Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 10 picks: Times are tough all over

If we have many more weeks like last week...we'll be riding the rails, eatin' hobo chili (boiling a shoestring with some Mr. Coffee). We definitely won't be winning that set of steak knives, let alone the fortune and fame if we keep that up. The good news is, we have started this week out the right way, picking the Niners over the Bears (posted Thurdsay). So here's this week's picks. Enjoy.

Bears v. NINERS (-3) = think Mike Singletary is gonna have his guys ready after losing to the Titans last week and with his old team coming into town? I do.

BTPC pick = Niners laying the points.

Falcons v. PANTHERS (+1.5) = DeAngelo Williams may not go. That's not good, considering Williams is the Panther's best chance for a big play. At least the Panthers have Jonathan Stewart, but even he has not been that healthy. The Falcons' Michael Turner has been doing it all alone for the past several weeks, as Jerious Norwood has been out for a while. Can Turner keep that up? I don't know. But I'm gonna roll the dice a little here and bet that Fox knows he is most likely coaching his last games in Charlotte. And with Miami coming in on a short week then a trip to the Jets, Fox knows his guys need this one.
BTPC pick = Panthers taking the points.

Bucs v. DOLPHINS (-10) = Sparano has deactivate Joey Porter for this game. That doesn't mean much, because Porter has been pretty damn inactive this season other than running his mouth to the press. Parcells and Company are not big fans of that. Add in the fact that rookie Cameron Wake has more than outplayed Porter and it's easy to understand why the Dolphins would elect to sit Porter and let him "rest his injury."
BTPC pick = Dolphins laying the points.

Lions (+16.5) v. VIKINGS = This is a big spread, even given it's the Lions. Viking CB Antoine Winfield is out for the game, which is good news for Stafford and Calvin Johnson. What's not good news is the fact that Stafford and Johnson got into a heated sideline discussion last week and all the talk headed into this game has been about whether or not there's a "feud" between the two. Not for nothing, but if there is, both are idiots. The Lions traveled to the west coast last week, played in what is arguably the toughest home field in the game today, had their QB throw 5 picks and still had a chance to win that game. The Lions played Minny tough in their first matchup this season, leading 10-7 at the half.
Even with the bye week in between, I feel this is kind of a trap game for HIM, coming off his return to Lambeau. Based on that, I think 16.5 is a little too high.
BTPC pick = Lions taking the points.

Jags v. JETS (-7) = It's funny, both of these teams are 4-4. If Jack Del Rio had been standing at podiums after his last few games talking about good his team was, how he just knew they were a very good team, the media would be skewering him. Yet, for some reason, Rex Ryan continues to do just that. He gave his team 6 days off following their loss at Miami. I guess he felt he could do that, because afterall...they "won" that game. Completely outplayed Miami. Unfortunately for Rex and the Jets, special teams yards and points count.
What's funnier is Rex's comments this week. "I believe in being honest and telling the truth," Ryan said Friday. Ryan has said the Jets could be 6-2 if not for some foolish penalties and bad plays, while some of his players believe they could be 7-1. None of that matters at the moment to Ryan. Hey,'s the TRUTH. You are what your record says you are. You are a .500 team. Your BS ego has infiltrated down to the players, with Shaun Ellis calling this game a "must win." How sad is that? The mighty New York Jets have fallen to calling a game against the lowly Jags a "must win." Here's to hoping MGD runs it all up the middle on them.
BTPC pick = Jags taking the points.

Titans (-7) v. BILLS = How about that Bud Adams, huh? I guess he knows football a little better than the 'stache at this point. At what point do we start wondering how good a coach Fisher really is, huh? When the owner has to force your hand to make a change that obviously makes your team better, that takes a little shine off, no?
BTPC pick = Titans laying the points.

Bengals (+7) v. STEELERS = These two played a hell of a game in Week 3, that the Bengals won on a late TD pass 23-20. Polamalu was not there for that game, as he was getting his hair did. But he will play today. I think 7 points a high for this game, even if "somebody" sent the Steelers a whole bunch of mustard.
BTPC pick = Bengals taking the points.

Saints (-14) v. RAMS = Even without Darren Sharper (gametime decision), how can anyone believe the Rams can stay in this one?
BTPC pick = Saints laying the points.

Chiefs v. RAIDERS (-2) = Do we have to pick this game? Uh...ok...but let's get it over with and move on.
BTPC pick = Raiders laying the points.

Seahawks (+9) v. CARDINALS = UPSET SPECIAL! Nate Burleson has guaranteed a win. That's right, Nate Burleson. When a player like Nate Burleson starts guaranteeing wins, you listen. Why? Because who the hell is Nate Burleson? Why would he be running his mouth? I'll tell you why...because Nate knows the Cards are 1-3 at home this year. Plus, in the battle of old, injury-prone QBs, I'm gonna go with the less self-righteous one and the one that's comfortable with his aging (shaving the head instead of using the just for men).
BTPC pick = Seahawks taking the points.

Broncos (-3.5) v. REDSKINS = No Clinto Portis + No Chris Cooley + young head coach who is actually allowed to coach = win.
BTPC pick = Broncos laying the points.

Eagles v. CHARGERS (-1.5) = Man...Norv versus Reid. If this game comes down to clock-management or video challenges, it may be possible that both teams lose. The Eagles are getting Westbrook back this week, which will be big. But if the Chargers were able to handle the pressure of the Giants (his name is SPROLES), I think they'll be able to handle the Eagles pressure. In the end, with this pick, I have to go with the QB I believe in more. And that's Phillip Rivers.
BTPC pick = Chargers laying the points.

Cowboys (-3) v. PACKERS = As if losing to the creamsicle Bucs was not enough, McCarthy had to deal with a story about him having a groundskeeper fired for telling him not to lay an egg before HIM's return. When you're worried more about the groundskeeper than on doing something about the fact that your QB is on pace to set a new season record for sacks taken (currently at 37, record is David Carr's 76), something ain't right. It's even worse when Dallas and DeMarcus Ware comes a calling.
BTPC pick = Cowboys laying the points.

Ravens (-10.5) v. Browns = Eric Mangini is in trouble. All the folks he brought with him have been canned. Then, the veteran RB on his roster, Jamal Lewis, called him out and questioned his methods. A day later, players in the locker room started chanting Lewis' name. Now, Mangini has benched QB Derek Anderson and gone back to Qb Brady Quinn. Quinn lost his starting job at halftime of these teams' September 27th contest. It is awfully tempting to pick the Browns here. Lewis has said this is his last season, so this Monday night game against his old team will most likely be his last dance in the spotlight. I just can't go with the Browns. They are just way too dysfunctional.
BTPC pick = Ravens laying the points.

Pats v. COLTS (-3) = Big game in the AFC. Once upon a time, Bill Belichek owned Peyton Manning. That's all changed. The Colts have won 4 of the last 5. I still believe the way to beat the Colts is by running up the middle on them. I don't think the Pats can do that. This will be a close game and will tell the tale of whether or not this Pats team can do anything this year.
BTPC pick = Colts laying the points.

Last week: 4-8 Upset special 1-0
Season to Date: 69-54-3 Upset Specials = 5-5.


Mike Reino said...

You will rarely hear me admit this in public: The Eagles are a better tema than the Giants. God, that hurt! Eagles will be riding across the desert on a fine arab CHAAAAAARRRRGEEEEEERRRRRRRR ..

Mike Reino said...

Or not.....Despite Brian Westbrook's noggin screwing up my season ( I have no RB's this year), Dusty Lombardi knocked off the Number 1 team in FF 130-115 this weekend, to up it's record to 6-4 and a solid 5 seed.