Sunday, February 27, 2011

Charlie Sheen: Batshit crazy or Comedy genius?

Back in January, after Charlie Sheen's "briefcase full of coke" episode, we posited the query of what would have happened had Bud Fox never turned on Gordon Gekko?

Well...Charlie apparently heard our questions and has decided to provide the answer. Since that episode in January, it's fair to say that Charlie has decided to take his "Fuck You" money and tell everyone to...well...Fuck Off.

In case you missed it, CBS shut down Two and a Half Men this past week after Charlie went on Alex Jones radio show and conducted what may be the greatest unintentional comedy performance of all time. Or was intentional. And that ladies and gentlemen is the elusive question Mr. Sheen poses. Charlie Sheen: Batshit Crazy or Genius? Before answering, keep in mind that this man did in fact make CBS a ton of money with what was, quite possibly, the stupidest sitcom to ever air.


Bluegrass Pundit said...

Thanks for posting that! I'll go with batshit crazy. Whatever you think about Charlie Sheen, his show is hilarious. If you like funny stuff, check out this funny videos site.

Tamara said...

oh so depressing to hear...from anyone

That's the sound of mental illness.