Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some late Thursday rocking out

The BTPC sends you to bed with a little late night rockin'. Who better to kick things off than New Brunswick, New Jersey's own Bouncing Souls covering another Jersey legend: the Boss.


And the Souls keep it going. This is one of the 65 songs they wrote about Joe. They're all about pain...

Some acoustic Pumpkins (right in time for Halloween!) before Billy started looking like Michael Stipe and Uncle Fester's lovechild.

And finally a little Cranberries, complete with Delores rockin an entire ear of earrings.

Thom and Jonny take us home in Our Iron Lung...


Mike Reino said...

P-Luv.... You invade my Soul. Make Love to Me ??? What was with all the Diet Coke in the fridge? No one has that much DC at a party..

hey, the Cranberries are back on tour with the original lineup, which is Dolores and uh... the other guys. They're Magically Delicious!

pluvlaw said...

With your severe case of 80s-itis, I hope you have heard the Souls song "These are the quotes from our favorite 80s movies." If not, I've got to find you a copy on the net somewhere.

I saw them opening up for someone at Rockafellas in Columbia back in the day. 7 Seconds maybe? I was won over when they played the 80s quotes song as their second or third song. They're awfully fun and have been doing it for years. Hats off to the boys from New Brunswick.

Mike Reino said...

Tried to find it on YouTube... Couldn't locate it, and I somehow ended up on Death Cab for Cutie, but I finally learned 'Follow You Into the Dark', so it wasn't a totally lost trip.

pluvlaw said...'s+Movies

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