Sunday, November 18, 2012

BTPC's Smoked Turkey recipe

I. Brine Preparation:
 -2 cups Brown Sugar
 -1 cup Maple Syrup
 -3/4 cup coarse salt
 -3 whole heads of garlic (separate them, but don’t peel
 -6 large Bay leaves
 -1.5 cups of coarsely chopped unpeeled fresh Ginger
 -2 teaspoons of Dried Chili Flakes
 -1.5 cups of soy sauce
 -3 quarts of water
 -handful of fresh thyme sprigs
 -place turkey in brine solution for 1 to 2 days prior and refrigerate. I use a trashbag in the plastic shell from one of those shoulder coolers.

II. Spice Rub**
 -3 tablespoons of Brown Sugar
 -1 tablespoon of Kosher Salt
 -2 teaspoons of Ground Cumin
 -2 teaspoons of Dried Oregano
 -2 teaspoons of Dried Rubbed Sage
 -2 teaspoons of Dry Mustard
 -1 teaspoon of Dried Thyme
 -1 teaspoon of Ground Coriander

**I’ve started doubling this spice rub recipe and adding a little more salt and some crushed red pepper. I like a lot of rub and I like it a little saltier and with some kick.

 -Take turkey from brine solution, then drain and rinse in sink. Rub spice rub all over the turkey and in cavity. The more rub you can get under the skin, the better. Put turkey in a fresh container back in the fridge for 24 more hours. (Often, there’s still some of the peeled garlic and chopped ginger root still in the cavity, which I don’t sweat…just adds to the flavor).

 It’s a good idea to go ahead and soak your smoking chips/chunks now. I usually use chips, although there’s a local place that has some apple tree chunks that I plan on trying soon. To cut down on having to open the grill (and lose smoke and heat), I try to have enough chips to load up good to start, then re-load about halfway through.

 III. Smoking
 -Get your BGE fired up. You want plenty of coals, but if you’re gonna use chunks instead of chips, make sure to leave room for them (you’re gonna use your indirect grilling plate, face DOWN). The goal is to keep the temp 250-275 degrees. In that range, you’re looking at 15-20 minutes per pound. I generally get the fire going and let my BGE hit the 600-700 degree range.

-Drain the wood chips/chunks and have them ready.

 -Once the BGE hits the 600-700 degree range, it’s time to start cooking. Ideally, you would use a v-rack roaster. I don’t have one, so I use the apparatus for a turkey fryer (just a round plate with a vertical rod through it). I place the turkey on that vertically, then set it in an aluminum drip pan.

 I like to put a mixture of chicken broth and water in the pan after I get in set in the grill (about 2 cups worth), and use that mixture (with the dripping coming from the Turkey as it cooks) to baste the turkey with during cooking. So make sure you get a pan deep enough to catch the drippings and have some basting liquid. (I just buy a disposable one from the grocery store).

 -Once you’ve got everything ready at the grill, open it up and evenly distribute your smoking chips/chunks (remember to save some to reload at least once). Place your indirect grilling plate in the grill, FACE DOWN (that means the “legs” are pointing up). After getting the indirect plate in, place your pan with the turkey on top of the indirect plate. Then add your basting liquid into your pan and shut the grill.

 -Get your vents right and get the temp leveled off. Obviously, the lower you cook it, the longer it takes. The last few I’ve done, I’ve kept it between 225 & 250 more than 250 & 275 and it’s taken about 4 hours on turkeys about 14 lbs. Usually an hour to an hour and a half in, I reload the chips and baste it good. After that I play it by ear. The hotter you’re going, the more basting you’ll need. After about 2.5 hours, after another basting, I’ll insert a remote digital thermometer probe so I can check the temp without opening the grill.

 The done temp for turkey is 165, so once my readings hit 150, I’ll go ahead and shut the vents on the grill and let it sit.

 Once the turkey temp hits 160, you can take it off, put it on a serving tray and cover in foil (if traveling with it, I’ll also wrap it with towels after the foil to insulate it). -Enjoy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 9 NFL picks

Last week with our NFL picks version 2.0, we went 3-0.

This week, we like:

Miami (-2) over COLTS

Bears (-5) over TITANS

FALCONS (-4) v. Cowboys

Last week 3-0

Sunday, October 28, 2012

NFL Week 8 picks: Changing it up...

You might have noticed we failed to post picks last week. To tell the truth, we were pretty disappointed in our Gamecocks effort against Florida and spent the subsequent 24 hours in a hellacious funk. Missing last week also led us to reevaluate our prognostication experiment going forward. Going on 3 years now, we've posted our picks for each game every NFL week. We think it's safe to say, given a fairly large sample size (866 total games), when picking all the games, we are your official "coin flip" (posting an even-steven-ish 49.65%). It's time to change things up. From now on, we're just gonna pick the games we feel strongest about. Why? Because we said so, that's why.

So what do we like this week?

Here goes:

Raiders (+1.5) over CHIEFS.  Did you know Brady Quinn was starting?  Repeat: Brady Quinn is starting.

Dolphins (+2.5) over JETS.  Our BTH (BET THE HOUSE) pick.  Miami should've beaten the Jets their first game.  Miami and Tannehill have gotten better and they've had a bye week to prepare.  The Jets will be without their defensive leader (Scott) and best player (Revis).

Giants (-2.5) over COWBOYS.  Giants on the road = money.

Finally, here's the final tally from our previous picks.  Next week, we'll start a new tally, call in "Picks 2.0"

Through Week 6 record: 6-8 Upset Special: 0-1
Season to Date: 44-45-2 Upset Specials: 3-3
Career to Date: 430-405-31

Thursday, October 11, 2012

NFL Week 6 picks: We got fracked last week...

Ahhh....Number Six from Battlestar Galactica.  We almost wouldn't mind the human race being destroyed if it was done by cylons such as this.  Much more advanced than the iPhone 5.  Speaking of, did we stink it up last wee.  After blowing out in week 4, we blew up last week, going 5-9.  Once again, what did we learn?  We. Are. Even. Steven.  Mr. .500.  Don't you forget it.

Anyway, we've got to get the picks in once again in an abbreviated fashion.  We're headed out to N'awlins tomorrow to watch the Gamecocks take on the LSU Tigers.  So without further ado, on with the picks.  Enjoy...

