = Panthers getting the 3.5

BENGALS -6.5 v. Colts
Tough call here. We've enjoyed taking the Bengals this season, as they're a better team than most realize. But they don't win games big. On the other hand, the Colts have shown some life with Curtis Painter finally getting under center, but news broke this week that Irsay and the Colts may be looking to unload their two best players (who are playing) in Wayne and Mathis. We'd feel a lot better if the spread was less, but we're gonna roll with the Red Rifle, Andy Dalton.

BTPC pick = Bengals laying the 6.5

GIANTS -3 v. Bills
Before the season, if we had told you that the best team in the state of New York was gonna be the Bills, what would have been your choice for which drug we were on? And now you're telling us Vegas wants to give you 3 points for them to go up against Eli "I pull wins outta my ass by my WRs making ridiculous catches" Manning's Giants? Okay...we don't want the points, we don't need the points, but we'll take the points.

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL...Bills getting 3.

RAVENS -7 v. Texans
The Texans lost to the Raiders last week. At home. After blowing a chance to win it. This week, they travel to Baltimore. Baltimore is better than Oakland. Teams don't run against Baltimore. Without Andre Johnson, the Texans have to run to win. See how easy it is when you break it down.

BTPC pick = Ravens laying the 7.

RAIDERS -6.5 v. Browns
The biggest news outta Cleveland, is still the who Peyton Hillis Strep Throat controversy. Meanwhile, men are so happy in Oakland about being free from the iron rule of Al Davis' corpse, that they're crying on the sideline and in the locker room.

BTPC pick = Raiders laying the 6.5

PATS -6.5 v. Cowboys
The Pats have no pass rush and can't defend the pass. Chad Henne lit them up when they played the Dolphins. The Cowboys offense can move the ball through the air and they're getting Miles back this week. Plus, you can almost taste Romo having the chance to lead the Boys down for a late win, blowing it, then Brady taking over and leading the Pats down to just eke out the win, leading to a week's worth of Dallas fans and the media comparing Romo's choke to Brady's awesomeness. Sports radio show directors can practically take next week off.

BTPC pick = Cowboys getting the 6.5

Saints -5.5 v. BUCS
We were tempted to take the Bucs with this line, thinking the young Bucs will come home pissed at laying the egg in San Fran and give a Saint's team that had to fight for their life against Cam and the Panthers all they can handle. Then we saw where the Bucs starting RB is gonna be out. Awww...what the hell, we're taking the Bucs on the theory that 5.5 is just too high for a team that is very similar to the team that just covered that much last week versus the Saints.

BTPC pick = Bucs getting the 5.5

BEARS -2.5 v. Vikings
The Vikes should win this game, but we don't feel good about taking them. They got their win last's time for them to go back to blowing leads. However, the Bears line seems to be on a mission to get Cutler killed. Jared Allen is gonna have a big day.

BTPC pick = Vikes taking the 2.5

JETS -6.5 v. Dolphins
The Phins go in to this game with Matt Moore at QB. Moore is a pretty mobile guy and we think that may help him against the Jets relentless pass rush. We're not sure what to make outta Brandon Marshall's vow to get thrown out. The Jets are reeling and they've got to consider this a huge game. Then again, for a Dolphins team that is not going anywhere, beating the Jets is one of those season saving types of wins, as in..."Yeah...we went 2-14, but we swept the Jets" kind of ways. We hate to pick against our Dolphins, no matter how terrible they are. And this pick is in no way meant to be a reverse jinx. Honest.

BTPC pick = Jets laying the 6.5

Last Week: 10-2-1 Upset Specials: 1-0
2011 Season Record: 45-29-3 Upset Special: 4-2
Career to date: 311-269-21

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 5 picks

Quick posting of picks. Will have to update the running tally later, but pretty sure we went 8-8 last week.

Taking the:

Panthers +6.5 v. Saints

Bills +3 v. Eagles

Colts -2 v. Chiefs

Bengals -2 v. Jags

Giants -9.5 v. Seahawks

VIkes -3 v. Cards

Steelers -3 v. Titans (don't feel great about this one, but we're taking the Steelers and Big Ben one more time before we write them off).

Raiders +6 v. Texans. UPSET SPECIAL. They "Just Win, Baby," for the late Al Davis.

49ers -3 v. Bucs (are the Niners for real? We think Harbaugh is).

Chargers -4 v. Broncos

Jets +9 v. Pats (just too many points)

Pack -6.5 v. Falcons

Lions -5 v. Bears

Last Week: 8-8 Upset Specials: 0-1
2011 Season Record: 35-27-2 Upset Special: 3-2
Career to date: 301-267-20

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rick Perry is TOAST

You know...a lot of folks would have figured Rick Perry was toast after watching his dreadful performance at a recent GOP debate, where Perry couldn't even seem to form coherent sentences.

