Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sheheen for Governor hits Florence

Last night, the Wukela Law Firm hosted an Oyster Roast Meet and Greet for Senator Vincent Sheheen, candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Governor. Over 250 folks braved the cold temperatures to come out and eat oysters and chili, listen to live bluegrass music and meet the leading Democratic candidate to be the next Governor of South Carolina.

Much thanks to Ben Moise Catering for the oyster roasting and chili. Thanks also to Bubba Brunson who also provided chili.

Additional props paid to Marty Driggers and his band for daring the cold to pluck the bluegrass tunes.

With Mayor Wukela's endorsement, Senator Sheheen has now picked up the endorsement of two Mayors from the Sixth Congressional District area of South Carolina, as Charleston Mayor Joe Riley endorsed Senator Sheheen a few weeks ago. Couple that with the recent revelations about the fundraising in this race and we believe Sen. Sheheen is starting to establish himself the front runner for the Democratic nomination. Now, it's still only January and both Dwight Drake and Mullins McLeod have shown they're not conceding anything yet, so we've still got a lot of racing to watch. But we feel Sheheen went a long way to locking down the Pee Dee yesterday.

One key fact about last nights crowd, was the diversity. It was about as even a split between black & white, young & old, and republican & democrat as we've seen. That's a very good sign of a candidate that is reaching across traditional lines.

Additional hosts for the event were Dr. Fred Carter, Dr. Richard N. Chapman, Martin Driggers Sr., Eugene Fallon Jr., Rodney Jernigan Jr., Councilman Al Bradley, Ronald Jebaily, Councilwoman Octavia Williams-Blake & Councilman Waymon Mumford.

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