Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ridgeland Speeding case: Hey...must be the money...

In case you weren't aware, the South Carolina town of Ridgeland has decided to use cameras to catch people speeding. Last year, before the General Assembly's session expired, they added an amendment to a bill to try to block this from happening. The SC AG issued opinions saying it wasn't legal and the Chief Justice has even weighed in, telling magistrate judges at their annual school that enabling legislation would be required for this practice to pass muster.

Ridgeland ignored all that and decided they was gonna get busy mailing out camera-enforced tickets (which we propose be hereafter referred to as "Ridgeland Commuter Christmas Cards"). A lawsuit followed by Columbia attorney Pete Strom. As discovery moves forward, guess appears that Ridgeland's decision to proceed full steam ahead was motivated by...*gasp*...MONEY. Color us shocked.

We've posted before the problems with speeding enforcement in this state. Specifically, the fact that hardly any law enforcement officer operates their speed measuring device as they are trained to by the SC Criminal Justice Academy, which means the "readings" should not be allowed in court. But even ignoring that, something certainly smells rotten in Ridgeland...and we think someone is gonna have to pay the piper.

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