Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Week 14 picks: Don't call it a comeback

Wow...did we have a stinker last week. I suppose that's what happens when you post your picks so early in the week and don't get a chance to really dig in and prepare. We're gonna do better this week. As such, we're going ahead and posting this, but just with the Thursday game. We'll hit the books, whip up the research staff and come back later this weekend with the rest.

Steelers (-10) v. BROWNS =

Seven has to be wondering...I came back for this? Last week's stinker at home to Oakland has got to be burning a hole in Mike Tomlin. Is that the "hell" he was talking about unleashing? Meanwhile...the Browns seem game all of a sudden. Even without Polamolu and possibly Ward, I think Pitt pulls it out. But 10 points is too much

BTPC pick = Browns taking the points.

COLTS (-7) v. Broncos

Everybody seems to be saying if the Colts are gonna get a loss, this is the best chance left on the schedule. The theory is that the Bronco's have been running the ball well of late and we all know the best way to beat Peyton Manning is to keep Peyton Manning on the sideline. The problem with everyone knowing this is the Colts toughest game left on the schedule is that the Colts is part of "everyone."

BTPC pick = Colts laying the points.


So Cincy is finally good, but the odd thing is, Carson Palmer has not been playing that great. Palmer has not been the same since that knee injury and this week, he faces a Viking team that's getting Antoine Winfeld back allegedly. Meanwhile, ADP is coming off a pretty weak ass game and has something to prove. Personally...I think Cincy's young CB tandem make Favre look like the old man he is. Unfortunately for them, I'm giving the Bengals the kiss of death otherwise known as being my "upset special" pick. Be the ones who turn it around, fellas.

I don't want the points. I don't need the points. But I'll take the points.

BTPC pick = Bengals taking the points.

BUCS (+3) v. Jets =

You have one team with a rookie QB who is upset because his coach announced on Wednesday he would not be starting, the same rookie coach who has ran his mouth and come off like an idiot all season. You have another team who has rallied around their rookie QB after their rookie coach has seemed to not say much of anything at all. I'm gonna go with scenario two, although I warn you that part of this is me hoping the Bucs slap another loss on the Jets, Ryan and the Jet's playoff hopes.

BTPC pick = Bucs taking the points.

Bills (PK) v. KC =

The Bills have played well of late. That can't last.

BTPC pick = KC.

Pack (-3) v. BEARS =

Last week, the Bears stopped a skid by eeking one out against the Rams. The Pack won a rough and ugly one against the Ravens. Which win would you consider more impressive? Jake Cutler, meet Charles Woodson. He's the guy in the other team's jersey taking your pass in for a score. But look at the bright side...you threw that interception right into his gut harder than John Elway could.

BTPC pick = Pack laying the points.

Saints (-10) v. FALCONS =

Remember back in the day with the Falcons and Saints were both competing to be the most lovable dome-losers in the league? The Falcons finally broke out during the Dirty Bird era. But I'm thinking this Saints team is gonna be the first one to actually climb all the way out of the dregs to the top. (That's one reason why I believe New Orleans pushes for the undefeated season. Ain't no way Brees lets them pull their foot off the accelerator. Those fans and that city deserve to make history if they can).

BTPC pick = Who dat? Who dat? Who dat think they gonna beat those Saints, laying the points

Lions (+13) v. RAVENS =

Last week...we all got threw for a loop when they announced Ed Reed would not play at the last second. This week, I don't think it matters with such a rookie-dependent team headed into Baltimore for a road game, especially with that rookie team plays in a dome and this is a December game in Baltimore.

BTPC pick = Ravens laying an awful lot of points.

Dolphins (+3) v. JAGS =

Despite a crushing loss two weeks ago to Buffalo, Miami rallied in the playoff hunt last week by scrapping the Wildcat (which really misses triggerman Ronnie Brown) and letting Chad Henne go Marino on the Patriots. And you know what...Henne looked good. This week, Miami gets C Jake Grove back. I don't expect Miami to do much if they make the playoffs. But I really am looking forward to see how they respond the next 4 weeks. They're a young team, and this 4 week push to finish is every bit like a playoff run for a young team.

