Friday, December 23, 2011

BTPC Exclusive: Chris Rock on Nikki Haley's "New Email Policy"

So after getting caught with her pants down (pun intended) over her administration's failure to turn over relevant emails in response to a Post & Courier FOIA request last week, SC's Can't Shoot Straight Guv'nur Nikki Haley announced a new plan to preserve emails:

“When we took office, we adopted the same policy that has been used by previous administrations, and we have retained thousands of records and correspondence that will be preserved for archiving at the end of the administration,” Haley said in a news release. “But we have also found room for strengthening the policy – and, as we always do, when we see something that needs to be fixed, we fix it.”
There you have it South Carolina, your "Transparency Governor." But there is some good news...Haley's " caught me" moment has resulted in the BTPC obtaining exclusive expert document retention testimony from none other than Chris Rock. Enjoy.

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