Saturday, March 19, 2011

You wanna know what Newt would do???

Yesterday, Newt Gingrich, who's political platform to win himself the GOP 2012 nomination appears to be whatever the opposite of what President Obama happens to say was in rare form. After taking shots at the way President Obama has handled the conflict in Libya, the following exchange occurred:

QUESTION: What would have been the steps you would have taken early on?

GINGRICH: I would have studied Eisenhower and Reagan and studied the things they did. I mean there are lots of — there are lots of ways to not necessarily use American troops and have an enormous impact on a country the size of Libya.

STAFFER: We have to go.

QUESTION: Can you list one or two?

GINGRICH: Take — take a look at Eisenhower and Reagan.

God forbid Newt actually tell us what he would do. Stop with your foolish questions. You wanna know what Newt would do? We'll tell you what Newt would do...exactly what Ike and the Gipper would do, that's what Newt would do. What exactly is that? Just like you elitist, ivy league media-types to want us to do all your studying for ya. Newt knows what they'd do and that's all that counts. Back off, hippie...

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