Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 5 picks: Finish strong

As a Gamecock fan, I know all about second half collapses. The Gamecocks have often waltzed into the latter half of their schedule with high hopes, only to have those hopes beaten to smithereens by the likes of Tennessee, Florida and Clemson. After yesterday's win over Kentucky, the 'Cocks are 5-1 and headed to a big game in Tuscaloosa next week against an Alabama team that is likely to tee it up and run it right down our throats all game. How Carolina responds will let us know whether this season is going to play out like all other seasons or whether or not hopelessly delusional fans like me have some reason to get excited.

I'm hoping my Gamecocks show what I showed last week: the ability to finish strong. To say that the BTPC picks came out of the gates sluggish last week would be a bit of an understatement. We were 0-5 in the first 5 games. But then we turned it around, in no small part thanks to finally hitting on an upset special with the Bucs covering the 'Skins. After that pick, we almost ran the table, finishing a respectful 8-6 for the week. As we get close to the second half of the season, our motto here is going to be finish strong. On to the picks...

Vikings (-10) v. RAMS
Brett Favre JUST LOVES THE GAME! God...I'm sick of Favre. But the truth is, Tarvaris Jackson could QB against the Rams and win by 10.

BTPC pick = Vikes cover.

CHIEFS (+8) v. Cowboys
It's never a good sign when your team has to issue a statement during the week explaining that your franchise QB "knew" what down it was last week, it's just that while walking off after missing that 4th down, he saw a down marker that said "3rd" and he got confused. Add in that your best defensive player, your pass rushing OLB, has yet to get a sack and your "playmaker" WR is out and the popular opinion is to take the Chiefs to cover. But I think that Roy W being out is a good thing for Romo. And I've got to think if Romo is any good, he has to come back fired up about the whole 3rd down-4th down thing. I mean if he doesn't...then I guess he really isn't that good. Right?

BTPC pick = Cowboys cover.

Redskins (+3.5) v. PANTHERS
The only person more "embattled" than Jake Delhomme might be Jim Zorn. I mean, he can't be happy that Danny Snyder grabbed a bingo caller to help "oversee" the offense. Let's face it...Snyder hired Sherm Lewis so that when he shitcans Zorn this season, he can "interview" Sherm Lewis to satisfy the Rooney Rule before he hires Shannahan. Seriously...why have I not seen anyone else point that out. It just makes too much sense.

BTPC pick = Panthers cover.

Bucs (+15) v. EAGLES
Eagles at home. McNabb back with something to prove to keep Vick on the bench. 15 points is a lot, but I think we see several TDs from both Vick and McNabb, making for much fun.

BTPC pick = Eagles cover.

Bengals (+8.5) v. RAVENS
UPSET SPECIAL! The Ravens whined like a lot of girls after last week. Ray Lewis is old. I watched him "celebrate" a 1-yard stop that actually got the Pats a first down. I am hoping Chad Ochocinco has him kiss the baby. I don't want the points. I don't need the points. I'll take the points.

BTPC pick = Bengals.

GIANTS (-15) v. Raiders
Do the Raiders have a succession plan in place for when Sepowitz and Co. show up in the locker room and slap the cuffs on Cable?

BTPC pick = Giants cover.

Steelers (-10.5) v. LIONS
Does Dante Culpepper make this a closer game? I think so. Culpepper should be smart(er) with the ball than usual, as he wants to show other teams he can still play.

BTPC pick = Lions lose, but gamblers win.

Browns (+6) v. BILLS
Have the Bills just dropped this much or were the Pats that bad opening weekend? And is there addition by subtraction in Cleveland? The Browns do get Jamaal Lewis back this week and they've had another week of Derek Anderson getting some work with his WRs.

BTPC pick = Browns keep it close and cover.

NINERS (-2.5) v. Falcons
The Niners are a better team than Atlanta. Atlanta ain't running on Patrick Willis and Co. And Mike Singletary knows a little something about covering TEs, so Ryan will get no help from Gonzo. All this is good news for Roddy White owners in fantasy (come on White, need to pull of two through this week), not such good news for the Falcons.

BTPC pick = Niners cover.

SEAHAWKS (pk) v. Jags
The only reason anyone cares about this game is if they have MGD or Carlson in fantasy. I have Carlson and even I don't care.

BTPC pick = *late change: I didn't realize this was the triumphant return of Matt Hasselbeck. Since it is, I'll change my pick to the Hawks.

BRONCOS (+3.5) v. Patriots
Josh McDaniels cannot yet take the pebble from Bill's hand. The Pats will expose Orton. The question is whether or not the Pats can keep Brady standing up right.

BTPC pick = Pats cover.

Texans (+5.5) v. CARDS
The Cardinals are not very good. I don't think the Texans are either, but I know the Cards aren't.

BTPC pick = Texans keep it close.

Colts (-3.5) v. TITANS
The only question left about the Titans is whether or not Adams is dumb enough to can Fisher? If so, where does he wind up? Dallas, Carolina or Washington?

BTPC pick = Colts cover.

DOLPHINS (+1.5) v. Jets
HOMER WARNING. I believe in the Henne era. I also believe a coach should never engage opposing players in trash talking. What is Ryan thinking? I don't want the points. I don't need the points. I'll take the points.

BTPC pick = Dolphins.

Last week = 8-6 ; Upset special 1-0
Season to date = 35-23-2

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