TITANS (+6) over Steelers

Cincy (-2) over BROWNS

Colts (+3.5) over JETS

BUCS (-4.5) over Chiefs

FALCONS (-9) over Raiders

Cowboys (+3.5) over RAVENS

Lions (+3.5) over EAGLES

MIAMI (-4) over Rams

Pats (-3.5) over SEATTLE

CARDS (-4.5) over Bills

Vikings (+2) over SKINS (UPSET SPECIAL)

Giants (+6.5) over 49ERS

TITANS (-3.5) over Packers

CHARGERS (-1.5) over Broncos

Week 5 record: 5-9 Upset Special: 0-0
Season to Date: 38-37-2 Upset Specials: 3-2
Career to Date: 424-397-31

Thursday, October 4, 2012

NFL Week 5 Picks: Ba Da Boom!

BA DA BOOM! 10-5 record last week, mofos. Leeloo will tell ya, that's a good as a Multi-Pass.  We're so pumped for Saturday's Gamecocks game versus the Dawgs, we can't stand it. So before our head gets clouded with delusions of grandeur, we better at least start picking the Week 5 games by putting in our pick for the Thursday night game.

Cardinals (-2) v. RAMS

The Cards BARELY escaped the Dolphins last week.  Rookie Ryan Tannehill came in to a raucous University of Phoenix stadium (or whatever the hell the Bidwells call that place) and played damn near lights out. (More on that later on when we pick the Miami game).  But don't let that game fool you...Miami played GOOD.  Then again, the Rams were our upset special getting 3 points with the Seahawks coming in off the Replacement Ref Granted Hail Mary play from the week before.  The Rams didn't even need the points, winning outright by 6.  Can they make it happen tonight?  Can the newest Rams hero, placekicker Greg "Legatron" Zuerlein lead the Rams to victory?  What about the Cardinals...they might be 4-0, but 3 of those games were decided by less than a touchdown.  We think it's possible the Rams pull off the upset, but with Stephen Jackson being injured, we're too scared to pick the Rams.

BTPC pick: Cards laying the 2.

Little worn out after last night's DOMINATION of the Georgia Bulldogs by the Gamecocks, so excuse of if we simply do a quick pick on the rest of this week's line up.

SKINS (+3) over Falcons

STEELERS (-3.5) over Eagles

Packers (-6) over COLTS

Browns (+8) over GIANTS

VIKINGS (-5.5) over Titans

Dolphins (+3) over BENGALS

Ravens (-6.5) over CHEIFS

PANTHERS (-2.5) over Seahawks

JAGS (+6) over Bears

Pats (-6.5) over BRONCOS

49ERS (-10) over Bills

SAINTS (-3.5) over Chargers

Texans (-8) over JETS

Week 4 record: 10-5 Upset Special: 1-0
Season to Date: 33-28-2 Upset Specials: 3-2
Career to Date: 419-389-31

Round One in the Presidential Debates...

Last night was the first of three Presidential debates for the 2012 cycle.  The debate was hosted by the corpse of PBS' Jim  Lehrer and focused on domestic policy.  We felt one of two things could happen last night.  One, Romney could have a strong night and turn around what has been a predominantly very bad few months; or Two, he could falter and the attacks from his own side would likely grow exponentially and the next month would be a very ugly.

It's clear option one went down.  Romney did very well.  America got a taste of why the guy was able to amass a fortune going in to board rooms and convincing smart people they should give him millions of money to manage their companies while crippling them with debt.  Romney went through a lot of debates in the primary and his best moments were always when he could focus on one opponent (ask Newt and Rick Perry about that).  Here, it was just him and the President and he was ready.

President Obama on the other hand, came off flat.  We wondered how he was gonna handle this debate.  When going against McCain, who simply could not for the life of him keep his vitriolic hatred for Obama from seeping out of every pore during the debates, all Obama had to do was play it cool.  Come off Presidential.  It seemed he took the same approach last night.  The problem is, Romney isn't McCain.  Romney falters, but you've got to knock him off track to make it happen.  And Romney showed the President his chin several times last night, but like a fighter up on the scorecard, the President was reluctant to go in and mix it up.

The biggest held punch last night to us was not pouncing all over Mitt's triumphant "trickle down government" remark. He was so pleased with that and it opened his ass so up.  All Obama had to do was come back like:

"Trickle down government. That's a cute, phrase, Governor.  Reminds me another phrase: trickle down economics.  Governor Romney ought to know that phrase, because it's been the underlying economic philosophy of his party for the last half century.  It also happens to be the economic philosophy at the heart of Governor Romney's economic plans.  Give more money to the wealthy and it will trickle down to everyone else.  Unfortunately for Governor Romney and the Republican Party, the American people know that phrase well.  More importantly they remember how poorly that economic theory worked when put in to practice by the last three Republican administrations.  Trickle down economics didn't work for the American people under Ronald Reagan.  Trickle down economics didn't work for the American people under George H.W. Bush.  Trickle down economics didn't work for the American people under George W. Bush.  The American people don't need me to tell them trickle down economics isn't going to work under Mitt Romney. The American people have already heard this song and dance and they're not buying."

But alas, the President seemed to be playing prevent last night and he held more than a few haymakers he could have thrown.

Carry that boxing analogy over, if we were scoring on points and rounds, Romney is the clear winner.  If we had to guess who had the hardest blows, we'd take the President.  How is that?  Simple, we thought despite his poor overall showing, the President had two of the biggest moments likely to resonate outside of the debate.

The first and most damning for Romney, was the exchange the two had about Medicare, ironically when the question was about Social Security.  That was one time where Obama seemed to get really engaged.  Remember, he came back hitting Romney for turning SS in to a voucher system.  Romney responded by saying he wasn't changing SS for those already in it or about to be.  Obama's response of something akin to "Well...if you're 54 or 55 you may want to listen up because this effects you" was great.  Romney walked out of that exchange and this debate with a big VOUCHERS sign around his neck.  We bet you might see that exchange on some Medicare-centered ads running in FL and OH soon.  For all the shots he missed throwing last night, he finally threw that one and it hit.

The second was when the President finally took a shot at Romney for his vagueness. After talking about how Romney won't explain how the math for his tax cuts works, or how pre-existing conditions are covered, he stated:

 “At some point, I think the American people have to ask themselves, is the reason that Governor Romney is keeping all these plans to replace secret because they’re too good?,” Obama said as the debate turned to the 2010 health care law. “Is it because that somehow, middle-class families are going to benefit too much from them?”

The most succinct analysis we saw last night was that Romney won the debate, but Obama got more material for ads going forward.  That's about right.  Hell...Mitt abandoned his own tax plan last night, along with completely making up shit about pre-existing conditions being covered under his plans for health care.  The biggest problem for the President after last night is not so much the actual debates, but how they will be covered.  Let's face it, the people who watch debates are political diehards.  Their minds have been made up.  Anyone who is truly "undecided" doesn't follow politics enough to waste time sitting through a debate.  But they will catch the media coverage.  And right now, that's not good for the President.  Romney will get a bump.

