Monday, May 31, 2010

BTPC bids farethewell to Gary and Dennis

The BTPC lost two fave actors this past week: Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper. Coleman, best known as the lovable Arnold from Different Strokes played an interesting part in our childhood. Back in third grade, the 'Pine was feeling sick and got sent home from school. At first, everyone thought we had a tummy ache...a ruse we had used more than once to cut school. But when we collapsed in pain, folks figured out it was serious and moms took us to the hospital. Lucky for us, Different Strokes had recently had an episode where Arnold had an appendicitis. We told our mom that's what we had. When the Doctor came in and was examining us, moms laughing told the Doctor our diagnosis. She was quite surprised when the Doctor told moms he concurred. So there you have it...situational television comedies can save lives.

As for Hopper, Reino is right: in our opinion, Hopper's greatest work is his scene with Christopher Walken in "The Sicilian scene" from True Romance. Tarantino, who wrote the script for True Romance, has flat out said this scene is the work he is most proud of. Here's to hoping Cliff Worley is right now telling the angels in Heaven that he never saw evil so singularly personified as he did in the face of the man who killed him.

Here's the scene:

RIP, fellas.
Late Add: I forgot this redo of the Different Strokes opening sequence that shows you how just a change of the theme song could have let us all know the irrevocable harm that was about to be inflicted on Willis and Arnold, resulting in their later troubles. We give you...Disturbing Strokes

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Mike Reino said...

The Drexel-Clarence scene does come a close 2nd... Best Movie that no one's ever seen.