Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOST's Man in Black's name REVEALED!

Last night's LOST featured no "regulars," except for some old footage of Jack, Locke and Kate. Instead, it focused on the origins of Jacob and the mysterious "Man in Black" (pictured on the left). We learned a lot about Jacob and MIB throughout the hour, but one thing they didn't reveal was MIB's actual name.

There has been speculation since his first appearance that MIB is actually Esau and that the two are based on the biblical story of fraternal twins Jacob and Esau, born to Isaac and Rebekah. That story is typically known as a warning not to carelessly sell away your birthright as Esau (the oldest) did to Jacob. But in truth, there is another side to the story where Jacob may be the one who is wrong, exacting a high price from his brother and then using deception to gain his father's blessing. Either way, the LOST folks obviously like the uncertainty of the biblical story, which fits nicely in with their practice of keeping viewers guessing. Which brings us to last night. How do you have an hour devoted to these two men, where we learn just about everything about their background EXCEPT for MIB's name?

Well...the BTPC is proud to announce we have discovered (well...more like Tom, a commenter over on Alan Sepinwall's blog discovered it and we're ripping him off) the name of MIB. No, it's not Esau. The key to understanding who MIB is, was the conversation he had at the wheel construction site. There, MIB told his mother that he was "special" and that "I don't belong here." All you have to do is think about those two phrases, where you have heard them before, and it is obvious that MIB is really this creep:

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