Friday, January 21, 2011

Championship Week Picks

It is on. Conference Championship Playoffs this week. Green Bay versus Chicago. Jets versus Steelers. Get it on. After a 3-1 wildcard week, you just knew we were headed to a balancing-out divisional week last week and that's what you got at 1-3. Prediction: we split this week and then it comes down to the Super Bowl to see which side of .500 the 'Pine winds up on for the Playoffs.

We are, afterall, the "Even Stephens" of the prognostication universe.

Without further is our picks for the Conference Championships. Enjoy...

Our picks for this weeks two games follow the same logic. Both of the better defenses are getting 3.5 points. Both of the better QBs are giving 3.5. One of our picks is on the road, one is at home. One of our picks is because we feel like its just a certain guy's year (Rodgers for the Pack). The other pick is because we pray it isn't the other team's year (God...who could stand Rex Ryan if he actually won a Super Bowl).

We're pulling for the Pack and against the Jets. It will be a fun experiment on the timeless question a young Calogero asked Sonny, somewhat: "Is it better to be loved or feared?" althoug we'd substitute "hated" for "feared."

Packers (-3.5) v. BEARS

BTPC pick = Pack laying 3.5

STEELERS (-3.5) v. Jets

BTPC pick = Steelers laying the 3.5

Enjoy your next to the last weekend of meaningful football...

Last Week, Divisional Round of Playoffs: 1-3
2010 Playoff Record: 4-4 Upset Special: 2-0*
Season to Date (including playoffs): 137-128-9
2010 Regular Season to date: 133-124-9 Upset specials 11-2-1
Career to date: 263-240-17

*The Pack was supposed to be our upset special last week, but we forgot to so name them. We exercise our perogative to do so post-hoc...

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