Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24: Suspension of reality required

We readily admit we came to the 24 party late, about halfway through season 2. But we quickly became fans and got caught up. We managed to hang on until season 6 just got stupid. We struggled to maintain an interest in the lame "Redemption," meant to bridge the gaps (but not the too numerous to count plot holes) between seasons 6 & 7. We attempted to watch season 7, although not very well. Now, Jack is back and this time (season 8) he's in New York City. If 24 can make it here (the home of many a crappy picante sauce), perhaps they can salvage their dynasty.

But, with the return of 24 we also have the requisite return of the suspension of reality. In addition to the always present plot holes and 5-minute drive through cross-town traffic that our friend Polkey is quick to point out, this season already has a few crazy plot lines that make test my willingness to play along.

First, the relationship between Agent Ortiz and Senior Systems Analyst Dana Walsh. Really? Given the past history of inter-office romance and how badly it's turned out, not just for CTU but for national security, are we really supposed to believe these two are going to be allowed to work together once it comes out they're lovers, let alone getting engaged? Local law enforcement agencies don't allow this crap, let alone a high-profile government agency responsible for national security.

And while we're on Walsh, are we supposed to by that CTU is the elite of the elite when they apparently can't even adequately perform a background check on Walsh, who appears to really be someone other than who she says. And we aren't talking about deep cover, foreign agency sponsored spy cover identity. We're talking about trying to escape loser ex-boyfriends fake identity with, apparently, plenty of folks from her former life able to track her down or who know her secret. WTF?

Also, we have a hard time believing the two cops who found Bauer at the other cop's house last night have not heard of Jack Bauer. Or, for that matter, how Bauer could still possibly go undercover for anything. The man has singlehandedly stopped at least 7 high profile terrorist attacks against the United States. No way in hell he would not be "outed" by now, let alone not be a living legend in law enforcement circles.

Anyway, we just thought we'd point out these issues. If this season manages to hold our attention, we'll try to update this list. Until then, TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS NOW!!!!

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