Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thanking Stan for sparking a Heather debate

Our pal Stan, from Captain Stantasitc's Blogotorium has a new post up singing the praises (and hard times, apparently) of Lee Majors. As only Stan can, he has spurred our memories of yet another '80s great. If only Stan's posts came around slightly more regularly than Haley's Comet. Alas, Captain Stan knows it's always better to leave them wanting more.

But his post got us thinking. While it is uncontested that Majors' greatest theatrical film is IBC's "The Night the Reindeer Died"

It is equally true that not only was Fall Guy a small screen masterpiece, but it gave us one of the best tv themes of all time:

But in addition to the sheer artistic beauty of Majors' work, there is also the beauty of his co-stars from that era. Which brought up a memory of one of the alltime great '80s babe debates" Who's your Heather? Thomas or Locklear?

Thomas starred with Majors in Fall Guy from 1981 to 1986 and became one of the most popular pin up girls of the era.

Heather Locklear hit the small screen also during 1981, with her role as Sammy Jo Dean, a role she played through 1989. That hook up with Aaron Spelling would prove important as Spelling casted Locklear opposite William Shatner in TJ Hooker, a role that helped make her a star.

So who do we pick? Thomas is four years older. Locklear was married to Tommy Lee at one point (followed by Richie Sambora), so we know she's a bit of a freak, right? Locklear has continued to work in film and tv, while Thomas gave up acting in the late nineties and has since crafted a career as a screen writer and novelist. While I lean more towards Thomas (she seems like she'd be a little more intellectually stimulating, not to mention I would not have to worry about the performance anxiety inherent in bedding Tommy Lee's ex), I'm not going with her. But I'm passing on Locklear too.

Instead, I'm going with another underrated '80s hottie, also from the Fall Guy like Thomas, Ms. Markie Post...

Sorry...Markie had the beauty and the brains.

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Mike Reino said...

Like you're paying attention to Markie Post's BRAINS !!!! Who ya kidding?