Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Florence County Democratic Party Convention tonight

The Florence County Democratic Party Convention will be held tonight at South Florence High School. The event begins at 6:00 pm but registration of delegates begins at 5:00 pm. If you have been following the news, you should have already seen that there have already been several candidates announce to run against long-time incumbents. That should make for an interesting convention. Come out and take part. Remember, those who participate get to bitch and complain louder than the rest.

BTW, just a word to the wise: if nominated, we will not accept. If elected, we will not serve.

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Mike Reino said...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle... I have my own bitching to do. Which is a better title - 'SCGOP Can Kiss My Ass', or 'SCGOP Can Go F**k Themselves', minus the asterisks, of course?