Sunday, May 2, 2010

Meet VA AG Ken Cuccinelli

He can't describe pornography to you, but he knows it when he sees it. And apparently, AG Kenny C gets tumescent when he looks at the Virginny state seal.

We know you're probably saying, "Kenny...that's stupid. This isn't anything porn. In fact, it's just a picture of the Roman goddess, Virtus, sword in hand, standing over a fallen tyrant. It's been around since 1776. It's such a part of Virginia's history, that it's the centerpiece of the State flag."

But Kenny doesn't like it. He thinks that left breast is offensive. So he handed out lapel pins to his staff that has an armored breastplate. Cuccinelli is, of course, an idiot. You would think he would have learned how stupid he would look. All he had to do was harken back to the ridicule former US Attorney General John Ashcroft brought upon himself when he had statutes he found "offensive" covered with blue drapes. (Ashcroft apparently never realized offensive was a relative term, as he had no qualms about exposing all of us to his singing).

We suppose we should expect such foolishness from Cuccinelli. After all, Kenny C is the moronic state AG that actually tried to "explain" that his office wasn't wasting money on the frivolous HCR lawsuit by saying the only cost to Virginia taxpayers was the $350 his office had spent in filing fees. There are only two ways Kenny C could make that argument. A) he is an idiot. B) he is a liar. We subscribe to C) all of the above.

So thank you, Virginia. Thank you for having an Attorney General who may actually be worse than South Carolina's. (Don't worry, Foghorn Leghorn...we said "may." We're not giving up on our own AG yet).

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