Thursday, February 25, 2010

But how about the parking on the dance floor?

Sometimes you wonder how some people actually keep their jobs. Like the idiot parking supervisor for Oakland who decided he would issue a memo telling parking enforcement officers they were not to enforce parking violations in two of the wealthier neighborhoods. This nonsense came to light after the San Francisco Chronicle got a hold of a memo issued by Senior Parking Enforcement supervisor Ronald Abernathy, which directed parking enforcement officers to only issue "courtesy notices" in two wealthy neighborhoods in the city.

The July order is corroborated by interviews with three parking officers, who said they and their colleagues had complained about what they deemed a discriminatory practice since it began last summer - to no avail.

"It's not fair," said Shirnell Smith, 44, a parking officer for 22 years who has lived in Oakland for 24 years. Smith and the union representing parking officers said the policy has resulted in tickets being issued disproportionately to poor, black and Latino people.

When reached on his phone for comment, Abernathy would only say "I don't answer any media questions." That's probably a smart move there Ronald.

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