Friday, June 11, 2010

Bill Maher offers up new Haley campaign slogans

On tonight's Real Time on HBO, Bill Maher offered up the following campaign slogans for Nikki "Boom Boom" Haley. Enjoy:

-Nikki Haley: Are You Getting Off Better Than You Were Four Years Ago?

-Nikki Haley: Yes We Can...But We Have To Hurry

-Nikki Haley: I'll Represent You Long Time *(our favorite)*

-Nikki Haley: In Your Heart You Know She's Ripe

-Nikki Haley: You Come First

-Don't Stop! Don't Stop! Oh God, Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

-Nikki Haley: Room 314

-Nikki Haley: Taking Care Of The Little Guy

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