Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Herman Cain: Crazy...like a fox???

With the ridiculous preemptive move yesterday of one-time leader of the Republican horserace to unseat President Obama, Herman Cain, to deny adultery accusations that were going to be made, we started thinking.

What if this is all a False Flag operation? Think about it...Cain pays this woman, Ginger White, to disclose a fictional affair. Cain comes out and denies it before it's even reported. Media reports it. In a few days, evidence surfaces to show White is lying. Cain flips the whole narrative into "See...I told you they were out to get me" and rockets back to the top.

Come one...do you doubt the brilliance of a campaign that gave you the campaign manager smoke break video that ended with that creepy smile? We don't...

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