Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why does this woman hate America?

Meet Laura Ingraham, conservative radio talkshow host and, apparently, vehement anti-American. How else to you explain Laura's glee at the United States of America's failure to land the 2016 Olympic games?

"R-I-O!" said conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, speaking the a ballroom of almost 2000 conservative activists. "May this be the first of many defeats for Chicago-style politics!"
Ingraham fantasized about being on the plane home from Copenhagen, where the International Olympic Committee handed down the decision, and watching Oprah Winfrey cry and Michelle Obama throw things with her "big arms." The crowd cheered...

Just so I know the rules...questioning the validity of a preemptive war when no evidence of the reason for necessary "preemptiveness" is discovered AND/OR questioning the use torture and what it means to surrender the rights and ideals this country was founded on is being unpatriotic and unamerican. Yet reveling in the defeats of our President abroad is okay? Really?

And for all those who have opined what a mistake it was for President Obama to try to help secure the Olympics or how its a process story of this administrations failure to know how to manage expectations, whatever. That's a load of horseshit. Give the man some credit for doing what he could to help and being willing to take one for the team.

And Ms. Ingraham...the arms? Really? You, my sister are a sell-out bitch. You should be ashamed of pandering to the cheap laughs of ignorant people by attacking a strong-woman's appearance. Why don't you go take some more come-hither-photos-like the one above and stop attacking a woman more accomplished and powerful than you. It makes you look catty.

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Mike Reino said...

One of the rules I try to live my life by, though some would question it: Never find happiness in the misfortunes of others.