But the truth of the matter is, the latest Perry controvery over his family's hunting camp being called "Niggerhead" will be the headshot to Perry's campaign. Sorry...but there's nothing right-wing conservatives hate more than being called racist, no matter how racist they may act. Don't believe us, just ask Hermain Cain, who got lambasted by the conservative media machine over his response to the whole brouhaha.

Note: We're not saying all right-wing conservatives are racist, but we will say most racists sure seem to be right-wing conservatives.

The simple fact of the matter is, the GOP cannot run a candidate against the first black President of the United States who had a family getaway called Niggerhead. Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

So long, Rick. It's back to shootin' coyotes in Texas for you...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 4 picks: Bruised, battered, but still on the field...

We're a little worse for wear after yesterday's ugly and disheartening Gamecock loss. in the hell can a guy go from being a good SEC East championship QB to not being able to simply complete forward passes? Was Garcia's hair his strength? Do we have a Sampson and Delilah story going on here? Quick...somebody get Garcia a beer to funnel and three strippers for a team-rules-violating party, STAT!

But although our voice is shot and out throat sore from screaming on the D, which played great, and our right ankle is killing us for some reason, we're still here come Sunday morning to give up the goods. Last week finally broke the 8-7-1 logjams we'd been dropping and laid a sweet 11-5 week on you.

In the words of our man, Herm Edwards has told us we can build on this. And so we shall, Herm...and so we shall.

COWBOYS (-2.5) v. Lions
Big game for the Lions. Can they go into Jerry Jones' new digs and prove they are for reals? We're gonna go with the teams who has at least some healthy WRs for the quarterback to throw to..or at least some who did not get their jobs by winning reality television shows.

BTPC pick = Lions getting the 2.5

Saints (-7) v. JAGS
On one hand, you've got arguably the hottest offensive playcaller roaming the sidelines and on the other, you have a coach who's claim to fame is a) wanting to wear a suit during games, b) almost losing his punter's leg to the axe and stump gimmick he put in the locker room; or c) cutting his veteran QB the week before the season starts. Yeah...not really a hard call is it?

BTPC pick = Saints laying the 7.

EAGLES (-9.5) v. 49ers
Vick is now going to have a kevlar glove. This goes with his Kevlar vest (for his torso shots) and with his Kevlar-lined helmet (for his concussion). Seriously...not since those two dudes had the Heat-style robbery of the North Hollywood Bank of America has a private citizen sported this much bullet-proof hardware. We are awfully tempted to take Harbaugh's boys on the road, thinking he may get them fired up and they can keep it close. But lord have mercy...the 49ers cannot pass.

BTPC pick = Eagles laying the 9.5

Skins (-3) v. RAMS
The Skins lost a big game last week versus a QB who was playing after having broken some ribs and suffered a punctured lung. Then their players come out poo-pooing that QB's situation, opining that the QB and opponent talked up the injuries to provide them with a built in excuse had they lost. The problem with that, is they didn't. And you're whining about it makes it look like you can't move on. Meanwhile, Spagnola is starting to look like he could be on the hot seat for a team that a lot of folks picked as their darling sleepers to surprise this season who have wound up being awful.

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL Rams getting the 3.

BROWNS (PK) v. Titans
Peyton Hillis took heat for sitting out last week's game versus our beloved Dolphins with strep throat. Wait a was the Dolphins! And they won! Really? Come on. For the other team, the Titans have lost WR-stud Kenny Britt. We'll take the Browns at home.

BTPC pick = Browns.

Bills (-3) v. BENGALS
Could be a trap game for the Bills. We're gonna buy that this Bills team is blue-collar enough not to take this game for granted. Prove us right, Fitzy...

BTPC pick = Bills laying the 3.

Vikings (-3) v. CHIEFS
Speaking of coaches on the hot seat...Todd Haley, come on down. In Haley's defense, his team has been ravaged by injuries AND they really weren't as good as last season's record looked anyway. On the other side of the field, you've got a coach in Frazier who has watched his team blow big 4th quarter leads to the Chargers, Bucs and Lions. We are awfully tempted to take the Chiefs at home, but we just have to believe if all the Vikes have to do is show up for 4th quarters, eventually they will.

BTPC pick = Vikes laying the 3.

BEARS (-6.5) v. Panthers
We're starting to believe in Cam. We'll take him and the points.

BTPC pick = Panthers getting the 6.5

TEXANS (-3.5) v. Steelers
Eventually we will be reminded that this Texans team is coached by Gary Kubiak. What better game to be reminded of this than when the Steelers and Big Ben come in to town.

