Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 15 picks: BTPC is en fuego...

Week 15. At the risk of riling up the gambling gods, let us take a moment to remind you that we have been red hot the last two weeks (21-9-1). YOWZA! Can we keep it up? Who knows? That's why we figured we better brag about it while we could. Can't brag about our fantasy football team anymore, as Sexual Napalms season unfortunately went the way of the Mayer-Simpson relationship last week in the first round of the playoffs. Oh well...on to the picks. Enjoy.

49ers (+9.5) v. CHARGERS
This game actually means something, as both teams are fighting to win their division. Vincent Jackson is back for the Chargers and last week, it seemed like you could tell a difference for the offense. The 49ers have someone back too, unfortunately for them, it's QB Alex Smith.

BTPC pick = Chargers laying the 9.5

Bills (+5.5) v. DOLPHINS

Saints (+1) v. RAVENS
The Ravens almost choked it to Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak. Sean Peyton and Breesus are a little better, plus you're getting a point.

BTPC pick = Saints getting 1.

Texans (+1.5) v. TITANS
Wow, listening to the comment coming out of the Titans camp, it sounds like the 'stache has lost at least part of the locker room. Plus, Kubiak has to want to beat Fisher to keep him from getting his job as soon as Bud Adams picks the Tequila-swilling, headcase QB over the longest-tenured NFL coach in the league, right?

BTPC pick = Texans getting 1.5

Cardinals (+2.5) v. PANTHERS
Allow us to channel Pink Floyd for this game: Helloooooo....Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me? Is there anyone watching this game? Other than Andrew Luck? Claussen rises to try to convince the powers to be not to take Luck. It ain't gonna work, but we just can't take the Panther when they're not getting points.

BTPC pick = Cards getting 2.5

Browns (+1) v. BENGALS
At what point to the Bengals sit Carson Palmer out by the curb like a Christmas tree post December 25th?

BTPC pick = Browns getting the point.

COWBOYS (-6) v. Redskins
Skins start Rex Grossman. This ain't Florida and the SEC.

BTPC pick = Cowboys giving 6.

Jags (+4.5) v. COLTS
We like Indy here, but these games are always close. 4.5 is too much

BTPC pick = Jags getting 4.5.

GIANTS (-3) v. Eagles
The Giants have been relying on Miami discard Derrick Hagan at WR.

BTPC pick = Eagles getting 3.

Lions (+5.5) v. BUCS
This was lining up to be the two top rookie DTs until McCoy got hurt.

BTPC pick = Lions getting 5.5.

RAMS (+1) v. Chiefs
Bradford or Coyle?

BTPC pick = Rams getting 1.

FALCONS (-7) v. Seahawks
West coast team traveling to East coast, where the east coast team plays very, very well.

BTPC pick = Falcons laying 7.

Jets (+6) v. STEELERS
The Steelers are hurting. Troy P will not play. 6 points is a lot, but it ain't exactly like the Jets have scored a lot lately. Warning: this pick could be heavily influenced by the fact that we want the Jets to lose to see the feeding frenzy that will ensue afterwards.

BTPC pick = Steelers laying 6.

RAIDERS (-6.5) v. Broncos
Uh...Tebow is gonna start?

BTPC pick = Raiders laying 6.5

PATRIOTS (-11) v. Packers
No Aaron Rodgers

BTPC pick = Pats laying 11.

Bears (-6) v. VIKINGS
Would really like to pick the Vikes playing an outdoors home game in like 29 years. But I'm not even sure who their QB is.

BTPC pick = Bears laying 6.

Last Week: 11-5 Upset Special: 1-0
Season to date: 110-89-9 Upset specials 9-2-1
Career to date: 236-211-17

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