Monday, January 24, 2011

The Elephants are at it again...

Looks like the elephants are fighting again. Specifically, the Florence County GOP. (Not surprising given the events from this last election cycle). It would appear that some within the local Republican party want to punish others who they deem not "true" Republicans or whom they believe have betrayed the cause.

Local blogger Bette Cox put a post up recently, which we would direct your attention to. The whole thing is, in and of itself, laughable (and incredibly short-sighted). The point of a party is to foster participation. Certainly seems inapposite of that goal to exclude people who would likely agree with you on more things than not, simply because those people elected to support the other party's candidate in one particular race. It's foolish and ignores the realities of local politics. People know candidates personally, for good and for bad. That means sometimes those personal feelings are going to govern one's support just as much as political ideology. It certainly seems their actions will cost them some experienced and valuable folks.

Be that as it may, one of the targets of the nonsense is none other than the esteemed political science professor, Dr. Neal Thigpen. For those unfamiliar with Pee Dee politics, or South Carolina politics in general, Dr. Thigpen has long been on of the most trusted local commentators and analysts on politics. Dr. Thigpen has often been sought after by television stations and newspapers to comment on elections, debates and campaigns in general. Dr. Thigpen is a friend of ours (perhaps another nail in his Republican-bonafides-coffin). He has forgotten more about politics than most people know. If the local Republican party wants to decide to turn their back on the wealth of knowledge this man has, so be it. They are fools who will simply get what they ask for.

So, kudos...get to it. Purge your party of those who aren't zealot enough for you. You would think having made this past race for Solicitor a litmus test on Republicanism, then proceeding to have your teeth kicked in would have told them something. You would be wrong.

Remember...there is no education in the second kick of a mule.

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