BTPC pick = Steelers getting the 3.5

Falcons (-4.5) v. SEAHAWKS
The only thing worse than the Seahawks is how maddening the Falcons can be. Roddy White was out of practice some this week. Ruh-roh.

BTPC pick = Seahawks getting the 4.5

Giants (-1) v. CARDS
Hard to believe this Cards team was in the Super Bowl recently. Given that fact, it's pretty obvious that Kurt Warner should probably get in to the Hall of Fame. We know...we don't exactly like that idea either.

BTPC pick = Giants laying 1.

Dolphins (+7) v. CHARGERS
We doubled down on our Dolphins last week and they let us down. You know it's bad when as a fan, you realize in the 4th quarter that your team is so bad, you want them to lose (see "Suck for Luck" campaign). Given that team owner Steve Ross' buddy Carl Peterson was in attendance at the game, Tony Sparano's tightie-whities ought to be burning up. The idea of Peterson running the Dolphins absolutely scares the shit out of us. This is a guy who gave up a 4th round pick for Herm Edwards. HERM EFFING EDWARDS! What's all this mean for this week's game? means we're screwed whichever way we go. This team is simply gonna screw us. So what the hell...

BTPC pick = Dolphins taking the 7.

PACKERS (-12) v. Broncos
Nothing to see here...move along.

BTPC pick = Pack laying the 12.

Pats (-6) v. RAIDERS
The Pats had everything go wrong last week. Yeah...Brady threw 4 picks, but that ain't happening again. And we'll take Billy B and the newly-shorn Tom Brady coming off a loss.

BTPC pick = Pats laying 6.

RAVENS (-4) v. Jets
Take the Ravens at home.

BTPC pick = Ravens laying 4.

BUCS (-10) v. Colts
The Kerry Collins Colts era appears to have reached its end. That was fun, huh? That's got to be one of the biggest wastes of $4 million we've seen in a long time. So Painter will get his baptism under a young and hungry Bucs D at home. Ruh-roh.

BTPC pick = Bucs laying the 10.

Last Week: 11-5 Upset Specials: 1-0
2011 Season Record: 27-19-2 Upset Special: 3-1
Career to date: 293-259-20

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mayor Wukela...

Has got game...

And bi-partisan support...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 3: Shiny Happy Picks

Many moons ago, before Michael Stipe started dressing like a cross between Col. Sanders and one of the bad drug kingpins from an episode of Miami Vice, R.E.M was one of the most influential bands around. We still remember going to see them live at the Coliseum in Columbia for the Green Tour back in 1989. Not only were they really good, but the exposed us to another native Georgia band, Drivin' n Cryin'. Life's Rich Pageant and Document remain two of our favorite albums. There's probably not a single kid who grew up in eighties who was not somehow influenced in their current musical tastes by the boys from Athens.

So it was with some sadness that we saw the news that the band had officially called it quits this past week. Truth be told, it's not shocking.'s probably more shocking that they were still "together." But in honor of their contribution to our lives, we've decided to pay our respect by using REM songs to help out with the picks. Enjoy.

But first...a little music. Here's Eddie Vedder helping them out on our favorite REM song:

BILLS (+8.5) v. Pats
And the train conductor says
"Take a break Driver 8, Driver 8 take a break - Driver 8

Good night the Pats offense has been on fire. Specifically, Tom Brady has been on fire. How awesome if Tom Brady? Uh...he dumped Bridget Moynahan to marry supermodel Gisele. Brady can't keep this pace up. He'd shatter every record known to man. And we can't have that, because most of those were set by Dan Marino, the greatest passer to ever live. Pat's win it, but don't cover.

BTPC pick = Bills taking the 8.5

Titans (-6.5) v. BRONCOS
That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight
Losing my religion - Losing My Religion

Of course, this lyric is dedicated to Timmy Tebow. Tebow was supposed to take over this team. The Broncos shopped Kyle Orton and only kept him when no one would meet their high asking price picks-wise. Orton promptly proceeded to outplay Tebow in camp (as did Brady Quinn) and Tebow was regulated to 3rd stringer.

It's time Tebow embrace the fact that maybe he is not a NFL QB. He could be a great TE. Set aside the ego, lose the religion and play whatever position can get you on the field and help the team win, Timmy.

BTPC pick = Broncos getting the 6.5

Texans (+4) v. SAINTS
If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon.
If you believe there's nothing up my sleeve, then nothing is cool. - Man On the Moon

In a lot of ways, this is really might just be the Texans first real game. The Colts are at best a bad ACC team without Manning. Then Miami illogically put Nolan Carroll on Andre Johnson and continued to be helpless at home. Something tells me Sean Payton is gonna have something up his sleeve for the Texans D.

BTPC pick =Saints laying the 4.

