Thursday, August 13, 2009

McMaster goes flip-flops at that!

Remember the good old days when Henry "Foghorn Leghorn" McMaster thought an investigation into Gov. Sanford would just be a fishing expedition and that the Luv Guv staying in office was best?

Well...looks Henry done flip-flopped on that. Kinda like he did with that whole Craig'slist thing.

After watching The State and the AP do his job for him, Henry is finally thinking it might be a good idea of the State's chief law enforcement officer showed up. McMaster is "calling" for the state ethics commission to look into the Luv Guv's travel records.

Is this a surprise? Not now. I mean, it's all in the papers now and Henry figures: I sure do appreciate you news fellas for looking through all that paperwork and giving me the cliff notes. I've been a little busy lately. I don't know if you heard...but I am running for Guv'nur.

Good job, Henry.

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