However, keep things in perspective and someone please calm Chris Matthews down.  Lest we forget, John Kerry thumped W pretty hard in that first debate.  How'd that work out?  And yes...Republicans will grasp on the memory of the Gipper whupping up on that peanut farmer from Georgia.  But, as we have said since Romney got the GOP nod, this election is the reverse '04 election.  Mitt Romney is way more John Kerry then he is Ronald Reagan.  And as Mitt himself told those folks in the 47% video...Obama has that George W. Bush quality of people simply liking him.

We've got 2 more Presidential debates coming.  Oct. 16th on Foreign and Domestic issues and Oct. 22 on Foreign policy.  The next debate is actually the VP debate Oct. 11th, covering Foreign and Domestic issues. There will now be some pressure on Biden to pull a little more weight to stop momentum from continuing to shift over to the right.

What do we think?  We still think the math simply doesn't work for Romney-Ryan.  But it certainly has gotten more interesting for the media and the right going forward.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

NFL Week 4: It's an art to pick games this perfectly...

Last week, we hit the sweet spot.  That's right, a perfect "Even Steven" of 8-8.  Can we continue this kind of perfection?  God willing...

On to the games...

Browns (+12) v. RAVENS

Ahh...the Art Modell Memorial Game. If the football Gods have any sense of karmic justice, they would let the Browns shock the world.  However, your gods won't save you this game, Browns fans.

BTPC pick: Ravens laying the 12.

Pats (-4) v. BILLS

Pats have lost 2 in a row.  Bills have lost two RBs in a row. We'll take UGG's model, Tom Brady...

BTPC pick: Pats laying the 4.

Lions (-4) v. VIKINGS

Vikings are game.  Detroit may have finally found a RB.  But they still have no defense.

BTPC pick: Vikings getting 4.

Panthers (+7) v. FALCONS

Not sure the Panthers will beat the Falcons, but 7 is a big cover for a team that can't run the ball worth a damn.

BTPC pick: Panther's getting 7.

49ers (-4.5) v. JETS

Here's the deal, the Jets stunk WITH Revis on the field Sunday.  Miami should have won that game in regulation, then should have definitely won it in OT.  Rex Ryan is such a joke.  He made Clyde Gates (former Dolphin) one of his captains for OT, to try to tweak Miami.  Problem is, Gates ran a HORRIBLE route to start the game, resulting in a INT.  Way to send a message to your team, Coach.  And Sparano looked like a moron beating his chest when the Jets took the lead in regulation.  The fact they should have lost, leaving Sparano with Egg on his face would have been no surprise at karma for Miami fans.  Meanwhile, Harbaugh's boys laid a stinker last week in a game they should have dominated.  In this one, I'll take the team with the better coach who didn't suffer a season-ending injury to their superman player.

BTPC pick: 49ers laying the 4.5

Chargers (-1.5) v. CHIEFS

Crennel v. Turner! Two fan bases who know they're never winning anything with these two retreads as Head Coach.  At some point, Matt Cassel's receivers are simply gonna walk out and refuse to run routes over the middle with the way he has laid them out.  Or one of them will die.  One of these two things will happen.

BTPC pick: Chargers laying 1.5

Titans (+12) v. TEXANS

The team with the QB who lost part of his ear last week is giving almost 2 TDs?  Really?

BTPC pick: Titans getting 12

RAMS (+3) v. Seahawks

Seattle is not at home and the football gods will have to right the scales.  Look for St. Louis to get every call in this one.

BTPC pick: UPSET SPECIAL: Rams getting 3

Dolphins (+5) v. CARDS

Miami should be 2-1 with rookie QB Ryan Tannehill.  The Sportsguy has just been killing THill, saying how we know he's not good.  We think that's crazy.  While not looking like RGIII or Luck, THill has had his moments and has yet to look overwhelmed.  Hell, Sportsguy keeps wondering why Miami isn't playing Matt Moore.  Uh...b/c they aren't winning a SuperBowl with Moore as the starter.  Any wins are gravy for Joe Philbin this year.  He just needs to see his young'ns progress.  Meanwhile, Arizona's defense is real.

BTPC pick: Cards laying the 5.

Raiders (+7) v. BRONCOS

Man...Peyton Manning's arm is a noodle now.  Seriously, he cannot go deep or throw the 10, 15 yard outs with velocity.  Teams are starting to notice and scheme accordingly.

BTPC pick: Raiders getting 7.

Bengals (-1) v. JAGS

We just traded Vincent Jackson for BenJarvis Green Ellis in our fantasy league.  We look forward to the LawFirm giving us an instant return on our investment.

BTPC pick: Bengals laying the 1

Saints (+7.5) v. PACK

Two explosive football teams, who we thought would be contenders, who have both disappointed.  Difference is, the Saints fall from grace has been their own doing (Bountygate costing them their head coach for this season), while the Packers got jobbed by a dude who couldn't qualify to ref Division I football.  Football gods set things right this weekend...

BTPC pick: Pack laying 7.5

Redskins (+2) v. BUCS

Really no feel on this one. We'll take the points.

BTPC pick: Skins getting two.

Giants (+2.5) v. EAGLES

Uh...lemme get this straight, the Giants are GETTING points on the road and you want to know who we're taking?  Seriously?

BTPC pick: Giants getting the points.

Bears (+3.5) v. COWBOYS

A Monday night bears game?  We can't wait to see the cutaways to Cutler chewing out someone on the sidelines and looking disgusted versus the cutaways to Jerry Jones looking up at his own horrendous plastic surgery job on his big HD screen.  We'll go with Jay getting the points...

BTPC pick: Bears getting 3.5

Week 3 record: 8-8 Upset Special: 1-0
Season to Date: 23-23-2 Upset Specials: 2-2
Career to Date: 409-384-31

Sunday, September 23, 2012

NFL Week 3: Well...we're just gonna have to use our brains.

DAMMIT! (Ned and Dusty's response to Lucky's observation that they're just gonna have to use their brains)

We've hit Week 3 of the NFL season and so far, we're perfect.  "Perfect" for us, is of course, dead even.  Last week we hit 7-7-2 and even split the two upset specials we picked.  We wonder just how many people lost $$ on the Ravens last week.  Seriously, Sugar Ray and company?  You get 2 points and you still lose OUTRIGHT to Michael Vick, the guy who threw so many picks to the Browns this week before we lost count?  Disgusting.

Oh well...on to the picks.

