Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 16 picks

It's a good thing we got our bragging out of the way last week for the back-to-back 10 win weeks, because man...did we screw the pooch last week. 6-10...ouch. But that's ok, we're getting right back on the horse. With our twitter picks for Thursday and Satruday's games, we are...SHOCKER...1-1 so far this week. Let's this thing turned around. Week 16

Lions (+3.5) v. DOLPHINS
BTPC pick = Miami laying 3.5

Vikings (+14) v. EAGLES
BTPC pick =Eagles laying 14

SKINS (+7) v. Jags
BTPC pick =Skins getting 7

49ERS (+2) v. Rams
BTPC pick =49ers getting 2

SEAHAWKS (+6) v. Bucs
BTPC pick =Seahawks getting 6

BILLS (+8) v. Pats
BTPC pick =Bills getting 8

Jets (+2.5) at BEARS
BTPC pick =Chicago laying 2.5

BROWNS (+3.5) v. Ravens
BTPC pick =Ravens laying 3.5

Titans (+5) v. CHIEFS
BTPC pick =Chiefs laying 5

Colts (-3) v. RAIDERS
BTPC pick =Raiders getting 3.

Texans (-2.5) v. BRONCOS
BTPC pick =Broncos getting 2.5

PACK (-3) v. Giants
BTPC pick =Pack laying 3

Chargers (-8) v. BENGALS
BTPC pick =Chargers laying 8

Saints (+2.5) v. FALCONS
BTPC pick =UPSET SPECIAL Saints getting 2.5

Last Week: 6-10 Upset Special: 0-0
Season to date: 116-99-9 Upset specials 9-2-1
Career to date: 242-221-17

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