Thursday, December 1, 2011

SC (and double-agent Georgia) Gov. Nikki Haley don't need no stinkin' law...

Or maybe she does. It was announced today that Richland County Solicitor Dan Johnson has dismissed the criminal charges against all 19 Occupy Columbia protestors.

The reason? There was no "there" there. Trust us...we read the entire code pertaining to the Statehouse grounds and could not find any law the Occupy Columbia folks had broken. Neither could Solicitor Johnson, who actually seems to realize the criminal justice system isn't about scoring political's about enforcing the law and seeking justice. Hoozaahs for the Richland County Solicitor.

As for Haley, what's this mean?'s yet another embarassing episode in a young administration filled with them. What will really be interesting to see, is how much her little "I AM THE LAW!!!" moment winds up costing South Carolinians. The civil case arising out of this brouhaha was removed to Federal Court this morning. Even if the Plaintiffs were to never receive a dime in that case, you can bet your paycheck the State is gonna spend some defending it.

The good news is that every dime spent to defend Haley's ridiculous decision to have the Occupy Columbia protestors arrested is a dime she can't spend on private planes and wine cellars.

Way to go, fine steward of the taxpayers' funds, you...

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