Giants (+2.5) v. PANTHERS

BPTC pick: we forgot to post this pick.  We'll count it as a loss, but for the record, we would've taken the Giants getting the 2.5.  Why?  Giants are a better team on the road than at home and Tom Coughlin just lost shit on Shiano.  You just new he'd have his team up.

BEARS (-7) v. Rams

A week after crapping the bed versus the Pack, the Bears are favored by a TD versus a feisty Rams team.  This line has dropped a half-point.  We like that because we're thinking Cutler and Company come out and put up some big numbers in the face of all the criticism this week.

BTPC pick: Bears laying 7.

COWBOYS (-8) v. Bucs

Either Seattle is a really, really, really tough place to play, the Giants really, really, really suck at home or the Cowboys are a fraud.  Well...we know the first two are accurate...

BTPC pick: Bucs getting 8.

VIKINGS (+7) v. 49ers

The 49ers are looking legit.  The Vikes just lost to a rookie QB.

BTPC pick: 49ers laying the 7.

TITANS (+3.5) v. Lions

No feeling on this game whatsoever.

BTPC pick: Lions laying 3.5.

REDSKINS (-3) v. Bengals

The RGIII era officially has Redskins Nation giddy.

BTPC pick:  Redskins laying the 3.

DOLPHINS (+2) v. Jets

Oh man...the FistPumper returns to Miami.  Is he gonna serve revenge up via unleashing TEBOW on the Phins?  Cue every analyst this morning talking about how Sparano was the genius behind the wildcat and that now he's got a chance to hurt the team that fire him.  The only problem with that narrative, is that it was Dolphins QB coach David Lee, who coached at Arkansas, who suggested the Wildcat.

No question Rex Ryan is gonna let Sparano break out some new wrinkles with Tebow.  Why?  Because Rex is an idiot who enjoys drama more than, you know, actually coaching championship football teams.

The JETS should absolutely win this game.  And if you think that, you should be jumping all over this line.  But we're HOMERS and we're taking our Dolphins.

BTPC pick:  Dolphins getting 2.

SAINTS (-8.5) v. Chiefs

This just in, the Saints...not that good.  This game will answer the age old questions, is it better to be coach by your interim, interim coach or by Romeo Crennel.  We'll take the interim, interim.  But not by 8.5...

BTPC pick: Chiefs getting 8.5.

BROWNS (+3) v. Bills

Mario Williams got $50m guaranteed from the Bills.  So far, he has 3 tackles and one pass defensed.  That's it.  We think it's about time Mario starts giving Ralph Wilson some return on that investment.

BTPC pick:  Bills laying the 3.

COLTS (-3) v. Jags

We'll take Andrew Luck over Blaine Gabbert.

BTPC pick:  Colts laying 3.

CARDS (+3) v. Eagles

We don't know what happened to the Ravens versus the Eagles, but the Eagles are not good.  The Cards just gave Tom Brady all he could handle and Michael Vick had trouble with the Browns.

BTPC pick:  UPSET SPECIAL: Cards getting the 3.

CHARGERS (-3) v. Falcons

The Falcons jumped all over the Broncos early.  Be interesting to see if they can pack up the gear, head out west and beat Rivers & Company.

BTPC pick:  Falcons getting the 3.

BRONCOS (+2) v. Texans

Uh...anyone who watched the first part of that game (who was able to watch the whole thing?!) can see Manning's arm is NOT what it used to be.

BTPC pick: Texans laying the 2.

RAIDERS (+3.5) v. Steelers

The Raiders were supposed to contend in the AFC West this year.  They just got housed by a rookie QB in Miami.  Big Ben ain't no rookie.

BTPC pick:  Steelers laying 3.5.

RAVENS (-2.5) v. Pats

No Hernandez.  But the Ravens just lost to Michael "All I Do Now That I Can't Fight Dogs Is Throw INTs" Vick.

BTPC pick:  Brady getting 2.5.

SEAHAWKS (+3) v. Packers

Rodgers shows Romo how it's done...

BTPC pick: Packers laying 3.

Week 2 record: 7-7-2
Season to Date:  15-15-2 Upset Specials: 1-2
Career to Date: 401-376-31

Thursday, September 13, 2012

NFL Week 2: Who does Number 2 work for?!

Week one of the 2012 NFL season is in the books and, shocker of all shockers, we went .500.  We've still got it!  Our slogan isn't "BTPC: Your Official Coin-Flip Prognosticator" for nothing.

It's always a bit tough to sort through week one results and make sense of them.  But, hey, that's why you pay such a premium for this service...huh...oh, it's free.  Forgot about that.  But slog through them we shall, bestowing upon you our Even Steven picks which you so richly deserve.  Week Two...Make it work for you...Enjoy!

Bears (+5.5) v. PACKERS

Man...are the Packers that bad or are the 49ers that good?  Not sure, the Pack did come back at the end. We're leaning towards the 49ers are that good right now.  The Pack can't afford to start out 0-2, can they?  Is this a "must win" already for them in week 2?  The Bears D is not San Fran's, but their offense is more explosive and it's certainly much better balanced than the Pack's.  We really, really don't want to bet against Aaron Rodgers at home after tough loss to start the season.  But 5.5 points is a lot.

BTPC pick: Bears getting the 5.5

BENGALS (-7) v. Browns

Two teams that did not look good last week.  The difference being, the Bengals played the Ravens who are pretty damn good, while the Browns played the Eagles who are not.

BTPC pick: BENGALS laying the 7.

Chiefs (+3) v. BILLS

Seems the CW on this would be to take the Chiefs.  But we think week one for the Bills was a bit of an aberration.  We don't think they're gonna be gangbusters, but we also don't think the Jets are that good. That game just got out of hand quickly and the Bills D just played horribly.  We're gonna give the Bills D at home one more chance before bailing on them.

BTPC pick:  BILLS laying the 3.

Vikings (-3) v. COLTS

The Vikings looked feisty last week.  The Colts got lost handedly to a team we just watched get manhandled on Thursday night.

BTPC pick: Vikings laying the 3.

DOLPHINS (+2.5) v. Raiders

Here's the deal with last week for the Dolphins.  They really did not look that terrible.  They were running the ball well and the D was playing the Texans tough.  Tannehill did not look RGIII special, but he also wasn't making terrible rookie mistakes.  Then, Thomas fumbled for the Dolphins and THill had the tipped balls.  Oakland is coming off a short week, traveling all the way to Miami, playing a 1 pm game in the Miami heat & humidity, in their black uniforms.  This game is totally set up for a Miami win...

BTPC pick: UPSET SPECIAL.  Dolphins getting the 2.5.

PATRIOTS (-13.5) v. Cardinals

Kevin Kolb will be back in a starting role for the Cardinals.  Let us repeat that: Kevin Kolb will be back in a starting role for the Cardinals.

