Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 10 Picks

FALCONS (-1) v. Ravens
This is the game, in the past, where everyone would buy into Atlanta and pick them to win at home, only to watch the Ravens D destroy Matt Ryan. That ain't happening this year.
BTPC pick = Atlanta giving 1.

Texans (+1.5) v. JAGUARS
Remember back to week one, when the Texans dismantled Peyton Manning's Colts and this was gonna be the year the Texans finally delivered on everyone's expectations? Yeah...we do too.
BTPC pick = Jaguars getting 1.5

Lions (+3) v. BILLS
Yes...the Bills are favored in a game. Weird, right? What's even weirder, is that we like the Bills in this game because we like Ryan Fitzpatrick over Shaun Hill.
BTPC pick = Bills *gulp* giving 3.

Vikings (-1) v. BEARS
If the Vikes keep winning, at what point do we all recognize the genius in Brad Childress pulling a Bud Kilmer to inspire his team?
BTPC pick = Vikes giving 1.

BROWNS (+3) v. Jets
Mangenius gets his revenge on Gotham. And to all you Jets fans, when you're sitting back this offseason wondering what went wrong, you can look back at Head Coach being a buffoon who plays dress up and to joke around at press conferences during the season for why things went badly.
BTPC pick = Browns getting 3.

Bengals (+7) v. COLTS
The Bengals playing the Colts means the Bengals are going to get behind and have to score to keep up. What's the over/under on Carson Palmer's dropped INTs this week? 3?
BTPC pick = Colts giving 7.

Titans (-2) v. DOLPHINS
How can you not go with the team that has benched their QB of the future to go with Rabbit?
BTPC pick = Dolphins getting 2.

BUCCANEERS (-6.5) v. Panthers
Nothing to see here...move along.
BTPC pick = Bucs giving 6.5

CARDINALS (-3) v. Seahawks
In the battle of Charlie Whitehurst versus Max Hall, we're gonna go with Goldilocks
BTPC pick = Cards giving 3.

Rams (+6) v. 49ERS
We really like Troy Smith as Singletary's QB, but WTF was up with Troy going home and getting his fax machine blowed up with the gameplan instead of staying in SF to load up for his first home start?
BTPC pick = Rams getting 6.

Chiefs (-1) v. BRONCOS
The Broncos...they, they're not good.
BTPC pick = Chiefs giving 1.

Cowboys (+13.5) v. GIANTS
Wow...13.5...that's a lot of points. Plus, there's no Wade Phillips to drag this team down.
BTPC pick = Giants giving 13.5

Patriots (+4.5) v. STEELERS
The Steel Curtain has some serious chinks thanks to injuries.
BTPC pick = Pats getting 4.5

Eagles (-3) v. REDSKINS
That whole McNabb trade isn't looking so bad for Andy Reid right now, is it?
BTPC pick = Eagles giving 3.

Last Week: 8-4-1 Upset Special: 1-0-0
Season to date: 67-55-8 Upset specials 6-1-1
Career to date: 193-177-16

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