Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Short memory for the Right in regards to Totalitarianism

Back in 2002, Columbia, SC resident and career activist/protestor Brett Bursey got arrested for "threatening the life of the president" when he refused to go protest George W. Bush's appearance at the Columbia Airport for a "free-speech zone."

Bursey's threatening actions were that he was standing at the intersection of Aviation Avenue holding a sign that read "No War for Oil" and he refused to leave to the "free speech zone" over 3/4ths a mile away when asked to by a Secret Service agent. Now some will say if the Secret Service agent orders you to move, you move. Bursey had some issues with that. First, he was in the middle of a bunch of Pro-Bush supporters and none of them were told to leave. Second, he did actually move from where he was to get out of the "restricted area." But on that day, there were no boundary markers showing where this area began and ended. In fact, it was obvious that some people were allowed in the area (the pro-Bush supporters) while some were not. (Memo to terrorists...apparently your chances of staying hidden increase if you appear to be "pro" whatever you wish to destroy). Third, it is patently ridiculous to have a "free speech zone." We live in a free speech zone. It's called America.

Fast forward to today and they news that increasingly, health care reform opponents and birthers are showing up outside President Obama's events strapped. What. The . Fuck? The dipshit with the AR-15 in the pic above is on a You Tube video in which he states:

"We will forcefully resist people imposing their will on us through the strength
of the majority with a vote."

Anyone want to explain the difference here? I'll tell you what it is:

One protest took place towards a President who was a self-righteous, ignorant who surrounded himself with sycophants, had no respect for the Constitution, no humility for the possibility of his own fallacy, lived off of a culture of fear and did every thing he could to stifle opposing views.

One protest took place under a President who is the opposite of the above.

Which do you think is which?

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