Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Create your own slogan

In honor of the new season of Mad Men, the BTPC is going to help you create your own slogan. Check out this site, The Advertising Slogan Generator, which helps you sloganize whatever you want.

Our Top 10 for the BTPC:

-They drink Behind The Pine Curtain in the Congo.

-It's not tv, it's Behind The Pine Curtain.

-Strong and beautiful. Just like Behind The Pine Curtain.

-Be young, have fun, drink Behind The Pine Curtain.

-See the Behind The Pine Curtain, feel the shine.

-Behind The Pine Curtain prevents that sinking feeling.

-We do Behind The Pine Curtain right.

-Strong enough for a man, made for a Behind The Pine Curtain

-This is not your father's Behind The Pine Curtain

-The real smell of Behind The Pine Curtain

Hattip, Pop Candy.

1 comment:

Mike Reino said...

I think the best one is Behind the Pine Curtain Prevents That Sinking Feeling...