Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 2 Picks: Our two cents on week 2...

Well...we were looking awfully good headed into this past Monday at 8-5-1 with two games to go. Both upset specials had covered and we felt like we'd at least split the two Monday nighters. Unfortunately, we didn't know Miami was gonna let Wes Welker go all Tony Dorsett (thanks Benny's your pink slip) OR they were gonna call for Chad Henne to throw the one pass Chad Henne sucks at (the endzone fade) in a key 4th & goal. Having said that, we're hitting right above out mark (.500%), so how can we complain. We are as regular as a clock on a healthy diet of fiber.

So on with the week two picks. Let's keep it rolling...

BILLS (-3.5) v. Raiders

The Raiders played the late game of a MNF double-header and now travel to the East Coast for 1pm EST kickoff. The Bills certainly handled Jamaal Charles easily last week...why would Darren McFadden be any different?

BTPC pick = Bills giving the 3.5

LIONS (-9) v. Chiefs

Speaking of Charles and Chiefs...the walk out of week one looking like the team destined to fall flat on its face and then they have to walk into Detroit and play everyone's favorite sleeper team in the Lions. HC Todd Haley did not instill confidence this year when he admitted he had no idea how to stop Suh in the middle. The Chiefs looked so bad last week, they're gonna have to show us something before we go with them.

BTPC pick = Lions giving the 9

TITANS (+6) v. Ravens

The Titans were a fluke TD pass away from losing by 9 to the Jaguars. the Ravens showed versus the Steelers...they ain't the Jaguars.

BTPC pick = Ravens giving the 6.

Browns (-2.5) v. COLTS

A decent up-and-coming QB with no receivers versus an aging, should-be-retired QB with decent receivers. We'll take Colt over Kerry.

BTPC pick = Browns giving the 2.5

VIKINGS (-3) v. Bucs

Good lord almighty...did McNabb look washed up. McNabb threw for 39 yards last week. 39 yards. No...that's not a misprint. No he was not hurt. Let's put that in perspective, McNabb and Tom Brady combined to throw for 556 yards. that doesn't sound so bad, does it. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection of the schedule...yep...Tom Brady will not be in Minnesota Sunday.

BTPC pick = Bucs getting 3.

Bears (+6.5) v. SAINTS

Looks like either the Bears are better than folks thought or the Falcons are worse than people thought. Probably a bit of both. But we're certainly not sold on Cutler and that line coming in to N'awlins and dealing with DC Greg Williams' blitzes without turning the ball over, especially after hitting the turf 5 times last week. Urlacher's mom unexpectedly died this week and it's hard to know how that will affect the Bears. NO has won 3 straight home openers. We think they'll make it 4. The question is will it be by 6.5?

BTPC pick = Saints giving up 6.5

GIANTS (-6) v. Rams

This is alike a game amongst the walking wounded. The Rams were a favorite sleeper for a lot of folks and they disappointed versus Vick. But without 3 or 4 Vickian plays, the Rams probably win that game. However, they're going in to this game without their best WR and without the starting RB.

BTPC pick = Giants giving the 6.

REDSKINS (-4) v. Cardinals

Sexy Rexy is back. And if Cam Newton carved up this Arizona secondary, you know Shannahan is eager to get Grossman under center and tossing the ball around.

BTPC pick = Skins giving 4.

Packers (-10) v. PANTHERS

The Panthers surprised everyone with how game they looked last week. GB surprised no one...they looked like what they are: the defending champs. 'Zona is worse than folks realize and the Panthers lost the heart and soul of their defense when Beason went out for the year. Cam Newton looked impressive last week...but he ain't ever gone against a Dom Capers D. He's about to. And it's gonna get ugly.

BTPC pick = Packers giving the 10.

Cowboys (-3) v. 49ERS

Dez Bryant or no Dez Bryant...we like the Boys. 49ers are two Ted Ginn returns from being 0-1 with that loss being to Travaris Jackson on the road. You wanna bet on them to handle the Cowboys? Didn't think so.

BTPC pick = Cowboys giving 3.

JETS (-9) v. Jaguars

Luke McCown versus a Rex Ryan Defense. We'll take the Jets.

BTPC pick = Jets laying the 9.

STEELERS (-14) v. Seahawks

You almost feel sorry for Travaris Jackson having to come in after that beat down the Steelers got at the hand of the Ravens. But then you remember Pete Carroll is his coach and he's making an obscene amount of money Carroll should have never given to him.

BTPC pick = Steelers giving the 14.

Bengals (+3.5) v. BRONCOS

God...the Broncos blew it Monday night. And we like this Bengals team. They've got a good defense and have some playmakers at the skill position. If Dalton simply has a basic learning curve, they could sneak up on folks by the time the season is done. Dalton is allegedly gonna play after hurting his arm, but in all candor, Gratkowski is just as good at this point.

BTPC pick = Bengals getting 3.5

Texans (-3.5) v. DOLPHINS

The Miami D is not as bad as they looked Monday and Schaub is no Tom Brady. If that O appears at all in other games, Miami should be decent this year. Sparano has got to win this one or the heat under his seat is gonna be turned up exponentially. Miami also gets two rookie RBs back who are expected to be integral parts of the offense in RB Thomas and H-back Clay.

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL...Miami getting the 3.5

Chargers (+7) v. PATRIOTS

Chargers held McNabb to 39 yards passing. They always play the Pats tough. And Phillip Rivers is a much better QB than Chad Henne.

BTPC pick = Chargers getting the 7.

Eagles (+2.5) v. FALCONS

Mike Vick's return to the Georgia Dome. Dirty South is gonna be in da house. Things could get ugly if Vick escapes early for some Vickian plays. We just can't get past the Falcons and how they looked versus the Bears. This Eagles offense is way more explosive than the Bears. We would not be surprised to see this one go anyway. But since we get paid the big bucks to make the tough calls...we'll take Vick and the Eagles.

BTPC pick = Eagles taking the 2.5

Last Week: 8-7-1 Upset Specials: 2-0
2011 Season Record: 8-7-1 Upset Special: 2-0
Career to date: 274-247-18

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