Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Week 14 Picks

Good week last week. 10-5-1. Let's keep it up. Enjoy...

Colts (-3.5) v. TITANS
You thought for sure Peyton would step it up after costing them the previous game last week. You were wrong. Lucky for him, he's playing a team that seems to have sold out their coach.

Peyton has spent all week hearing how washed up he is. Think he's ready? Plus, how can you forget Fisher wearing that Peyton jersey that time.

BTPC pick = Colts laying the 3.5

Raiders (+4) v. JAGS
After shocking the Chargers, the Raiders continue their Jeckyl and Hyde existence by coming back to earth versus the Jags. More importantly, can Mike Sims-Walker do anything for Sexual Napalm in the first round of the fantasy playoffs?

BTPC pick = Jags laying 4.

STEELERS (-8.5) v. Bengals
Steelers surprised everyone, except the Pine(!), pulling it out versus the Ravens. They'll win again against the lowly Bengals, but not by that much.

BTPC pick = Bengals getting 8.5

Pats (-3) v. BEARS
Letdown game for Pretty Boy Brady? No.

BTPC pick = Pats laying 3.

BILLS (-1) v. Browns
Just like the Bills to screw up getting the #1 pick.

BTPC pick = Bills laying 1.

Giants (-2.5) v. VIKINGS
We'll take the Vikes getting points at home. Plus, HIM will have to come out and play well since his backup got props for replacing him last week. It's always gotta be about HIM.

BTPC pick = Vikes getting the 2.5

Packers (-6.5) v. LIONS
Like the Lions to keep this one close at home.

BTPC pick = Lions getting 6.5

Falcons (-7) v. PANTHERS
New rumor: Harbaugh leaves Stanford, takes Panthers job, selects Luck with first pick.

BTPC pick = Falcons laying 7.

Bucs (-2) v. SKINS
Man...have times fallen for the Skins to be getting 2 at home against the Bucs. And we're not talking about the John Gruden, Warren Sapp Bucs neither. With Haynesworth finally gone, Skins win one with the cancer

BTPC pick = UPSET SPECIAL, Skins getting 2.

SAINTS (-9) v. Rams
Saints almost blew it versus the Bengals. Rams don't have the WRs to keep up.

BTPC pick = Saints laying 9

49ERS (-5) v. Seahawks
Think Singletary is feeling the heat yet in San Fran?

BTPC pick = Seahawks getting 5.

JETS (-5.5) v. Dolphins
How bad must Rex Ryan have felt after getting his ass handed to him and his team failing to cash the checks Ryan's mouth wrote leading up to the big game versus the Pats this past week? He spent time during his presser talking about how "loaded" the Miami offense was. BTW, was it just us did California boy Sanchez look really, really cold Monday night? Henne is from Pittsburgh and played 4 years in Ann Arbor.

BTPC pick = Miami getting the 5.5

Broncos (-5.5) v. CARDS
How bad are the Cards that the Broncos are playing at their stadium, just fired their Head Coach and are still laying 5.5 to them? Ouch. Interim coach rule in effect here, but does it apply to a "running backs coach"?

BTPC pick = Cards getting the 5.5

CHARGERS (-7) v. Chiefs
This game has actually been taken off the board in Vegas while they try to figure out if Cassel will in fact play after having an appendectomy. The Chargers got run on by the Raiders. Chiefs are better running team. We don't think Cassel plays.

BTPC pick = Chargers laying 7.

Eagles (-3.5) v. COWBOYS
Would Jerry Jones trade Tony Romo for Michael Vick, straight up? Hmmmm. Vick has won a playoff game...

BTPC pick = Eagles laying the 3.5

Ravens (-3) v. TEXANS
Ravens take out their frustrations over the loss to the Steelers on Matt Schaub. Sorry, Matt.

BTPC pick = Ravens laying 3.

Last Week: 10-5-1 Upset Special: 1-0
Season to date: 99-84-9 Upset specials 8-2-1
Career to date: 225-206-17

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