Dolphins (+3) v. BROWNS
If you are confused check with the sun
Carry a compass to help you along
Your feet are going to be on the ground
Your head is there to move you around, so...Stand in the place where you live - Stand

The Dolphins are definitely confused. They can't win at home and their D, top 10 last year and thought to be poised to jump to top 5 status this season has quite simply stunk. Quite frankly, if Sparano doesn't get a win, he is in danger of losing this team. The players aren't saying that, in fact their allegedly fully behind the Coach, but once the fans turn on the team (which is close to happening), all bets are off. The Dolphins are way more talented than the Browns. They're getting 3 points. And they proved to be road warriors last season. This is a lock.

BTPC pick =UPSET SPECIAL Dolphins. We don't need the points, we don't want the points...but we're taking the 3 points.

Lions (-3.5) v. VIKINGS
We are young despite the years we are concern
We are hope despite the times
All of the sudden, these days
Happy throngs, take this joy wherever, wherever... - These Days

So the young Lions offense everyone thought was poised to take off appears to be doing just that.

BTPC pick = Lions laying the 3.5

EAGLES (-7) v. Giants
Not everyone can carry the weight of the world. -Talk About the Passion

The Eagles are learning that despite all the "Dream Team" talk, they are only as good as Michael Vick's health. Last week, Vick got his bell rung good enough he was allegedly vomiting on the sidelines. Sounds like a pretty good concussion to me. Yet they're saying he will play Sunday. How the hell is that happening? If he does play, Vick will supposedly use one piece of equipment he didn't last week: a mouthpiece. It's stupid that any football player does not use a mouthpiece. It should be required. Along with all the other pads we all wore as kids (thigh pads, knee pads, that butt-bone pad, etc.). If the NFL is really concerned with the health and safety of its players, they'd step up and make wearing all this safety gear required. If everyone had to wear it, no one could claim the other person was getting any advantage by not wearing it to be "faster" (a phenomenon I blame on Ed McCaffery, the lanky white WR who tried to wear as little padding as possible claiming it at least made him "feel" faster).

BTPC pick = Giants getting the 7.

PANTHERS (-3.5) v. Jaguars
Smack, crack, bushwhacked.
Tie another one to the racks, baby - Drive

The Jaguars have named Blaine Gabbert their starter this week. The Jaguars have now had 3 QBs as named starters in like 16 days or so (going back to Garrard being the "starter" right up until Del Rio cut him on the eve of the season). Meanwhile, Cam Newton is tearing shit up.

BTPC pick = Panthers laying the 3.5

Packers (-3.5) v. BEARS
A simple prop to occupy my time - The One I Love

It almost seems like Aaron Rodgers is toying with defenses. Maybe he had that Championship Belt made to simply occupy his time.

BTPC pick = Pack laying the 3.5

RAIDERS (+3) v. Jets
I believe in what you do
I believe in watching you
It's what you do - Turn You Inside Out

We're starting to believe in the Raiders. They're game. Long trip for the Jets to the West Coast. And the Raiders have probably been seeing photos of Mark Sanchez eating that hotdog on the sidelines all week.

BTPC pick = Raiders getting the 3.

BENGALS (-3) v. 49ers
Don't go back to Rockville
And waste another year -(Don't Go Back to)

Pretty much sums up Carson Palmer's decision, does it not? Too bad. This Bengals team has a good defense.

BTPC pick = Bengals laying the 3.

SEAHAWKS (+3.5) v. Cards
Buy the sky and sell the sky and bleed the sky and tell the sky...Don't fall on me - Fall on Me

Can you figure out why the Seahawks paid Travaris Jackson all that money? Neither can we. Of course, it ain't like the Cards are that much better. But they played with a good Skins team.

BTPC pick = Cards laying the 3.5

Ravens (-4) v. RAMS
"What's the frequency, Kenneth?" is your Benzedrine, uh-huh
I was brain-dead, locked out, numb, not up to speed - What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

Seriously? What's up, B-More? You destroy the Steelers, then can't handle the Titans who needed a fluke TD pass to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, who turned around and got destroyed by the Jets. We expect the Ravens to come out and make a statement against the Rams.

BTPC pick =Ravens laying the 4.

Steelers (-10.5) v. COLTS
The time to rise has been engaged
You're better best to rearrange
I'm talking here to me alone
I listen to the finest worksong - Finest Worksong

The Colts had definitely best rearrange. How long are they gonna ride the retiree, Kerry Collins? At some point, wouldn't it make sense to start Curtis Painter? How could it get any worse? If they said Jehovah?