BTPC pick:  PATRIOTS laying 13.5

Bucs (+7) v. GIANTS

Great stat from the Sportsguy: Dating back to the beginning of the 2006 season, the Giants are 32-17 on the road and 25-23 at home.  The Bucs look chippy.  The Giants play down at home.  7 points is a lot...

BTPC pick: Bucs getting 7.

PANTHERS (+2.5) v. Saints

We're gonna give the Saints one more week before we start questioning if the suspensions are gonna blow up the season as opposed to being a rallying cry.  We're gonna believe Drew Brees rallies the troops.

BTPC pick:  Saints laying 2.5

Ravens (+2) v. EAGLES

The Browns intercepted Michael Vick 4 times.  This just in...the Ravens are a much better Defense than Cleveland.  The fact that Vegas wants to give you two points on this one...well, that's like getting free money.  You like free money, don't you?

BTPC pick:  UPSET SPECIAL PART TWO! Ravens getting 2 (Hey...if they're gonna give you 2 pts, we're gonna call it an upset...)

JAGUARS (+7) v. Texans

Wonder what this line would be if Jacksonville actually had a home field...

BTPC pick: Texans laying 7.

RAMS (+3.5) v. Redskins

The Skins are basically running Baylor's offense.  Now that they've shown that hand, NFL defensive coordinators have tape on it.  RGIII is gonna be in a dome, it's gonna be loud and it's gonna be against a game Rams D.  If he pulls this off, he's really gonna start to look special...

BTPC pick:  RAMS getting 3.5.

SEAHAWKS (+3) v. Cowboys

Hawks at home are good.  Dallas shocked everyone in week one.  Romo returns to the scene of the crime (the botched hold) that still hangs over his head.  Hmmm...

BTPC pick:  Cowboys laying 3.

Jets (+5.5) v. STEELERS

We're not buying the Jets.  They hired Tony Sparano to be their offensive mastermind.  He's not one.

BTPC pick:  STEELERS laying 5.5

CHARGERS (-6.5) v. Titans

The Chargers were a long-snapper's FU away from losing.  That Titans D looked fired up against the Pats.  Even if Locker is out, Hasselbeck, when healthy, ain't chopped liver.

BTPC pick:  Titans getting 6.5

49ERS (-7) v. Lions

If didn't catch that Frank Deford piece on NPR the other day, here's a link to it.  What's it say?  Not much, just that in evening games, West Coast teams have won against the spread 70% of the time over the last 25 years.  You heard me, palooka. 70% of the time.  For a quarter century.  It's like we're giving you money here...

BTPC pick:  49ers laying the 7.

FALCONS (-3) v. Broncos

Are the Falcons for real or is Peyton really, really back.  When in doubt, go with the QB who hasn't had 4 neck surgeries in the last year...

BTPC pick:  FALCONS laying 3.

Season to Date:  8-8-0 Upset Specials: 0-1
Career to Date: 394-369-29

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NFL. 2012. GET. IT. ON...

Guess who's back...Back again...The BTPC's NFL picks are back...Tell a friend...

Slim Shady may have sang those lyrics, but they apply today to the return of our old friend, the National Football League.  And with that return comes the return of your favorite NFL prognostication device: the BTPC picks column.  That's right...where else can you go to get NFL game predictions that are, statistically speaking, at best the same as flipping a coin.  Probably lots of places.  But you're not there, you're here.  Therefore, we shall give you what you want...

Dallas v. NY GIANTS (-3.5)
One game to start it off tonight.  The Cowboys go to Gotham.  How lucky are the Giants?  They win the Super Bowl, yet every single bit of attention is focused on the Jets thanks to Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow. Tom Coughlin is living right, people.

Meanwhile, Dallas hasn't been able to put a healthy team on the field once this preseason.  Laurent Robinson is gone, Dez Bryant has to BYOSS (Bring Your Own Security Squad), Miles Austin has been hobbled and Tony Romo's security blanket Jason Whitten has a lacerated spleen that has kept him from doing anything.  Add on top of that the fact that the one thing the Giants do very, very well is rush the passer and the Cowboys have lost so many Centers, they traded for one for the Miami Dolphins.  So in summary, Dallas is looking at having issues with hiking the ball, protecting Romo and catching the ball.  That's enough to make one start to worry.

Factor in that the Giants owned the Cowboys last year, winning both games, one being the pivotal season closer that sparked the Giants Super Bowl run and that worry becomes dread.

Then...mix in the fact that Jerrah "Does My Face Look Too Tight" Jones has been talking smack about beating the Giants all off-season and that dread should become sheer panic.

We think the Giants use tonight to serve notice to the rest of the league.

BTPC pick: Giants laying the 3.5

Colts (+10) v. BEARS
Andrew Luck, Julius Peppers.  Julius Peppers, Andrew Luck.  Oh...did we mention Brandon Marshall is back with the only QB he's ever really loved?  Or that he has a doppleganger on the other side of the formation in Alshon Jeffery.  Jeffery is like Marshall with out the personality disorder.

BTPC pick: Bears laying the 10.

VIKINGS (-4) v. Jaguars
Hey, Blaine Gabbert, look on the bright will be so loud in the dome, no one will hear how bad you are sucking...

BTPC pick: Vikings laying the 4.

JETS (-3) v. Bills
The Jets decided to bring in a QB who can't throw, but who brings instant controversy to pair with a QB who has failed to live up to expectations.  And they brought in Tony Sparano to be the offensive mastermind who will unleash these two crackens.  As a Miami Dolphins fan, let me give you Jets fans some insider scoop on Sparano: he hasn't been holding anything back.  This is how bad his offense is.  Enjoy...

BTPC pick: UPSET SPECIAL: Bills getting 3

TEXANS (-12) v. Dolphins
As a Dolfan, we're just hoping this team looks better at the end of the year from what they do today (which we predict will be "like shit").

BTPC pick: Texans laying 12

Rams (+7.5) v. LIONS
Jeff Fisher's mustache has gone to St. Louis.  The Lions have a wealth of offensive weapons. Unfortunately none of them can run the ball.

BTPC pick: Rams getting 7.5

PATRIOTS (-6) v. Titans
We went heavy on Patriots on our Fantasy team this year. Brady, Gronk and Lloyd.  That probably does not bode well for them...

BTPC pick: Patriots laying 6.

SAINTS (-7) v. Redskins
Gonna be loud for this game, as Saints fans give one long, loud and enthusiastic F*ck You to Roger Goodell.

BTPC pick: Saints laying 7.

