Saturday, December 18, 2010

DADT is Dead and it is absolutely Faaaabulouuuuus...

The US Senate actually stepped up and did something long overdue today, they ended a government-devised and instituted policy of discrimination. With today's repeal of the the purely anti-American Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy of homosexuals serving in the United States Armed Forces, the United States Senate did two things.

First, it ended a terribly stupid policy that should have never been instituted to begin with, since it goes against the very freedoms that our armed forces are supposed to be protecting.

Second, they ensured that John McCain will forever be remembered as a bigoted, petty little man on the wrong side of history.

To all our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters: Congrats. One hurdle down, one more to go. Legalize gay marriage.

BTW, the picture at the top is actually a picture of McCain and some shipmates during the war...when they were all "in the Naaaavyyyy..."

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