Wednesday, February 24, 2010

John McCain: The long goodbye

They call Alzheimer's "the long goodbye." In the last 48 hours, John McCain has made public comments that make us wonder whether or not Johnny-boy is beginning to show the early signs of this disease. Yesterday, McCain tried to rewrite history in an interview with the Arizona Republic with a lame attempt to "excuse" his vote for TARP by trying to say that Bernanke and Paulson "misled" him into thinking the bailout was for the housing market and not Wall Street. That's just complete bullshit and McCain's comments at the time of TARP show he knew exactly what the money was for.

Today, in trying to correct other comments from the Republic interview (that he suspended his campaign and came back to Washington at the beckoning of President Bush--comments the Republic later admitted they got wrong), McCain explained:

"[Bush] didn't ask me to suspend my campaign," said McCain. "I suspended my campaign -- as did Senator Obama -- to come back to Washington because the President had told me that we were in a world financial collapse. That's why I did what I did. I always said that consistently.

But that's still false. McCain should remember, President Obama didn't "suspend" his campaign. In fact, they made it quite clear that they disagreed with McCain's desire to cancel a debate that Friday and that they would be there, basically saying that a President ought to be able to do two things at once. In fact, they quite enjoyed pointing out that it seemed Sen. McCain had difficulty doing two things at once.

Seriously, McCain is starting to remind us more and more of an absent-minded, mean old man.

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