BTPC pick = Steelers laying the 10.5

CHARGERS (-14.5) v. Chiefs
When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
when you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on. - Everybody Hurts

Man...have the Chiefs be ravaged by injuries. We'd like to thank Jamaal Charles for his contributions to the Tiger Blood Winners this year. All 10 points of them. Thanks a bunch, Jamaal. Hard to be winning in fantasy when your first round pick goes down. Pretty hard to win the actual games too without your best offensive and defensive players.

BTPC pick = Chargers laying the 14.5

BUCS (-1.5) v. Falcons
I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs - The Great Beyond

After getting rid of the 800-lb gorilla on their shoulder, which was the Vick saga last week, it may seem as if the Falcons can do anything. We think getting up for a game Bucs squad after that emotional game is gonna be tough.

BTPC pick = Bucs laying the 1.5

Redskins (+4) v. COWBOYS
Silence means security silence means approval
On Zenith, on the TV, tiger run around the tree
Follow the leader, run and turn into butter - Begin the Begin

For Tony Romo, silence about his play does kind of mean approval for how he came in last week with a broken rib and punctured lung to win the game for the 'Boys. Now, all the work isn't about HOW Romo played, rather it's about WHETHER he will play. Even if Romo plays, we like the Skins and their offense against this battered 'Boys secondary.

BTPC pick = Skins getting the 4

Last Week: 8-7-1 Upset Specials: 0-1
2011 Season Record: 16-14-2 Upset Special: 2-1
Career to date: 282-254-20

Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 2 Picks: Our two cents on week 2...

Well...we were looking awfully good headed into this past Monday at 8-5-1 with two games to go. Both upset specials had covered and we felt like we'd at least split the two Monday nighters. Unfortunately, we didn't know Miami was gonna let Wes Welker go all Tony Dorsett (thanks Benny's your pink slip) OR they were gonna call for Chad Henne to throw the one pass Chad Henne sucks at (the endzone fade) in a key 4th & goal. Having said that, we're hitting right above out mark (.500%), so how can we complain. We are as regular as a clock on a healthy diet of fiber.

So on with the week two picks. Let's keep it rolling...

BILLS (-3.5) v. Raiders

The Raiders played the late game of a MNF double-header and now travel to the East Coast for 1pm EST kickoff. The Bills certainly handled Jamaal Charles easily last week...why would Darren McFadden be any different?

BTPC pick = Bills giving the 3.5

LIONS (-9) v. Chiefs

Speaking of Charles and Chiefs...the walk out of week one looking like the team destined to fall flat on its face and then they have to walk into Detroit and play everyone's favorite sleeper team in the Lions. HC Todd Haley did not instill confidence this year when he admitted he had no idea how to stop Suh in the middle. The Chiefs looked so bad last week, they're gonna have to show us something before we go with them.

BTPC pick = Lions giving the 9

TITANS (+6) v. Ravens

The Titans were a fluke TD pass away from losing by 9 to the Jaguars. the Ravens showed versus the Steelers...they ain't the Jaguars.

BTPC pick = Ravens giving the 6.

Browns (-2.5) v. COLTS

A decent up-and-coming QB with no receivers versus an aging, should-be-retired QB with decent receivers. We'll take Colt over Kerry.

BTPC pick = Browns giving the 2.5

VIKINGS (-3) v. Bucs

Good lord almighty...did McNabb look washed up. McNabb threw for 39 yards last week. 39 yards. No...that's not a misprint. No he was not hurt. Let's put that in perspective, McNabb and Tom Brady combined to throw for 556 yards. that doesn't sound so bad, does it. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection of the schedule...yep...Tom Brady will not be in Minnesota Sunday.

BTPC pick = Bucs getting 3.

Bears (+6.5) v. SAINTS

Looks like either the Bears are better than folks thought or the Falcons are worse than people thought. Probably a bit of both. But we're certainly not sold on Cutler and that line coming in to N'awlins and dealing with DC Greg Williams' blitzes without turning the ball over, especially after hitting the turf 5 times last week. Urlacher's mom unexpectedly died this week and it's hard to know how that will affect the Bears. NO has won 3 straight home openers. We think they'll make it 4. The question is will it be by 6.5?

BTPC pick = Saints giving up 6.5

GIANTS (-6) v. Rams

This is alike a game amongst the walking wounded. The Rams were a favorite sleeper for a lot of folks and they disappointed versus Vick. But without 3 or 4 Vickian plays, the Rams probably win that game. However, they're going in to this game without their best WR and without the starting RB.

BTPC pick = Giants giving the 6.

REDSKINS (-4) v. Cardinals

Sexy Rexy is back. And if Cam Newton carved up this Arizona secondary, you know Shannahan is eager to get Grossman under center and tossing the ball around.

BTPC pick = Skins giving 4.

