Sunday, September 23, 2012

NFL Week 3: Well...we're just gonna have to use our brains.

DAMMIT! (Ned and Dusty's response to Lucky's observation that they're just gonna have to use their brains)

We've hit Week 3 of the NFL season and so far, we're perfect.  "Perfect" for us, is of course, dead even.  Last week we hit 7-7-2 and even split the two upset specials we picked.  We wonder just how many people lost $$ on the Ravens last week.  Seriously, Sugar Ray and company?  You get 2 points and you still lose OUTRIGHT to Michael Vick, the guy who threw so many picks to the Browns this week before we lost count?  Disgusting.

Oh well...on to the picks.

Giants (+2.5) v. PANTHERS

BPTC pick: we forgot to post this pick.  We'll count it as a loss, but for the record, we would've taken the Giants getting the 2.5.  Why?  Giants are a better team on the road than at home and Tom Coughlin just lost shit on Shiano.  You just new he'd have his team up.

BEARS (-7) v. Rams

A week after crapping the bed versus the Pack, the Bears are favored by a TD versus a feisty Rams team.  This line has dropped a half-point.  We like that because we're thinking Cutler and Company come out and put up some big numbers in the face of all the criticism this week.

BTPC pick: Bears laying 7.

COWBOYS (-8) v. Bucs

Either Seattle is a really, really, really tough place to play, the Giants really, really, really suck at home or the Cowboys are a fraud.  Well...we know the first two are accurate...

BTPC pick: Bucs getting 8.

VIKINGS (+7) v. 49ers

The 49ers are looking legit.  The Vikes just lost to a rookie QB.

BTPC pick: 49ers laying the 7.

TITANS (+3.5) v. Lions

No feeling on this game whatsoever.

BTPC pick: Lions laying 3.5.

REDSKINS (-3) v. Bengals

The RGIII era officially has Redskins Nation giddy.

BTPC pick:  Redskins laying the 3.

DOLPHINS (+2) v. Jets

Oh man...the FistPumper returns to Miami.  Is he gonna serve revenge up via unleashing TEBOW on the Phins?  Cue every analyst this morning talking about how Sparano was the genius behind the wildcat and that now he's got a chance to hurt the team that fire him.  The only problem with that narrative, is that it was Dolphins QB coach David Lee, who coached at Arkansas, who suggested the Wildcat.

No question Rex Ryan is gonna let Sparano break out some new wrinkles with Tebow.  Why?  Because Rex is an idiot who enjoys drama more than, you know, actually coaching championship football teams.

The JETS should absolutely win this game.  And if you think that, you should be jumping all over this line.  But we're HOMERS and we're taking our Dolphins.

BTPC pick:  Dolphins getting 2.

SAINTS (-8.5) v. Chiefs

This just in, the Saints...not that good.  This game will answer the age old questions, is it better to be coach by your interim, interim coach or by Romeo Crennel.  We'll take the interim, interim.  But not by 8.5...

BTPC pick: Chiefs getting 8.5.

BROWNS (+3) v. Bills

Mario Williams got $50m guaranteed from the Bills.  So far, he has 3 tackles and one pass defensed.  That's it.  We think it's about time Mario starts giving Ralph Wilson some return on that investment.

BTPC pick:  Bills laying the 3.

COLTS (-3) v. Jags

We'll take Andrew Luck over Blaine Gabbert.

BTPC pick:  Colts laying 3.

CARDS (+3) v. Eagles

We don't know what happened to the Ravens versus the Eagles, but the Eagles are not good.  The Cards just gave Tom Brady all he could handle and Michael Vick had trouble with the Browns.

BTPC pick:  UPSET SPECIAL: Cards getting the 3.

CHARGERS (-3) v. Falcons

The Falcons jumped all over the Broncos early.  Be interesting to see if they can pack up the gear, head out west and beat Rivers & Company.

BTPC pick:  Falcons getting the 3.

BRONCOS (+2) v. Texans

Uh...anyone who watched the first part of that game (who was able to watch the whole thing?!) can see Manning's arm is NOT what it used to be.

BTPC pick: Texans laying the 2.

RAIDERS (+3.5) v. Steelers

The Raiders were supposed to contend in the AFC West this year.  They just got housed by a rookie QB in Miami.  Big Ben ain't no rookie.

BTPC pick:  Steelers laying 3.5.

RAVENS (-2.5) v. Pats

No Hernandez.  But the Ravens just lost to Michael "All I Do Now That I Can't Fight Dogs Is Throw INTs" Vick.

BTPC pick:  Brady getting 2.5.

SEAHAWKS (+3) v. Packers

Rodgers shows Romo how it's done...

BTPC pick: Packers laying 3.

Week 2 record: 7-7-2
Season to Date:  15-15-2 Upset Specials: 1-2
Career to Date: 401-376-31

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