Eagles (-9.5) v. BROWNS
This is how bad things go for the Browns: they use their first round pick on a RB, who has already undergone two "procedures" before week 1 of the season.  Then their best defensive player, CB Joe Haden gets suspended for 4 games. Did I mention their rookie QB is 53-years old?  It's never a great thing with the best thing to happen to your franchise in weeks is the former owner dying...

BTPC pick: Eagles laying 9.5

Falcons (-2.5) v. CHIEFS
Here's how sad things are for the Chiefs: they actually decided Romeo Crennel would be a good choice as HC, you know...because that stint with the Cleveland Browns went so well...

BTPC pick: Falcons laying 2.5.

Seahawks (-3) v. CARDINALS
The Russell Wilson era begins.  Meanwhile, the Cards at least have Kevin Kolb and his contract.  So there's that...

BTPC pick: Seahawks laying 3.

BUCS (+2.5) v. Panthers
Josh Freeman was the poor man's Cam Newton before Cam Newton.  That Martin kid is gonna be a heckuva RB.

BTPC pick: Bucs getting 2.5

PACKERS (-5) v. Niners
Rodgers was praising Alex Smith this week.  It's almost as if he's been watching tape on Smith and feels really sorry for how bad he is.

BTPC pick: Pack laying 5.

BRONCOS (+2) v. Steelers
We're not willing to bet against Peyton Manning, even if he hasn't played in a real NFL game in over a year and has, in the interim, had 4 neck surgeries.

BTPC pick: Broncos getting 2.

RAVENS (-6.5) v. Bengals
Sure would be funny if all this Ravens buzz ran into a Bengal buzzsaw and faltered.  True story, Ray Lewis is 113-years old.  Ed Reed's body is 4-years older...

BTPC pick: Bengals getting 6.5.

RAIDERS (-1) v. Chargers
The "Hey...I'm not dead yet" game for two NFL QBs.  We'll take the one we'd rather have.

BTPC pick: Chargers getting 1.

Season to date: 0-0-0
2011 Record: 120-117-11
Career to Date: 386-361-29

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Official Move of the Romney Campaign...

The Romney Campaign might as well issue a press release making the facepalm the official hand gesture of Romney-Ryan 2012.  It all started back with Sen. Reid's successful hijacking of their message.  Remember all that reporting a while back on the crappy employment numbers?  No?  Oh yeah...that's because for two weeks, the narrative of the 2012 campaign was Reid's accusation that Romney wasn't releasing his tax records because they would show he hadn't paid hardly any income taxes.  Remember that?  You know...all the stuff about "a source" telling him.  Then Pelosi coming out and backing Reid?  Romney saying he's only releasing two years and that's it, he'd not be talking about it anymore. Of course you do.  And the fact that you do is proof of how successful Reid's ploy was.

To counter that hijacking, what was Romney's move?  He went and picked a fight with The Big Dog, aka William Jefferson Clinton, over...of all things...WELFARE.  WTF?!  Your response to getting played by Harry Reid is to go pick a fight with Superman IN HIS FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE?  Guess what...that was another 3-4 days lost.

Add in the charges Romney threw around in Ohio about Obama trying to disenfranchise military voters, which kind of blew up when the associations representing each branch of service members asks to file amicus briefs supporting the Presidents argument...shit's kinda been adding up in the L column for old Willard, and things haven't been going well.  

Enter the VP choice. was time for Mittster to channel his inner Stella and get his groove back.  So, which way did he go?  Romney goes the McCain way.  That's right.  He made "a bold" choice.  That's code for "looking at the electoral map, we're gonna get our teeth kicked in.  If we don't want to get embarrassed, we need to make sure all the wingnuts turn out.  Let's pick someone who appeals to the far right."  Seriously, what VP pick that was obviously geared to energizing your base has worked in modern times?

So...after picking a VP pick that gifts Obama a custom-made argument to the seniors of Pennsylvania and Florida (who needs those states!), the Romney-Ryan express rolled out in to the country side.  Surely things improved.  Presidential candidates always get nice bumps when they announce their VP picks, especially if they're base is lukewarm and the pick was chosen to energize the faithful.

Uh...not so much.  While Romney has gotten a slight bump in popular vote polls and some state-centered polls, electoral forecasts still have Obama winning comfortably.  FiveThirtyEight has it forecast at Obama 291 - Romney 243.

It hasn't helped that in addition to the weight he voluntarily strapped to his neck like a beautifully bold-striped Brooks Brothers tie (ie., Ryan's Medicare and SS views), he's also got to deal with the fact that Ryan vigorously defended the stimulus under W and voted to bail out the auto industry and the banks. (Yeah...Ryan is such a die-hard free market capitalist, alright).  And it seemed pretty moronic to kill at least the relatively "good press" you have been getting since the pick by talking about what you said you were done talking about: your taxes, when you claimed to have gone back and looked and you paid at least 13% each year.  (BTW, that's a tell on Romney.  He actually thinks Joe Sixpack will think it's great he paid 13%.  Romney has no idea that majority of Americans are taxed at a higher rate).

Of course...that was before this week's HUGE FACEPALM moment.  Over the weekend, crazy-ignorant Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO), who is the GOP's nominee for Senate "misspoke" by explaining that women who are victims of "legitimate" rape don't get pregnant, the body has "defenses" against that.  Obviously, Akin didn't misspeak.  He just screwed up by pulling back the curtain and exposing his warped and ignorant view of the world.  By the way, this yahoo is currently on the Science and Technology committee in the United Stated House of Representatives.  And you wonder WTF is wrong with that august body...

Why does this matter? just so happens that dreamy Paul Ryan has been a big supporter of Rep. Akin.  They worked together to restrict access to abortions in house legislation.  Remember that whole brouhaha over "forcible" rape?  Yeah...that was them.  So, since Willard picked Ryan as his new BFF, he's gotten caught in Hurricane Akin.

And it gets worse.  Romney ain't exactly been an oak on abortion.  This is the guy who pretty obviously went from pro-Choice to win his governor's race in Mass., to pro-Life once he starting running for the GOP nomination simply for the votes.  He claims his views have "evolved."  Well...if that's the case, it's legitimate for folks to wonder if he's "evolving" to join the Ryan-Akin club.

Romney originally came out with a pretty weak statement on the whole Akin affair.
"Gov. Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin's statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape," said Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg in a statement.
That was Sunday.  On Monday, Romney moved to calling the comments offensive and wrong.  On Tuesday, he released a statement pretty much calling on Akin to drop out of the race telling Akin to consider "what's in the best interest of the country."  As RNC Chairman Reince Preibus said:

"I think that it was pretty clear that Mitt Romney believes that everything that Todd Akin said was unbelievably at odds with rational thinking. He led the charge. Everyone followed suit. We all followed Mitt Romney's lead yesterday," said on MSNBC's "Jansing and Co."