Packers (-10) v. PANTHERS

The Panthers surprised everyone with how game they looked last week. GB surprised no one...they looked like what they are: the defending champs. 'Zona is worse than folks realize and the Panthers lost the heart and soul of their defense when Beason went out for the year. Cam Newton looked impressive last week...but he ain't ever gone against a Dom Capers D. He's about to. And it's gonna get ugly.

BTPC pick = Packers giving the 10.

Cowboys (-3) v. 49ERS

Dez Bryant or no Dez Bryant...we like the Boys. 49ers are two Ted Ginn returns from being 0-1 with that loss being to Travaris Jackson on the road. You wanna bet on them to handle the Cowboys? Didn't think so.

BTPC pick = Cowboys giving 3.

JETS (-9) v. Jaguars

Luke McCown versus a Rex Ryan Defense. We'll take the Jets.

BTPC pick = Jets laying the 9.

STEELERS (-14) v. Seahawks

You almost feel sorry for Travaris Jackson having to come in after that beat down the Steelers got at the hand of the Ravens. But then you remember Pete Carroll is his coach and he's making an obscene amount of money Carroll should have never given to him.

BTPC pick = Steelers giving the 14.

Bengals (+3.5) v. BRONCOS

God...the Broncos blew it Monday night. And we like this Bengals team. They've got a good defense and have some playmakers at the skill position. If Dalton simply has a basic learning curve, they could sneak up on folks by the time the season is done. Dalton is allegedly gonna play after hurting his arm, but in all candor, Gratkowski is just as good at this point.

BTPC pick = Bengals getting 3.5

Texans (-3.5) v. DOLPHINS

The Miami D is not as bad as they looked Monday and Schaub is no Tom Brady. If that O appears at all in other games, Miami should be decent this year. Sparano has got to win this one or the heat under his seat is gonna be turned up exponentially. Miami also gets two rookie RBs back who are expected to be integral parts of the offense in RB Thomas and H-back Clay.

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL...Miami getting the 3.5

Chargers (+7) v. PATRIOTS

Chargers held McNabb to 39 yards passing. They always play the Pats tough. And Phillip Rivers is a much better QB than Chad Henne.

BTPC pick = Chargers getting the 7.

Eagles (+2.5) v. FALCONS

Mike Vick's return to the Georgia Dome. Dirty South is gonna be in da house. Things could get ugly if Vick escapes early for some Vickian plays. We just can't get past the Falcons and how they looked versus the Bears. This Eagles offense is way more explosive than the Bears. We would not be surprised to see this one go anyway. But since we get paid the big bucks to make the tough calls...we'll take Vick and the Eagles.

BTPC pick = Eagles taking the 2.5

Last Week: 8-7-1 Upset Specials: 2-0
2011 Season Record: 8-7-1 Upset Special: 2-0
Career to date: 274-247-18

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years later...have we forgot?

September 11. 2001 was a Tuesday. On Tuesdays, we used to have to close the park from 2pm until close. So we would usually get up a little late, cook some breakfast, go run some errands then get in to work sometime after lunch. On 9/11/01, we got up and turned the television on while we cooked breakfast. The picture above was similar to the first scene we saw. We had absent-mindedly turned the tube on and walked back into the kitchen, only to come out to peer at the screen when we heard the morning news hosts on whatever channel we had turned on explaining the pictures we were seeing were where a plane of some sort had struck the north tower of the World Trade Center.

As we sat there looking on in bewilderment trying to figure out how in the hell a little commuter plane could cause the type of damage the video on screen seemed to be showing, we saw a second plane (which was obviously a jetliner) strike the South Tower.

For the rest of the day, until we went in to work, we sat glued to the tv, watching it all unfold. When we got to the park, one of our assistant managers had hooked up one of the prize tvs in Redemption and had it on the news. We recall sitting there throughout the afternoon and evening and watching the coverage with employees and customers alike. It was a surreal experience.

Oddly enough, one of our strongest memories of that time, is several months later when President Bush came to the Greenville area. We remember standing down at the shop past all the tracks and Air Force One flying in right over the park. We remember distinctly thinking, "Holy shit...planes never come in this low over us here," and wondering if it was some kind of evasive routing to make it harder if some terrorist was sitting around with a Stinger looking to take out our CINC.

A lot has changed in this country over the last 10 years. Personally, we think 9/11 played a major role in our decision to go back to school. The general mood that tragic day placed on everyone, one of taking stock of our lives and figuring out what was really important, led us to decide to go back to school in the hope of trading for a career that would let us be around friends and family more. Within a year, we were in law school and moving back to Florence upon graduation.

"Never forget" has been the national slogan for 9/11. Conventional wisdom is it means for us not to forget the lives that were lost to a senseless act of terrorism, the sacrifice of those who gave their lives to try to save others and the sacrifice of those who put their lives on the line every day so that the rest of us can enjoy the freedom and lives we have today.

