Thursday, August 6, 2009

It appears health care reform is turning us into a fascist state

The Teabaggers and their ilk have been warning us that America under Obama was becoming more and more like fascist Nazi Germany. Taking Goodwin's Law into effect, most of us laughed at those warnings. But little did we know, these modern day Paul Reveres weren't warning us about the dangers of a Kenyan-born, Manchurian candidate. No! It was a cry for help from there very own lunacy.

One look no further than this mobs' recent strategy of defeating healthcare, the "lets-pack-the-house-and-shout-and-ridicule" approach they've taken to disrupting the townhalls going on around the country on healthcare reform. That's right, in opposition to ideas they oppose, they have decided the best counter is not proposing their own ideas, rather it's better to just interrupt people from hearing the ones you don't like? Sound Familiar? It should. It's what the Brownshirts used to do in the beer halls of Germany during the 1920s.

In addition to obviously having no understanding of pre-WWII history, it's is apparent that the jackasses in these disruption mobs, as well as the GOP leaders who are endorsing the idea, did not learn the important lesson from the Sarah Palin debacle from last year's election. While an "excited base" can be a good thing (see Obama, Presidential election results for US - 2008), a "rabid, hateful base" (See McCain, Presidential election results for US - 2008; Palin, approval ratings 2009) is not so good. If this is actually how the opponents of health care reform think they are going to tank the idea, I got some news for them: you are playing right into Obama's hands. Check some of the early reactions here & here.

So listen here Mrs. Pelosi. Don't be sweatin' the reform movement "losing steam" over the recess as members roll home and are "confronted" by these mobs. POTUS is playing chess to these fools checkers.

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