Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Fantasy Team -- 6353 Wantabo: I am the one who knocks...

Yesterday, we had our annual fantasy football draft.  It's our 10th anniversary of this league, made up primarily of a bunch of us who worked together back in the day. We've come a long way.  Back in the day, we would score the games by hand, using USA Today's sports section.  (Note for the kids: USA Today was/is something called a newspaper, although not really a "real one" because it had...wait for it, COLOR photos. But we digress).  Anyway, everyone would have to score their own games too as a backstop for our scoring, then we'd send out a league email.  Eventually we moved to Sandbox on the internet and now, like millions of others, we just use Yahoo.

Anyway, this year's team is named after two of the best scenes on the best show currently on tv, Breaking Bad.  Our team name? 6353 Wantabo: I am the one who knocks...

We were picking 5th in a pretty standard scoring 10-team league.  Each week you start: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (WR/RB), FLEX (WR/RB), K, DEF

Our strategy was to get one of the top 3 QBs first (Rogers, Brady or Brees), then get one of the top 2 TEs (Gronk or Graham).  Oddly enough, Arian Foster fell to 5, but we stuck with the plan.  As you can see, it obviously left our RBs weak.  But we just rolled with it and kept picking receivers.  Yet another way fantasy football has changed in the past 10 years.  Used to be you HAD to get a stud RB to have a chance.  Now, it's such a passing league, that as long as you get one of the elite guys at QB or TE, where the drop off between the elite and "good" players' point totals are so much more severe, you're positioning yourself well.  And let's face it, how many RBs make it through an entire season without missing time as opposed to QBs or WRs?

As you can see, we went heavy on Patriots (which causes no small amount of heartache for a Dolphins fan like us).  However, once Brady and Gronk got on the team, we decided to go with Lloyd there in Rd. 4.  Might was well load up with as many as possible.  If Brady has a great year, so will we.  Sure, we're probably guaranteeing a loss in week 9.  So be it.  At least we won't be piece mealing the roster with our key guys all off different weeks.  And yes, the Jeffery pick was high.  But a) we're straight homers and b) there's a lot of Gamecock fans in that league.  Somebody was gonna take him.  FWIW, we think Jeffery is gonna be a beast this year.  We did think getting the Bills D after just about everyone else had picked Ds was pretty good (the addition of Gilmore and Mario Williams to an already good D just makes them that more attractive.  Plus you have Spiller in the return game).  And it seems crazy that Cutler dropped that low when you factor in that he's got his favorite target back (Marshall) along with a clone of said target (Jeffery) and they're both playing with the asst who was in Denver when they both blew up.

Anyway...Championship or bust...

6353 Wantabo
(NE - QB)
(NE - TE)
(StL - RB)
(NE - WR)
(Mia - RB)
(TB - WR)
(Den - WR)
(Was - WR)
(Ind - WR)
(Ari - RB)
(Oak - WR)
(Chi - WR)
(Den - TE)
(Chi - QB)
(SF - WR)
(Buf - DEF)
(GB – K)

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