Sunday, October 28, 2012

NFL Week 8 picks: Changing it up...

You might have noticed we failed to post picks last week. To tell the truth, we were pretty disappointed in our Gamecocks effort against Florida and spent the subsequent 24 hours in a hellacious funk. Missing last week also led us to reevaluate our prognostication experiment going forward. Going on 3 years now, we've posted our picks for each game every NFL week. We think it's safe to say, given a fairly large sample size (866 total games), when picking all the games, we are your official "coin flip" (posting an even-steven-ish 49.65%). It's time to change things up. From now on, we're just gonna pick the games we feel strongest about. Why? Because we said so, that's why.

So what do we like this week?

Here goes:

Raiders (+1.5) over CHIEFS.  Did you know Brady Quinn was starting?  Repeat: Brady Quinn is starting.

Dolphins (+2.5) over JETS.  Our BTH (BET THE HOUSE) pick.  Miami should've beaten the Jets their first game.  Miami and Tannehill have gotten better and they've had a bye week to prepare.  The Jets will be without their defensive leader (Scott) and best player (Revis).

Giants (-2.5) over COWBOYS.  Giants on the road = money.

Finally, here's the final tally from our previous picks.  Next week, we'll start a new tally, call in "Picks 2.0"

Through Week 6 record: 6-8 Upset Special: 0-1
Season to Date: 44-45-2 Upset Specials: 3-3
Career to Date: 430-405-31

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