Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wolf Blitzer is an idiot

Yesterday afternoon, CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed Col. John Galligan (ret.), one of alleged Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hassan's attorneys. Under the pretext of being asked by " a lot of folks, when they heard I was interviewing you:"

They asked me how could a retired U.S. military officer, a full colonel, go ahead and represent someone accused of mass murder? And I want you to explain to our viewers why you're doing this.

Galligan answered with the obvious answer: "I fully appreciate the importance of ensuring that everybody has a fair trial." Galligan then went on to remind all those "folks" that he thought it was important to insure that Hassan got the rights that service members fought and died for.

Because it's his show and he's got a massive ego, Wolf could not let it go and tried to end the interview with:

"I'm sure he will get a much fairer hearing than those 13 Americans who were
brutally gunned down the other day. I'm sure he will get all of the rights that
are applied by the military code of justice."

After seeing Galligan appear annoyed at those remarks, Wolf let him respond, which Galligan did:

"The difficulty that I have, of course, is when people end discussions with me
with references like the one that you just made."

Galligan then proceeded to school Blitzer and remind him why it's important that Hassan enjoy those rights.

Get real, Wolf. You know WHY Galligan would defend this guy. Further...I don't for a second believe you heard from "a lot of folk" before this interview who questioned why Galligan would defend this case. You simply wanted score cheap points and you got called out for it.

And to think...we named our fantasy football team after you last season. No wonder Wolf Blitzer's Lap choked in the playoffs.

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