Tuesday, November 9, 2010

To Pelosi or not to Pelosi...

We're torn on whether or not Pelosi should be Minority Leader or not. Part of us remember how well she did in the job last time. Remember President Bush flush with power after finally getting the last Republican "mandate" (in W's case, that simply meant an election in which he actually garnered the most votes) and eager to spend his "political capital?" What was it gonna be? Privatization of Social Security.

It was the key domestic policy initiative of W's second term and it was thankfully shut down by a Democratic minority. Just imagine the financial catastrophe that would have occurred for a majority of seniors if privatization had been allowed, with what happened with the markets by the end of that same second W term. On top of that, by all accounts, it was Pelosi who refused to give up on Healthcare, even spurring President Obama on when he was ready to give up. The fact of the matter is that Pelosi has proven her chops as both majority and minority leader.

But, there is something to the thought that one has to pay the price for the carnage that happened last Tuesday, the largest one party pickup since 1948. And Pelosi is not without fault there. She could have forced the issue on voting for the middle class tax cuts before the election and she did not. That was a huge boneheaded move. The Democrats should have forced the Republicans hand on that before the election and given Democrats a great example to show the public the Republicans really don't care about cutting taxes unless its the taxes they want cut and they get to take sole credit for it.

We're not really sure how to come out on this. The decision is not made any easier by the fact that Eric "Douchebag" Cantor has decided to weigh in, saying, in his effeminate, condescending manner that if Dems elect Pelosi back into leadership, they're not getting the message the voters sent. You know...kinda like how Cantor and the rest of the GOP didn't get the message the American people sent them when they elected Obama, who campaigned on one major domestic policy item: healthcare reform.

We think, Cantor is gonna push us the other way on this one...

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