BTPC pick = Miami taking the points.

Panthers (+13.5) v. PATS =

So...we all heard about Billy B sending players home and Brady calling out his teammates. Juxtapose that with the way the Dolphins handled two situations this season. One was the whole Matt Roth fiasco. The Dolphins didn't really comment on Roth, let him come back from injury, gave him a chance to show them something and when he didn't they said screw it and cut him. Then look at the whole Joey Porter situation, where Sparano sat him for that game and refused to discuss it publicly. So did Porter. And Porter is back in the fold and has actually made a play or two since.

Well...which Coach looks like he's got control of his team right now? Don't get me wrong, I don't think Sparano is anywhere near the Xs and Os coach Billy B is. But the Yoda of NE has lost his mojo in controlling his team. Just witness the whole Adalius Thomas saga, which goes a step further Sunday with rumors that Thomas will be inactive after having the gall to speak publicly against the hoodie's "motivational" tactics. This is a really tough game predict. In the past, there is no way anyone takes Carolina in this game, no matter how high the spread. But now...

It doesn't help that Miami showed the way to beat the Pats was to spread it out and chunk it around, not exactly the Panther's strength. It's gonna be cold and the Panthers are starting a QB who, for all intensive purposes, should be considered a rookie -- a rookie QB from California at that.

Damn...this is a tough one. Logic says take the Pats. But we're gonna let our heart slip in a little and hope the Panthers help out Miami's chances at repeating as division champs.

BTPC pick = Panther's taking an awful lot of points.

Seahawks (+6) v. TEXANS =

Now that they've blown some games...it's time for the Texans to do what the Texans do. I'm talking black gold...Texas Tease...

BTPC pick = Texans laying the points.

RAMS (+13) v. TITANS

Let's just keep moving on, shall we? Although I am curious how come we did not see more made out of the whole Fisher wearing Peyton's jersey last week. I suppose that just goes to show it was only a big deal because the Titans were getting their asses kicked every week. Guess Fisher should thank Bud Adams for bailing him out on that one.

BTPC pick = Titans laying the points.

Skins (-1) v. RAIDERS =


BTPC pick = Raiders taking the points!


Two pieces of news about Jerry Jones' plans that make me like the Chargers. First, they're gonna show the game 3D on the big scoreboard the second half of this game. Second, Jones has offered $25 million to have the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. That just cements the fact that the product on the field ain't the most important thing in Dallas...it's how Jones can SELL the product on the field that's important.

BTW, Phillip Rivers would never volunteer to hold kicks. He'd walk over to the kicker and cuss his ass out, telling him to nut up, stop being a pussy and make kicks with whoever Rivers decides to let hold the kicks or he's gonna be cut. And it would work.

BTPC pick = Chargers taking the points and being UPSET SPECIAL #2 for the week.

Eagles (+1) v. GIANTS =

As much as we all have bagged on the Giants, guess what? They're only one game away from the division lead. They will go into this Sunday night game knowing that if Dallas lost to SD, they can force a 3-way tie by whipping Philly. Oh...and Philly extended Andy Reid through 2013. In my mind, the karma reversal from that cancels out Manning playing outside in the cold.

BTPC pick = Giants laying the points.

Cards (-3.5) v. NINERS =

The Niners shocked everyone a little opening weekend when they knocked off last year's NFC champs. They then lost a heartbreaker they should have won to the Vikes on a Favre Fluke last play. But even after that loss, at 3-1, it seemed the Niners had served notice they were the team to beat in the NFC West. Uh...no. The Cards are hot and can lock down the division with a win. With the Niners missing their best CB, Nate Clements, I like the Cards' chances.

BTPC pick = Cards laying the points.

This week = 1-0
Last Week: 5-10 Upset special 0-1
Season to date: 94-88-5 Upset Specials 5-8-1

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