Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For all the ladies...

Especially Von and Ita...good news. Our show is coming back January 4th. And there's even better news. First, it will be broadcast in HD which means we can all shred the contestants for their skin blemishes (always fun). Second, this 14th incarnation of the series has quite possibly the gayest title ever, The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love.

Here's what ABC had to say:

Ever since Jake, 31, shared a magical one-on-one date with Bachelorette Jillian
Harris to see Martina McBride, millions of women have had their 'Top Gun'
fantasies about him. A fan favorite for his reputation as an honest guy with an
open heart -- not to mention his good looks -- viewers were stunned when Jillian
rejected Jake right before the hometown dates on last season's 'The
Bachelorette.' But women were drawn to him even more when Jake returned of his
own accord in the next episode to protect Jillian from men who were not there
for the right reasons. Jake -- who already knew Jillian would not take him back
-- freely shared and showed his emotions.

I'm gonna go ahead and point out that any woman who has "Top Gun fantasies" about a man, doesn't know what Top Gun was about. You don't know what Top Gun is about? Watch the video below.

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