We wish everyone would interpret the slogan to remember the incredible sense of unity this country had on that day and in the days, weeks and months that followed. We have become a bitterly divided country in the decade since. The truth of it is, we have not lived up to that motto.

As a country, we have forgot, as best summed up by this cartoon our pal Reino posted over on SC6:

The vitriol and blind, closed-minded hatred that has infected political discourse in this country is a much bigger threat to this country than any radical, fundamentalist religious belief could ever be. Here's to hoping we can somehow overcome that in the next decade.


First Sunday of Football Picks: GET. IT. ON.

As we mark the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11, we get to do so with the most American of activities: watching a Sunday slate of NFL games. They say baseball is "America's Pastime." That may be's time has past. Football is now America's passion and when it comes to professional sports, the NFL is King...and it ain't even close.

Steelers (+1.5) v. RAVENS

Ray Lewis flees from police and obstructs their ability to investigate murder…allegedly. Big Ben hires police to run blocker on bar bathrooms so he can sexually assault underage coeds…allegedly. The Ravens should win this game according to the bookies…allegedly.

We don’t want the points, we don’t need the points, but we’ll take the points.

BTPC pick = Steelers getting 1.5

BEARS (+3) v. Falcons

Last season, both these teams made the playoffs, with the Bears making it further – to the Championship Game against the eventual NFL Champion Green Bay Packers. So on paper, this would seem to be BIG early season NFC matchup. But reality ( and David Simon) tells us papers are dying. The Bears were lucky as crap last year and the Falcons should pwn them.

BTPC pick = Falcons giving the 3.

BUCS (-1.5) v. Lions

The Lions are the primma donna sleeper pick of just about everyone. The offense looks explosive. The Defense is led by a great D-line. What’s not to love? Their training staff, apparently. The surest bet on the Lions is for Stafford and Jahvid Best to NOT play in all 16 games. But they’re gonna be available for week 1.

BTPC pick = Lions getting 1.5

Bills (+6) v. CHIEFS

The Bills sucked last year. And to that suckiness, they added…Brad Smith. We liked Smith as a 3rd option WR, special teams addition in this year’s free agency class. We think the Jets are gonna miss him. Having said that, the Bills publicly talked up Smith’s ability at QUARTERBACK. Yes…you read that right, the Bills publicly bragged about Smith’s ability to be their Wildcat Quarterback. The Wildcat…a formation that is so…2008. In related news, Chan Gailey really thinks this McCain fella and that cute lady-governor from Alaska are gonna carry the Republican party over this black kid from Illinois…

BTPC pick = Chiefs giving 6.

Titans (+2.5) v. JAGS

Jack Del Rio’s significance to us used to be that he was the veteran our beloved Dolphins had brought in to play MLB, who was dumped after some kid named Zach Thomas impressed the coaches in his rookie training camp. With his cutting of David Garrard right before the season, just as he cut Byron Leftwich before him, Del Rio’s significance is he’s a douche. Since taking over the Jaguars sideline in 2003, Jack Del Rio “The Coach” is known for:

a) being one of two NFL head coaches (along with Mike Nolan) who wanted to wear a suit.
b) The “Keep chopping wood” incident, where his motivational ploy almost led his punter to chop his foot off
c) Cutting his veteran starting quarterbacks right before the season starts

Raise your hand if you think Jack Del Rio is even a “decent” head football coach. And the Titans have a happy Chris Johnson, a better quarterback than they’ve had in several years AND they’re getting 2.5 points. We smell an UPSET SPECIAL…

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL – Titans getting the 2.5

TEXANS (-9) v. Colts

The Colts have most likely lost Manning for the year. Jack Del Rio is intent on losing his team and getting fired (see discussion on Garrard, David above) and Chris Johnson held out, thus tempting the Football Gods to afflict him with the dreaded hold-out RB hamstring injury. It’s as if God Almighty himself wants the Texans to win the AFC South. Our only problem with this line, is trusting a Gary Kubiak team to meet any kind of expectation, let alone cover a 9 point spread…



Aw, hell…

BTPC pick = Texans laying the 9.

BROWNS (-6.5) v. Bengals

Did you know Browns starting QB already has “authored” a book titled “Growing up Colt”? He’s accomplished nothing, but because he’s a quarterback from Texas and named “Colt,” that’s enough to convince a publisher that Colt McCoy has got something to say that the rest of us should know.

Andy Dalton is also a Texas quarterback, but he’s got red-hair, which absolutely baffled Peter King and one of his unnamed NFL coach sources to the point of Mr. MMQB publicly wondering: “Had there ever been a red-headed quarterback in the NFL who’s really done well?

