Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Pick: Manning or Mardi Gras?

You know...last year it was easy. Kurt Warner served up an easy Super Bowl pick by angering the gods when he cancelled his wife's promise to their girls that they would get a puppy if Daddy made it to the Super Bowl. There was no doubt once that happened that Iron City would get another ring.

This year...things are not so easy. We are about as torn on this Super Bowl as we can remember. The Colts are a 5.5 point favorite, but the Saints seem like a team a destiny.

Or as our pal George McFly may say: A team of Density.

Here's the deal, folks. We've heard all about the Dwight Freeney injury. We believe in "teams of destiny" and the "nobody believes in us" card that Sean Payton is surely playing. But at the end of the day, we can't pick the Saints. Why? Because...and we hate to admit this...Peyton Manning has entered the "don't fucking bet against him" zone. Sorry. He just has.

Two things make this pick easy. First, Peyton's reactions during and after the Jets game. On Inside the NFL, they showed Manning walking off the field after throwing the TD that put the Colts up on the Jets. Everyone on the Colts sideline was going crazy. Manning had the grimmest look of determination on his face and walked right over to the bench and started looking at film. Then I read a report where Peter King interviewed him after the game and Manning commented on how crazy it was the years when they had no extra week between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl. He told King that there was no way he would be ready in one week. He prepared so damn much for the Jets, he was worn out. You don't think he went overtime prepping for the Super Bowl? Come on. He is no longer a man, he's a machine.

Second, screwed the Saints by tempting the gods through an online item that stated Brees had already won. Opps.


BTPC pick = Colts laying the points. (and just for shits and giggles, 35-28 be the score)

Even tougher for you loyal BTPC readers out there, is the fact that there is only one football game today. With our automatic .500 picking ability, you would kill for a game pick that would post before kickoff, right? Well...don't say we don't try to give you what you want: We like the Penguins over the Capitals. ('s got to be good for something, right?)

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