Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looks like "the Movement" is clueless...

The State has a good article up showing just how politically tone deaf Nikki Haley and her staff were to the firestorm ousting Darle Moore from the University of South Carolina's Board of Trustees would create.

“I have a crush of calls within the last 30 minutes regarding whether Darla Moore has been pulled from the USC board,” Haley’s press secretary, Rob Godfrey, wrote to Haley and other staff members on March 15. “Do we want to do anything besides confirm this? Thank her for her service? Let me know.”
Uh...nice strategery, there Ms. Movement.

Another State article details the communications. (As an aside, is no one in the Haley Administration familiar with the Freedom of Information Act? Just curious...). Here's our favorite:

March 14: In a letter received this date, Cofield thanks Haley for the USC appointment. “It is a double honor to be appointed by the best governor in the United States of America.”
What a tool. The other thing that strikes us, is Haley's folks whining about the very real BS she got busted on over the whole Lexington Hospital job.

March 28: Godfrey objects to a (Charleston) Post and Courier reporter about her story including several paragraphs on the controversy over Haley’s Lexington Medical job application, which listed her income in her previous job as $100,000 higher than it was, according to her tax records. “Hadn’t y’all written about this … already?” When the reporter responds “the public has an interest,” Godfrey questions “the relevance.” “Gotcha … ” the reporter replies.

Yeah...what does my boss being a pathological liar over her last employment got to do with anything.'s leadership like this that makes me yearn for the days when SC was in the news for a man's taboo love for a certain horse named Sugar...

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