Well...that's that, right?  Save by Romney?  Uh...just one problem.  See...they all didn't follow the Mittster's lead yesterday:
Republicans who are drafting the party's platform approved strong anti-abortion language Tuesday that makes no exceptions to allow abortion in cases of rape or incest victims, a statement of principle that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said is too limiting for his own beliefs.
Repeating the party's official 2008 position, the 2012 platform calls for "a human life amendment" to the Constitution and says "the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed." It makes no specific references to exclusions, and it's expected to be adopted with little dissent on Monday's opening day of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.
DOH!  How do they explain this?  Well, according to Preibus, this is the PARTY's platform, not Romney's, so it's all good.'s nice to know the guy you guys want to lead the country can't even lead his party on their platform, but ok.  You've dodged that bullet.  Unless...
Mitt Romney may not be able to “defend” Todd Akin’s theory that women can’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape,” but apparently the physician behind this controversial theory was an “important surrogate” for Romney’s presidential campaign in 2008. Dr. Jack C. Wilke, former president of the National Right to Life Committee, is known as the “father of the anti-abortion movement.” A 2007 statement from the Romney campaign hailed Wilke as “a leading voice within the pro-life community and will be an important surrogate for Governor Romney's pro-life and pro-family agenda.”
OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! COME ON, MAN!  Seriously...the facepalming in this Romney campaign is reaching epic proportions...

But, we're gonna help Romney out.  We've got some advice.  Mitt, if you really want to carpe diem, you'll go down to Tampa and when you give your speech, you'll stand tough...AGAINST the crazies in your party.  That's right, blast 'em.  Tell them their way of thinking is what cost the party the Senate in 2010.  And if they keep it up, it's gonna cost them the White House and eventually make the whole party irrelevant.  Think about it, Mitt would get great press, he'd come off as a strong leader and he'd undercut the attacks he's gonna continue to get hit with going forward.  But Mitt ain't gonna do that.  He'll pander.  He'll get the usual bump out of the convention and then he'll lose in November.  Just like Kerry in 2004 and McCain in 2008.

Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Fantasy Team -- 6353 Wantabo: I am the one who knocks...

Yesterday, we had our annual fantasy football draft.  It's our 10th anniversary of this league, made up primarily of a bunch of us who worked together back in the day. We've come a long way.  Back in the day, we would score the games by hand, using USA Today's sports section.  (Note for the kids: USA Today was/is something called a newspaper, although not really a "real one" because it had...wait for it, COLOR photos. But we digress).  Anyway, everyone would have to score their own games too as a backstop for our scoring, then we'd send out a league email.  Eventually we moved to Sandbox on the internet and now, like millions of others, we just use Yahoo.

Anyway, this year's team is named after two of the best scenes on the best show currently on tv, Breaking Bad.  Our team name? 6353 Wantabo: I am the one who knocks...

We were picking 5th in a pretty standard scoring 10-team league.  Each week you start: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (WR/RB), FLEX (WR/RB), K, DEF

Our strategy was to get one of the top 3 QBs first (Rogers, Brady or Brees), then get one of the top 2 TEs (Gronk or Graham).  Oddly enough, Arian Foster fell to 5, but we stuck with the plan.  As you can see, it obviously left our RBs weak.  But we just rolled with it and kept picking receivers.  Yet another way fantasy football has changed in the past 10 years.  Used to be you HAD to get a stud RB to have a chance.  Now, it's such a passing league, that as long as you get one of the elite guys at QB or TE, where the drop off between the elite and "good" players' point totals are so much more severe, you're positioning yourself well.  And let's face it, how many RBs make it through an entire season without missing time as opposed to QBs or WRs?

As you can see, we went heavy on Patriots (which causes no small amount of heartache for a Dolphins fan like us).  However, once Brady and Gronk got on the team, we decided to go with Lloyd there in Rd. 4.  Might was well load up with as many as possible.  If Brady has a great year, so will we.  Sure, we're probably guaranteeing a loss in week 9.  So be it.  At least we won't be piece mealing the roster with our key guys all off different weeks.  And yes, the Jeffery pick was high.  But a) we're straight homers and b) there's a lot of Gamecock fans in that league.  Somebody was gonna take him.  FWIW, we think Jeffery is gonna be a beast this year.  We did think getting the Bills D after just about everyone else had picked Ds was pretty good (the addition of Gilmore and Mario Williams to an already good D just makes them that more attractive.  Plus you have Spiller in the return game).  And it seems crazy that Cutler dropped that low when you factor in that he's got his favorite target back (Marshall) along with a clone of said target (Jeffery) and they're both playing with the asst who was in Denver when they both blew up.

Anyway...Championship or bust...

6353 Wantabo
(NE - QB)
(NE - TE)
(StL - RB)
(NE - WR)
(Mia - RB)
(TB - WR)
(Den - WR)
(Was - WR)
(Ind - WR)
(Ari - RB)
(Oak - WR)
(Chi - WR)
(Den - TE)
(Chi - QB)
(SF - WR)
(Buf - DEF)
(GB – K)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney & Ryan: Priceless...

Vetting your new VP pick: $150,000 

Charter air fare to whisk you and your newest best bud to announcement event: $25,000

 Finding out your VP wants to close down the tax shelters you've been using to reduce your effective tax rate so low that you're scared to release more than two years of tax returns: Priceless...


Monday, July 16, 2012

115 Days Out...

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2012. That puts us 115 days out from the election as of today. If you've been paying attention lately, the Presidential race is heating up. President Obama has been beating Romney over the head with the Bain stuff, which gauged by the protestations coming from Romney's camp, certainly seem to be working. In fact, the Bain stuff is definitely working, as all you heard about this week was Bain and not the flat unemployment numbers that just came out. Well played, Team Obama.

Moving forward, we feel the need to remind our Republican friends here in SC of a bit of reality. in SC, it is easy for Republican-minded folks to get caught in an echo chamber. Hell, everyone they know hates Obama, so they assume their guy is headed for a cake walk in 115 days. They're wrong. The reality of the Electoral Map is pretty daunting for the Mittster. Now...we are always wary of putting too much stock in polls and there are any number of pitfalls between here and November 6 that could dramatically change the electoral landscape, but...the snapshot 115 days out looks pretty damn good for the President's re-election. 

