Monday, May 9, 2011

Revisiting the "hammer of Thor" and abandoned properties in Florence

Back in February of 2009, not long after assuming office, City of Florence Mayor Stephen J. Wukela followed through on one of the signature issues of his campaign: attacking the problem of abandoned properties in the city. Wukela did so by signing several Rule to Show Cause petitions against abandoned property owners. At the time, it was noted:

Wukela summed up the action in saying, "the city is not gonna sit on its hands," and that the city was basically, "calling these people on the carpet."
Well...has the city followed through or have they sat on their hands? Wukela's website has posted a list of the abandoned properties the city has dealt with since he came to office. Take a gander and decide for yourself.

Late Update: The Mayor's website has posted a link where one can look at a map via Google Maps and see the properties.

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