Sunday, January 22, 2012

EXCLUSIVE video showing why SC's Republicans rejected Mitt Romney

Here in South Carolina, we like "real" people. While we know, as a politician, you're gonna kiss our ass and we don't really care if what you say is true or not (See decades of Republican-promises leading to terrible governance of state, yet we keep handing them the keys to the car), we want that ass-kissing to not be so transparent you come off as a complete tool. It would appear Mitt Romney was not able to pull this off. The 'Pine has obtained exclusive video showing just how blatantly sad Romney's attempts to win over South Carolinian Republicans were.'s not pretty.

Now compare that shit to Newt Gingrich. Hell...Newt won by a landslide by telling people he was gonna fight against Washington Elites. Newt Gingrich...fighting...Washington Elites. Newt has truly seen the enemy and they is him.

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