Take a look at RealClearPolitics "Battle For White House" polling feature and the row Romney has to hoe becomes clearer.  Right now, they have Obama sitting at 221 electoral votes to Romney's 181, with 136 votes they label as "Toss Ups." Take some time to look at the polling numbers for the toss-up states. Looks pretty good for the President. (Tip: it takes 270 to win).

Personally, we see this race as a flip of 2004. Sure, the Right may hate President Obama as much as the left hated W, but John Kerry oozed charisma compared to Mitt. His campaign is like the gang that couldn't shoot straight, from their stumbling all over the SCOTUS decision, to their inability to be ready for the Bain hits, to now whining in response. It's all just weak. Add in the fact that, personally, we are seeing signs of an improved economy everyday and we think that adds up to re-election. Of course, we shall see. But 115 days out, that's our opinion. Let's see what happens in the home stretch.

BTW, Team Obama has dropped what we think is the most devastating ad we've ever seen in a long time. We're talking "Bear in the Woods" effective.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, America

Happy Birthday, America, or a day we like to call "Mr. Lee Greenwood Day." This one is for you. Prepare to swoon, Lady Liberty...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Four years after One Vote...

Four years ago, we elected a Mayor in Florence by one vote. In running for office, that individual told voters we needed to hire more cops, build a new fire station and deal with abandoned properties. In outlining his goals, Stephen Wukela did something rare: he candidly told voters millage would have to be raised if we were going to address these long neglected issues.

Four years later, the City has tackled those issues and then some, doing so in a way where the City's financial situation is strong and any change to your city tax bill is miniscule. Along the way, he's won over many of those who opposed him last time around.  That's a helluva better record than most politicians can ever claim.

Notwithstanding what happens this Tuesday, Wukela heads in to Tuesday's Democratic Primary in a unique situation: having delivered on his campaign issues and having done so in the way he told voters the issues would have to be handled. That is impressive, if for no other reason than because in this day and age, it's rare to see someone run for office, tell voters what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, then go out and actually deliver.

That is as successful as any politician can hope to be.

Vote Tuesday. Vote Wukela.

Wukela for Mayor from WukelaForMayor on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

21' Center Console Robalo 2120 for Sale

Wouldn't you like to be on the water this summer?  How about going to the your new boat!

Our moms is looking to unload my stepdad's boat. It has been used very little since he bought it a few years ago. It was, in all candor, too much boat. He just enjoyed fishing down at the gettys or on the lake. This boat is made to go out a piece. Asking price: $12,000. Email me at if you are interested.

 Well maintained, 2d owner. Boat stored on lift-shed Center Console Length: 21.0’ 04” Beam: 8.0 feet
Hull material: Fiberglass
Engine type, make, model: 225 Mercury single outboard
Use: Salt water
Primary fuel type and fuel capacity: Gas – 101-150 gallons
Boat hours: 613 hrs.

 Fishing features, options, and amenities: Pompanette adjustable swivel helm seats; T-Top with 4 rod holders and floodlight; Electronic locker with Garmin Color GPS and Mapscan (new) and a Garmin Fish Finder; Fiberglass bow platform with anchor roller and hawse pipe; 4 stainless steel deck rod holders; Rod racks port and starboard; Aerated aft livewell; Rigging Station; Built in 4-tray console tackle box and ice chest. Hardware and Equipment Mercury 225 HP oil injected; Hydraulic steering; Stainless steel prop; Stainless steel steering wheel; VHF Radio and Antenna; Ritchie flush-mount illuminated compass; VDO tach, speedometer, voltmeter, fuel, trim gauges and oil injection non-op alarm; Bennett trim tabs; Quicksilver engine controls, binnacle; ignition safety switches with lanyard; Dual batteries with oscillator switch; Bilge pump with auto float switch 1500 GPH; Bow rail, welded stainless steel through/bolted to deck; Stainless steel cleats; Stainless steel lifting rings; Cockpit courtesy lights, navigation lights, horn; Rope rub rail; Two-tone non-glare gel coat; Tinted windshield with stainless steel grabrail on center console; Console dash cover; AM/FM cassette; Bow anchor rope locker; Console storage lockers, lockable radio-electronic compartment; Helm foot rest; Helm beverage holder; 100 gallon fuel tank; Draft motor up – 1’5”; Draft motor down – 2’10”; Freeboard aft 2’5”. Storage T-bags

 Venture 2009 Trailer purchased from EMI Marine, Hanover PA T2005 Trailer winch – Max line pull 2000 lbs.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ed Robinson kills the Florence City Gym Project

Councilman Ed Robinson was the swing vote in killing a resolution for a new city basketball complex on the north side of Florence today. Despite the resolution being presented about 6 months ago, there having been 2 work sessions since its introduction and the council ordering the City Mgr to come up with the proposal within 90 days, Robinson wasn't ready to vote on it yet. After his motion to defer the matter lost 4-3, Robinson voted against the resolution. (Robinson, Powers, Brand and Willis voted against it while Ervin, Williams-Blake and Mayor Wukela voted in favor of the resolution).

Robinson stated:
“When it comes down to doing this gymnasium it needs to be the best, just like with everything else we do,” Robinson said. “To commit to that, I don’t think its something we can do. I don’t think we can afford it without giving people false promises.”

Take a second to read that. Robinson, who is now running for Mayor on a campaign decrying the disparity between North & East Florence versus the West & South side of town,* doesn't want to build the gym because he only wants "the best."'s a proposed $4-$7million facility, Councilman. It would immediately be one of the nicest basketball complexes in the region and certainly one of the nicest projects to grace the North side of town in quite some time.

The simple truth is that Robinson does not want the city to move forward with this project as it would hurt his campaign narrative that the City has done nothing for his side of town. Robinson's contention that he's concerned about it hurting other funding to neighborhoods is just as much of a smokescreen as his concern about the quality of the facility proposed. The city already has money in the budget for that type of funding. Robinson is simply doing what he does best and what he's done for all his years on council: looking out for his best interests. And this man wants to lead the entire city...

*Interesting enough, this was a disparity Robinson conveniently ignored when he publicly endorsed former Mayor Frank Willis 4 years ago. Willis, you may recall, unconvincingly claimed not to see such disparity when presented with precisely that argument from Mayor Wukela during their election. Nice to see Robinson has at least finally discovered the blight and poverty over in East & North Florence. Suppose late is better than never. Of course, we're sure Robinson finds no irony in the fact that one of the most neglected districts in the city is the one he has been representing for about 20 years.

Mayor Wukela's State of the City address...

Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela will deliver the 2012 State of the City address this coming Thursday evening (April 12th) at the Drs. Bruce and Lee Foundation Library. The event is scheduled from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm. Come out and hear first hand what has been accomplished and what is on the horizon for the City of Florence.