Wanna know who else has red hair? How 'bout Christina Hendricks. Guess Peter King and his unnamed NFL coach wouldn't draft her either.

Don't fear the GINGER!

You show ‘em, Andy…you do it for the GINGER…

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL #2 – Bengals getting the 6.5

RAMS (+4.5) v. Eagles

Oh…this is a popular upset pick by the pundits this week. The Eagles may think they’re a dream team, but they’re going into a dome, against a popular sleeper team everyone thinks will take “the leap” this, a team that has a pretty good young D-line and they’re doing it with a suspect offensive line.

We’re gonna buck the upset tide here and say the Eagles pull it out, the question is will they pull it off by at least 5 points? We don’t think so.

BTPC pick = Rams getting the 4.5

REDSKINS (+3) v. Giants

The Skins are starting Rex Grossman. Hey…technically, Sexy Rexy is a “superbowl starting NFL quarterback.” The Skins have that going for them, along with the fact that they’re playing at home, new addition Tim Hightower looks good for the running game, the Giants already crappy pass D is banged up and maybe Eli will be worried about big brother.

BTPC pick = Skins getting the 3.

Panthers (+7) v. CARDINALS

Let’s face it, the Panthers ain’t doing nothing this season. If that turns out to be the case, they’re gonna have a high pick in the draft. You know who’s most likely coming out next year? Alshon Jeffrey.

Can you imagine Cam Newton throwing to the Big Petro? That would be SICK.

BTPC pick = Cardinals giving the 7.

Seahawks (+5.5) v. NINERS

They should call this the bad quarterbacks bowl. Pete Carroll gave Tarvaris Jackson millions to lure him to Seattle. This was after giving the Chargers draft picks to get privilege of giving Charlie Whitehurst millions. Dear Pete…call us. We could use the money.

Just a reminder, Jim Harbaugh pwned! Pete Carroll when he was at Standford and let Carroll know it.

BTPC pick = Niners giving the 5.5

Vikings (+8.5) v. CHARGERS

We really like the Chargers this year, given Phillip Rivers did pretty well last year (as he always does) throwing to absolute shite, thanks to injuries. However, we’re also pretty intrigued by the Vikings. Specifically, we’re eager to see whether McNabb plays with a chip on his shoulder after the way things went down with the Shannahans. For the first time in his career, McNabb is in an offense with a legit rushing attack, meaning he should be able to effectively employ the play-action and go down the field. 8.5 is just too much for what should be a decent Vikes team, plus it’s early and Norv team usually blow games early in the season only to come back and win a playoff spot late before blowing that shot later.

BTPC pick = Vikes getting the 8.5.

COWBOYS (+4) v. Jets

Normally, we’d make a joke here about the best result for this game being if JERRYWORLD somehow imploded with both teams inside, since we hate both of these teams. However, we have bought into the Cowboys offensive explosion hype and our fantasy team(Tiger Blood Winners) has both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant.

As an aside, the Sanchize is taking heat for his GQ modeling in the offseason, while Tony Romo has settled down by wedding beauty queen Candice Parker. Looking at the lovely Mrs. Romo and thinking back on Tony's exes Jessica Simpson and Carrie think Tony has himself a "type" he likes? Anyone?

Granted, this Jets team is not the best matchup for us to secure a Week 1 win on the backs of our fantasy passing attack, but we’re gonna ride our fantasy team GM skills, especially getting points at home.

BTPC pick = Cowboys getting the 4

Patriots (-7) v. DOLPHINS

WARNING: complete HOMER pick. We’ve watched this new Brian Daboll offense and we like it. Remember, this is the offense that gashed the Pats last season with a lot less talent than what the Phins have. And the Phins have a top-5 defense. This time last year, Miami and Chad Henne were a popular pick to challenge the Pats. What changed? Well…Henne disappointed. But we think a lot of Henne’s problems came from the coaching. He’s looked sharp this preseason and we’re gonna go with our heart for week one.

BTPC pick = Phins getting 7.

BRONCOS (-3) v. Raiders

The Raiders lost their two best players: Na..Namad…Not playing here anymore and Zach Miller. The Broncos kept their best QB (Orton), while knocking their worst QB (Tebow) down the depth chart, albeit begrudgingly. They also get their best Defensive player back from injury (Dummervil), while adding a young stud to help him out (Von Miller). The Raiders let go a coach who had surprisingly steadied their ship, while the Broncos brought in a veteran coach who can steady theirs.

BTPC pick = Broncos giving 3.

So there you have it. Enjoy, good luck...and remember to keep a little back for rent and milk...

Last Pick, Saints getting 4, so 0-1 for 2011 so far…
2010 Playoff Record: 7-4 Upset Special: 2-0
2010 Season Record (including playoffs): 140-128-9
Career to date: 266-240-17